Scorpio women love Aquarius men

A funny trend I have noticed in Hollywood is powerful, gorgeous, desirable Scorpio women falling head over heels for goofy Aquarian men. Julia Roberts is happily married to cinematographer Danny Moder.  Rebecca Romijn walked down the aisle with longtime partner Jerry O’Connell. And though it didn’t quite work our, Demi Moore married her young lover, Ashton Kutcher.

In astrology this is not a traditionally advisable match, for these are two fixed signs that are square to one another. And at first blush, these are not the type of men you would think a sexy, controlling Scorpio woman would be interested in. They were not necessarily the most popular guys in high school, they are quite a bit off from the ‘norm’ and have strange habits. Don’t ask me what they are.. only them, and presumably by now their Scorpio wives, know what I’m talking about. But let’s face it, they are brilliant. Again it is possible that only their wives see this, but the astrologer sees it too. These men are visionaries, they are creative and talented, seemingly on an entirely different level than everyone else. They are inventors. They see the possibilities and then make them happen. They are mad scientists, in the realm of film and television in this case. And clever Scorpio ladies are just the type to spot this kind of talent a hundred miles away and hone in like a guided missile.

After all Scorpio ladies have been through their fair share of dissapointment. It is absolutely worth noting that all three of these women have been married before. Julia to fellow Scorpio Lyle Lovett. Demi had been married twice, briefly to a random musician, and then to Pisces Bruce Willis. And Rebecca was married to Leo John Stamos. These are more the type of men you would expect a Scorpio lady to fall for… passionate Scorpios, sensitive Pisces or brazen Leos. And they did fall for them, long enough to realize that this was not their perfect match. They each needed someone just as intelligent and interesting, but more aloof and unconventional, like an Aquarius. Scorpio women are, truth be told, very unconventional.

It is also worth noting that all three of these ladies have their moon in fixed signs as well. Julia’s moon sign is Leo (of course). Demi is a full moon baby, her moon being in the sign opposite her sun, Taurus. And Rebecca is a double Scorpio. These women have very fixed personalities. They know what they like, they know what they don’t like and they know how they want their lives to be, and they gracefully, sometimes forcefully, will it into being. I have a theory about fixed sign people, especially double fixed sign people, that they secretly have difficulty respecting non-fixed sign people. It is like they are so set in their life and their path and their convictions (only sometimes in a negative way) that they see other, especially more mutable types, as entirely flakey, wishy washy and weak. While Aquarians are unpredictable, they are very fixed in their unpredictability, and that is ok by these Scorpio ladies. (Again if you are not an Aquarian man or a Scorpio woman who loves one, it is likely that this will make no sense to you at all.) More obvious is the fact that Aquarian men are usually happy to stand in the wings and let their ladies call the shots, and this is very, very important to a Scorpio woman.

Another beautiful Scorpio actress has also married an Aquarian man. Aishwarya Rai, the crown jewel of Bollywood and arguably the most beautiful woman in the world (Julia Roberts herself is said to feel this way) married last April Bollywood scion Abhishek Bachchan. Aishwarya has neither been married before, nor has her moon in a fixed sign (her moon is Capricorn) but having had her pick of the subcontinent and settling on an Aquarian, she most definately belongs to this illustrious category.