Helena Christensen: Capricorn Cougar

December 25, 1968 Copenhagen, Denmark noon* (time unknown)

Capricorn Helena Christensen is undoubtedly one of the world’s sexiest women. Anyone who has ever seen Chris Isaak’s music video for the song “Wicked Game” can tell you that. And like many of her Capricorn sisters, she has a thing for younger men. The Danish-Peruvian supermodel, who is also a boutique owner and accomplished photographer and creative director, has kept her eye on her long-term career all these years, diversifying her interests into a variety of fields to prepare for life after the fickle world of modeling. In fact several of the other most successful “super-moguls” are Capricorns as well, such as yoga-wear designer Christy Turlington and uber-icon Kate Moss. Capricorn women take relationships slow and steady, often get married later in life and have legendary decade-spanning careers. They are also very capable of having a fun, sexy tryst without emotional attachment, rendering them a sometimes heartbreaker. To make matters even better, with Saturn as their ruler, Capricorn women also get more sexy and attractive as they age. Sometimes having strong Capricorn enery can mean a woman falls for older men when they are young and younger men when they are old. And often, their love lives get put on the backburner while they focus on their career. But with a Capricorn like Helena, whose moon sign is sensitive Pisces, romance is a huge part of her life. She loves creative, emotional people and the sensation of love and attraction. After spending several years with fellow Capricorn actor Norman Reedus, and having a child with him, she has been playing the field happily in her adopted hometown of New York. Most recently she has dated Cancer Josh Hartnett, Capricorn Orlando Bloom and the newly-separated Aries Heath Ledger, all signifantly her junior.