Virgo and the VMAs


The MTV Video Music Awards last night were, how should I say… weird. The energy was a bit off, and even a little uncomfortable for the viewer. The pressure on the major performers was palpable and detracted from what should have been, and was highly touted as, a rollicking good time. Britney, 50 Cent and Kayne West were under the spotlight, and with the assistance of golden boy Justin Timberlake, 50 easily put on the best show.

Attention loving Saggitarius Britney Spears put on a underwhelming show, in what else, underwear. The publicity stunt feud between Cancer 50 Cent and Gemini Kayne West went on. The nights big winners were, predictably, Pisces Rhianna and Aquarius Justin Timberlake. At least they legitimatley were the best performers of 2007.

The sun was in Virgo, as it always is for the VMAs, but as the lights went down for the show last night at 7 pm in Las Vegas, the moon had just slid into Virgo as well, conjunt stern Saturn at 0′ degrees. Ouch. This is to account for rather blase and joyless vibe given off by the audience in the main auditorium. The ill-advised set-up of having all of the major performed in separate suites around the hotel, seemed to leave everyone wishing they were somewhere else. The energy right before the new moon, when the sun and moon are conjunct at the same degree in the same sign, is one of closure not one of happiness and new beginnings. This was definatley NOT the right timing for a comeback, which should coincide with a new chapter. Instead it had the feeling of a nail in the coffin for poor beleagured Britney.

Unlike the over-hyped business between 50 and Kayne, the night really belonged to the other two feuds in the room. Libra Tommy Lee and Capricorn Kid Rock brawled, yet again, presumably over their hatred of each other and love of their mutual ex-wife, Cancer nymphet Pamela Anderson. And the undercover feud between the opposite sign ladies, Pisces Rhianna and Virgo Beyonce, who vie for adoration from the same fans and their mutual main man, Sagittarius Jay Z. These two women are as different as it gets, with Beyonce being every inch the premeditated, detail-oriented diva, and Rhianna being the wide-eyed, dreamy and elusive artist. The night belonged to Rhianna.

One of my favorite moments was when Ludacris and Jennifer Hudson hit the red carpet together during the pre-show and Cris proudly announced that he and Jennifer were both Virgos and “Virgo’s rule the world!”. Well, I have to appreciate his enthusiasm. Last year when Jennifer and Beyonce were promoting “Dreamgirls” they attempted to lay to rest rumors of in-fighting by telling the press that all three of the leading ladies, including Anika Noni Rose, had bonded over all being Virgos. Nice ladies. But as we have all learned, too much Virgo energy at the VMAs.. not good.