August 30, 1972 San Diego, CA 2:53 AM

Actress and former model Cameron Diaz turns the big 3-5 today. Few ladies have succeeded in Hollywood the way that Cameron has, being only the second woman, behind Scorpio Julia Roberts, to earn a $20 million paycheck. She is much beloved for her box-office draw as well as for her California casual sense of style and fun.

Virgo Cameron has her moon in Taurus, in the 11th house, and her Venus in Cancer, conjunct her ascendant. Venus conjunct the ascendant is one of the most dramatic signs of external beauty and Cam fits this discription to a tee, mesmerizing fans with her wide smile and piercing blue eyes. (Angelina Jolie is another beauty who has her Venus conjunct her ascendant, also in Cancer.)

Cameron’s moon in Taurus has exerted a big influence over her life, including her passion for music and musicians. Cameron is often seen rocking out at concerts with her best friend, Pisces Drew Barrymore, and has dated several musicians including Capricorn actor/rocker Jared Leto and Aquarian Justin Timberlake. In recent weeks she has been spotted around New York with Libra singer John Mayer.

Cameron’s sense of style is casual and sporty, and unlike most Virgos she is not afraid of mixing bold colors into her everyday looks. Though she often wears black or white, she usually adds bright, colorful accessories suchs as shoes, hats, scarves or a bag. She likes mixing and matching, a Virgo trademark, and is often seen in multiple layers. Playful stripes have also become a part of her signature style. Her moon in Taurus lends to her earth goddess vibe, and also indicates that she selects her pieces based on quality and timless-ness.