The Curious Love Square


Several months ago I watched with amused curiosity to see which couples would emerge from the winter love-fest between Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johannson, Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel, when all the sexy stars were simulatenously dating one another. I was a bit surprised when Justin, an Aquarius, ended up with Jessica, a Pisces, rather than with Scarlett, a Sagittarius. She ended up with Ryan, a Scorpio. Traditional astrological lore suggests that the two water signs, Pisces Jessica and Scopio Ryan, would be a much more natural fit. And Justin, whose moon is in Saggitarius, is crazy about Sagg ladies, like exes Britany Spears and Alyssa Milano, yet went for Pisces Jessica this time around rather than for Sagg Scarlett. Curious.

The answer to this puzzle lies with some people from the past. Despite his preferences for Saggitarius women, Justin spent the last 4 years dating Virgo Cameron Diaz. So after exploring his natural chemisty with Scarlett, he chose to test the relationship waters with Pisces Jessica, the opposite sign of Virgo Cameron. I began to wonder, is this kind of backlash common? Choosing a new parnter based on them being the opposite sign of the last one? I think it could be pretty common. I also noticed that Ryan, a Scorpio, had just come out of a 5 year relationship with Alanis Morissette, a Gemini, and has now ended up with a Saggitarius woman, the opposite sign of Gemini.

The women have been more consistent with their preferences. Before Justin, an Aquarius, Jessica dated another Air sign man, Gemini Chris Evans. She likes them intelligent and funny. Scarlett had just come out of a relationhip with Cancer Josh Hartnett before begining to date another Water sign actor, Scorpio Ryan. She likes them intense and romantic. So perhaps this whole big love square ended happily for all. But I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another chapter yet.