Love in St. Tropez


While fashionistas and ingenues have been in converging in St. Tropez for weeks, the heat index has arisen with the arrival of lovers Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, who allegedly split earlier this year but appear to be stronger than ever. Cancer Diane, who hails from Germany, is a huge international star. She is as well known for her high-brow sense of fashion as she is for her acting. She is a muse to iconic Virgo fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who designs for his own label as well as Chanel. She is almost exclusively photographed in his clothes, though clearly opted for a more casual beach look on her recent stroll with Canadian Josh.

With her moon in Pisces and her sun in Cancer, Diane has a lot of water in her chart. In order to balance this out, she chooses more extroverted men, like Gemini Josh, and her ex-husband Aries Guillaume Canet. While Diane and Guillaume have their suns squared off against each other, never a good indication in marriage, Guillaume’s moon is exactly on top of Diane’s sun at 24 Cancer. His Venus is conjunct his own sun at 20 Aries. In a man’s chart the moon symbolizes the mother and Venus symbolizes the wife. The Venus and moon position is Guillaume’s chart indicate that he pursued her immediately and they clearly had a very strong connection, but that he was probably very demanding of her, blurring the line between mother and wife. Interestingly, Joshua’s sun is in Gemini and his moon is in Leo, but his Venus is almost exactly conjunct Diane’s sun in Cancer as well! This means that Diane is the virtual incarnation of Josh’s ideal woman. And he is more likely to worship her as a goddess, as her Venus in Leo loves, than be overly demanding of her. And with his own moon in Leo, he loves to pamper and adore the ladies in his life (like ex-girlfriend Saggitarius Katie Holmes). She’s all water, he’s fire and air but with these connections they can make it work.