July 24, 1969 The Bronx, New York

A true Leo, Jennifer Lopez is a larger than life icon. No mountain is too high for this creative and motivated soul. Her willful Leo energy is magnified by her Sagittarius moon sign, which gives her that impulsive and adventurous air and also makes her a fashion trend-setter. Leos love drama and glamour, and Sagittarians enjoy being comfortable and fashion-forward. Jennifer admirably combines all of this Fire sign energy into her own distinctive glam-chic look. Jennifer once joked to a fashion magazine, “My favorite holiday is my birthday- it’s very Leo.”

Her Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in Leo, conjunct her sun, showing that she is a straight shooter, not afraid to express herself. Her sun and Mercury are in harmonious trine with her moon conjunct Mars in Sagittarius. This is where she gets all of her motivation from, as Mars is the planet of action and conjunct the passionate moon, it shows nobody loves to work more than J. Lo. Sagittarius also has high aspirations and shoots for the stars (their symbol is the archer) and indeed she has charged into realms such as fashion, beauty and music where nobody thought she would succeed and always stayed true to her dreams. Her Mars and moon are also conjunct Neptune, the planet of divine inspiration, to give her an intuitive creative imagination.

As if all of this wasn’t enough.. both her planets in Sagittarius and her planets in Leo are in another harmonious position, sextile, with her Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Libra. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and abundance and Uranus is the planet of unexpected and revolutionary ideas. She makes her mark, and her success, by just going out and doing it before anyone else does. And the sign of Libra shows that this will best be accomplished with partnerships, and she is well know for strategically using her partners in both her professional and private life. This aspect, however, ensures tremendous success in all of her seemingly out-there ideas, even more so because these two planets are joined by powerful Pluto. Her Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in multi-faceted Gemini, again giving her talent for doing many things at once, and helping her enjoy her go-go-go lifestyle. This is clearly the chart of someone who is very gifted creatively and has all of the extroverted Air and Fire energy to bring her imagination to life.

Jennifer is also famous for her dramatic and fashion-forward style. Perhaps no two signs in the zodiac love attention as much as Leo and Sagittarius. For Leo, it is all about quality, the best of everything, knowing what looks good on you and making yourself shine. For Sagg, it all about what is new, what is now and what is eliciting the most praise. The Sagg style also has a certain ethnic influence, and this can be seen in her style when she plays up her Latino roots or stacks on the Indian-inspired bangles. Fashion wise, and in her life, she is fearless and unafraid to say “Out with the old and in with the new!”

This week Jen is also anticipating the release of her and husband Mark Anthony’s creative love-child, the film “El Cantante” on August 3rd. This is a great time for them to release the film. The sun in Leo and the Moon in Aries will be in harmonious trine position with lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius. This kind of positive energy ensures that the project will be something they will be proud of, and benefit from, for years to come. That day Venus, planet of beauty and art, will be in Virgo which indicates the strong cretive imprint of her husband Marc Anthony, who is a Virgo, on the style of the film.