August 25, 1981 Los Angeles, CA

Petite Virgo beauty Rachel Bilson turns 26 today. Ever since landing on the Hollywood scene with “The O.C.”, Rachel has made waves in the fashion world. Eclectic, yet minimalist, she manages to look young and hip without appearing to be trying too hard. Virgos love tailored, stream-lined fashions, nothing frou-frou, and know how to show off their assests without showing too much. Rachel is often spotted in flirty dresses and tailored blazers. Virgos also rarely stray from the neutral palette, unless they are really looking to make a statement. She is one of the few fashionistas, of any age, who can pull off hats with just about any style.

Rachel’s moon is in Cancer, the sign of feminine emotions and the breasts, and while she doesn’t flash her cleavage very often, she certainly makes the most of her hour-glass shape. Cancers also love old-fashioned silhouettes, and Rachel is known for her creative vintage ensembles. Ever since ending her relationship with former co-star, Saggitarius Adam Brody, Rachel has kept a relatively low profile. And like Cameron Diaz, who shares her sun sign, she loves to dazzle in stripes.