The Lindsay Lohan Crisis Explained


July 2, 1986 New York, NY noon (*time unknown)

Lindsay Lohan has been making news a lot recently. And not just in the past few months, with her two DUI arrests, but for the last 18 months. She has had several love affairs, dramatic on-set incidents, car accidents, trips to rehab, trips to the hospital, and myriad evenings out on the town. Lindsay is a Cancer, with her moon in Taurus. This should make her a sweet, sensitive, stable girl. So what is going on?

The answer lies in her progressed chart which screams *crisis* loud and clear. (If you are not familiar with the basics of astrological progressions, please look to my last post entitled *Progressions*, which will help you better understand this one). When solar progressions move your solar energy from one sign into the next, they usually exercize enormous control over your life for about two years. The year before the actual ingress in to the next sign, and the year after. The year before, you are dealing with all those pent up issues that have more or less comprised your life up until this point. Ouch, I know. At some point or another you work through them well enough at least that by the end of the first year after your ingress into the next sign, you have gotten comfortable with the new solar energy in your life. You are still not far enough along however to be able to ‘look back’ at a this period of transition and growth with the wisdom you will later be able to draw from it.

On December 24, 2006 Linday’s progressed sun moved from Cancer into Leo. It had been two years since the film “Mean Girls” made her a bona-fide movie star, and since her romance with first love Aquarian Wilmer Valderrama ended. In those two years she moved from being known as a beautiful and talented actress to an unreliable, irresponsible diva. In short, she was going through a lot of shit. A lot of Cancer shit. Cancer women are born under the unsteady, unpredictable moods of the moon. They are sensitive, intuitive, caring, and cagey. They need to be needed and loved. Cancer is the sign of motherhood after all, and Cancers have important, complicated relationships with their mothers. Lindsay is famously close to her “momager” Virgo Dina Lohan. Cancers also often play the mother role with their friends, and fantasize about finding the perfect partner and becoming a mother. Cancer women are sensous, ruled by the breasts, and beguiling to men.

The solar progression transition from Cancer to Leo does not have to be traumatic. Many sexy Cancer women hit the big time as their progressed sun moved into the sign of fame, royalty and personal star power. Diana Spencer became Princess Diana. Pamela Anderson was plucked from the crowd at a football game, selected by the masses, for superstardom. And Meryl Streep commenced her bewitchment of the Academy Awards voters.

For Lindsay, however, this transition has not been so smooth, and Mercury is the problem. When Lindsay was born at 10 Cancer, Mercury was moving direct and at 4 Leo. For a number of years, her progressed Mercury moved ahead through Leo, until it stationed and then began moving retrograde, or backwards, in her chart. It passed over the spot it was when she was born (probably sparking a major event in her life) and continued to moved closer to Cancer. At the same time, her Cancer sun was moving ever closer to Leo. For the past year these two have been within one single degree of each other. It is stressful enough to have a planet, any planet, moving backwards in your chart on a collision course with with your progressing sun, but to have it happening on the cusp of a transition between signs is a BIG deal. Progressed sun and progressed Mercury finally collided at 0’18 Leo on April 17, 2007. This is only 6 weeks before her summer from hell began with her first drunk driving accident over Memorial Day weekend.

Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury helps you articulate yourself, helps you make connections between things that you learn, helps you communicate in every way with others and the outside world in general. Mercury in Leo loves attention. They need to feel that their voice is being heard, understood and respected. By everybody, all the time. Mercury moving backwards thru Leo, always so close to her progressing sun these past few years, indicated that she was practically possessed by this desire. To be heard. Mercury. Unfortunately, she clearly mistook fame and attention for understanding and acceptance. It would seem that her constant desire to be out and about, to be socializing and at parties, was a manifestion of this dramatic Sun and Mercury situation. She thought this was how to get that voice, that need for expression, ever stronger inside her, out.

She was wrong. This only exacerbated the main problem that can arise in sun in Cancer, moon in Taurus individuals: unstoppable appetite. Cancer and Taurus are two of the biggest, if not the biggest, foodies and hoarders in the zodiac. They love to eat and drink and collect things. This can rapidly spiral into addiction. Lindsay became addicted, not only to drugs and alcohol, but also to the world of parties and nightlife. Taurus is incredibly stubborn. She literally could not stop, as her second DUI arrest in July can attest to.

And there is yet another major progression happening in Lindsay’s life. On June 17, 2007, while she spent the day in rehab in Malibu, Lindsay’s progressed moon moved from Aquarius to Pisces. The moon moves from sign to sign in a progressed chart roughly every 2.3 years. The past 2.3 years of her moon in Aquarius has seen her fall for several Aquarian men, including Wilmer Valderrama and British model Calum Best. One can only hope that having the Pisces progressed moon at this difficult point in her life will make it better rather than make it worse. Pisces, after all, rules addiction, illness, hospitals, prison, isolation and drugs. It is likely that these things will be a big part of Lindsay’s life for the next two years.

Pisces also rules spirituality, oneness and divine inspiration. She has this divine connection open to her for the next two years and I think she will tap into it. Her troubled waters run deep and the issues that have landed her where she is now are not going to be resolved overnight but it seems the progressed Pisces moon will guide her towards resolving many of her Cancer issues. The estrangement from her father has been incredibly hard on her, as anyone who has ever listened to any of her songs, can attest to. And though publicly her relationship with her mother, Dina, remains strong, it would seem that she has made a lot of realizations in the past year or two about the weaknesses of her mother. All people growing up must do this but it is always exceptionally hard on sensitive Cancers.

There is plenty of good news in Lindsay’s progressed chart as well… like.. the worst is over!! Though it seems likely she will face some jail time, this will not be more difficult, emotionally speaking, than the past few months have been on her. She will spend the next few years with her progressed sun in early Leo and her progressed moon in Pisces, tapping into her inner creativity. Once she is able to truly recognize and accept that she must channel her energy in a new direction, she will move forward with confidence and inspiration like never before. Leo and Pisces is a divine combination for any artist.

And as her progressed moon moves from Pisces in Aries in several years time, she will be ready for a fresh start. Then, in four years time, August 2011, her progressed sun will come conjunct with her natal Mercury at 4 Leo. Finally she will be able to express herself with true purpose and creativity. At the same time her progressed moon in Aries will hit her natal true node! (The true node is a degree in the birthchart that sybolizes ones higher path in life) This is when her star will truly explode in Hollywood, and when she will be able to demonstrate who she has become as an individual. Those who say her career is already over are dead wrong. Lindsay will get through this and spend the next 30 years, as her progressed sun makes its way through Leo, as a queen of Hollywood.