August 3, 1977 San Mateo, CA noon (*time unknown)

Arguably the most beautiful man in professional sports turns 30 today. With his sun in Leo, Tom Brady has been in the spotlight most of his life. His chart is very strong with Fire energy, as his sun is trine his moon in Aries as well as Neptune, planet of divine inspiration, in Saggitarius. Tom had a bit of a personal and professional crisis this winter, as his team, the New England Patriots, lost in the Superbowl finals, around the same time he broke up with his newly pregnant girlfriend, Virgo Bridget Moynahan, and took up with ubermodel Gisele Bundchen. Cancer Gisele had previously told a magazine that she had a crush on Tom. With his Venus, planet of love, in Cancer, these two make a happy couple.

Bridget is due to give birth soon to her child with Tom. If the baby is born in the next week, he or she will have their sun in Leo conjunct their fathers sun. This would show that he will indeed be a large part of the child’s life. The arrival of his firstborn child is heralded in his chart as his progressed Mars and Jupiter come into conjunction with his natal Venus in Cancer. Congratulations Tom and happy birthday!