October 7, 1976 London, Ontario, Canada

Hollywood rising star Rachel McAdams turns 31 today. Hard to believe given her girlish good looks, I know. Libra Rachel has strong Aries and Scorpio undertones in her birthchart. Her moon sign is Aries, making her an atypical Libra lady. Most Libra women are relatively peace-loving and placid, but a fire moon, especially Aries, lends her an aggressive, opinionated and fiesty spirit. Her sun is also conjunct Pluto, the intense planet that rules Scorpio, hinting that there is a deep fire within that drives her, and is also the reason she craves privacy and seeks to live her life outside the hoopla of tinsletown. Her Venus is in Scorpio as well, meaning that she seeks powerful and profound relationships. She is a very thoughtful, intense person but always maintains a slightly detatched Libra perspective. It should be no surprise then that her most serious relationship has been with a Scorpio, former costar and fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling. She also shot to fame after enjoying palpable on-screen chemistry with Ryan in “The Notebook” and then another Scorpio, Owen Wilson, in “Wedding Crashers”. Notice all the floral details in her outfit, a feminine Libra signature.