September 15, 1984 London, England 4:20 pm

Handsome royal Prince Harry turns 23 today. Adored by the British media for his boyish good looks and randy personality, Harry is a tabloid staple in the UK. He is an Earth sign boy through and through. His sun is in Virgo, his moon in Taurus and his rising sign is Capricorn. Growing up in the unusual circumstances he did taught Harry many things I’m sure, but most obvious here is his ability to spot a phony a million miles away, and his total distain for those purely interested in the superficial and glossy side of life. He is more serious, stubborn and thoughtful than his party boy persona gives off. And he is not afraid to get his hands dirty, as his genunine devotion to his career in the military service proves. Unlike his brother Prince William, who also has always been up front about the temporary nature of his time in the armed forces, Harry will be a soldier for life. His strong earthiness is also evident in his style, as he favors the rumpled prepster look and lots of wooden beads and pendants.

With his Capricorn rising sign, Harry is attracted to Cancers, the sign that rules his 7th house of relationships and others. This is not surprising as two of the most important people in his life, his brother and his mother, Princess Diana, are Cancer. His girlfriend of three years, Zimbabwean student Chelsy Davy is a Libra. Her moon is in Libra as well, near her sun, and not surprisingly, Harry’s Venus is located here as well at 17′ Libra, just two degrees from Chelsy’s sun. This is a major love connection. Chelsea’s Mars and Venus are in Virgo conjunct Harry’s sun, another major love connection. She is all fun-loving and whimsical air and he is all focused earth but this is a strong relationship, especially since Venus, the planet that rules over Harry’s moon in Taurus, is also her guiding light as a double Libra. Lending even more credibility to the pairing is the fact that Harry’s progressed sun is now at 15′ Libra, just two degrees shy of coming into conjunction with his natal Venus, which is very often an indication of marriage in a progressed chart. This conjunction will take place in December 2009, meaning that it is likely that Harry will either marry Chelsy around this time or find the true love of his life.