Bono & Penelope and Ali & Helena



It is indeed very strange that very married Taurus Bono has been spoted squiring fellow Taurus Penelope Cruz around St. Tropez. Meanwhile his wife of 25 years Aries Ali Hewson has been gal-palling publicly with Capricorn model and photographer Helena Christensen. Bono is a Taurus and clearly wants to maintain his relationship with his wife, he is stubborn and hates failure. But Tauruses are definately very attracted to other Tauruses, almost as much as they are attracted to Scorpios. Penelope and Bono certainly have a similar energy, while his wifes Aries energy is very different. Ali is less intense than Bono and takes things less seriously, and this is likely why they have managed to last so long. Penelope likes to take things slow and steady in relationships and it does not look as though she would be putting any pressure on Bono to leave his wife. It looks like this summer fling, or whatever it is, will be over soon enough. Interestingly, both Penelope and Helena have recently dated Cancer Josh Hartnett. Maybe they are all the best of friends…