High School Musical 2: Record Breaker


August 17, 2007 8 pm (E.S.T)

The smash hit that Disney has been waiting for finally arrived at 8 pm on Friday night. The TV movie “High School Musical 2” was watched by a staggering 17.2 million people, making it the most watched basic cable television program of all time, according to the Nielsen ratings. The show also set other benchmarks, such as:

– The most-watched basic cable movie of all time.
– The highest-rated television program ever for children age 6 to 11.
– The most-viewed Friday television telecast, cable or broadcast, in the past five years.

This was a perfect time for them to release the hotly anticipated movie because when Leo is your guiding light you love to set records. For example, Madonna is the most successful female recording artist of all time. Halle Berry was the first African American woman to recieve a Best Actress Academy Award, and Jennifer Lopez was the first Latina to hit the million dollar mark in Hollywood. The list goes on and on.

It is safe to say that the “High School Musical” franchise has become to childrens television what the “Harry Potter” franchise is to books: pure gold. It is worth noting that gold is the color of Leo, and also that the Harry Potter books were written by J.K. Rowling, a Leo, and their film adaptations star Daniel Radcliff, another Leo.

Alas, none of the stars of the “High School Muscial” series are Leo, after all, unlike “Harry Potter”, this is an ensemble piece, not the story of a hero. There are six teenage stars of the movie, three of whom are water signs. Ashley Tisdale is Cancer, Corbin Bleu is Pisces and Monique Coleman is Scorpio. Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Lucas Grabeel are both Saggitarians. And Zac Efron, the star, is a Libra. This is the perfect combination for an ensemble piece. Many of the most successful TV shows of all time (such as “Sex and the City”) have had a strong fire/water connection. This means there is enough action (fire) to keep the plot moving quickly, but also enough emotion (water) to keep people caring and interested. And Zac, the Libra, sign of balance and relationships keeps them all together at the center of, what else, a love triangle. Don’t blame Libra, they just can’t decide. Adding to the hype is the fact that Zac and Vanessa have been involved off-screen as well.

Libra is a big part of the “High School Musical” vibe. The original TV movie premiered on January 20, 2006 when the sun was in Aquarius (opposite sign of Leo) and the moon was in Libra. On Friday night, with the newest release, the moon was also in Libra. Libra is about relationships, and these movies are about relationships. The original Aquarius stamp on the series from the first release also strenghens the relationships angle, but more in terms of friendships and ensuring that the series would find a strong and loyal audience, and that it was something that like-minded people (in this case, seemingly all adolescents in America) could relate to and bond over. Appropriately, Aquarius was on the ascendant with the release of the second film, ensuring it would remain true to the original.

The specific power of this release date is the fact that the sun and Venus are in exact conjunction at 24’Leo, also very tightly conjuct Mercury at 26’Leo and Saturn at 28’Leo. This type of stellium is very rare. In this case, Saturn, which is often seen to be a detrimental planet, is greatly boosted with the help of bright and happy Venus, Mercury and the sun dancing around it. Then the positive side of Saturn comes out, the side that will lend strength and endurance. These records will not be broken any time soon.

With Aries director Kenny Ortega at the helm, the revolutionary nature of such work was in perfect hands, as Aries are never afraid to take risks and do things that havn’t been done before. This kind of energy is important in the world of television and film where so many people stick to formulas which have already produced results and which are safe. The fact that this is a wildly successful TV movie is, in and of itself, very radical (Aquarius), as the genre has been the red-headed step child of the entertainment industry for some time. The “High School Musical” team took a risk and did something different and it obviously paid off. Big time.