Penelope Cruz loves Water sign men

Lovely Taurus Penelope Cruz was spotted this week snuggling up to Pisces actor and fellow Spaniard Javier Bardem in the Maldives. This comes on the heels of her much publicized remationships with other Water sign men, such as Cancer Tom Cruz, Scorpio Matthew McConaughey and Cancer Josh Hartnett. She loves emotional, dreamy and sensitive men, and they are a good match for her as her moon sign, her emotional side, is in water sign Cancer as well (She likes Earth sign men as a consolation prize, having lesser flings with Capricorn Orlando Bloom and a “what the…?” moment with Taurus Bono this summer). Maybe this time love will stick for the independent and talented beauty. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend, Josh Hartnett also has a thing for water sign loves, two of his most recent flames being Cancer Gisele Bundchen and Pisces Rhianna.