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The Great Gatsby


Spring’s most lauded film release is Virgo Baz Luhmann’s re-interpretation of the classic American novel, “The Great Gatsby”. Originally written in 1925 by Libra writer and socialite F. Scott Fitzgerald, the story unfolds over one summer in upper crust Long Island where a romanic outsider (the title character) goes to dizzying heights of excess to capture the fleeting attention of blue-blooded Daisy, “the one that got away”.

As a Libra air sign, concerned with manners, relationships and people, Fitzgerald’s narrative tends to emphasize the social nuances of the setting. The novel poignantly  juxtaposes the naive and hopeful mid-Western outsiders (Gatsby and Nick Carraway) with the jaded and careless dilettantes that inhabit the rich and elegant society of East Egg, namely Tom and Daisy Buchanan. Needless to say, the story is a tragedy. 

Luhrman’s version is an interesting one. As a Virgo, he has paid pain-staking attention to the physical details of the settings and surroundings. Perhaps too much, at the expense of the more human side of the story. 

With his endless optimism, romanticism and knack for re-invention, the character of Jay Gatsby is undoubtedly a Pisces. The shadow side of Pisces is illusion/disillusion and living in a fantasy world cut off from reality. All things watery are also the domain of Pisces, such as his history living aboard his mentors yacht, his rise to riches in the bootleg alcohol trade, his untimely aquatic demise, and the much emphasized bay of water that separates the homes of Daisy and Jay.

Intense and mysterious Scorpios are a water sign, like Pisces, and thus Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio is fairly well cast as Gatsby. Sensitive Cancer Tobey Maguire does the job as the earnest narrator Nick Carraway. And Gemini Carey Mulligan admirably takes on the difficult task of playing the alluring Daisy. With the Gemini knack for dualism she is able to portray Daisy as both sympathetic and shallow. 

Harry & Cressida’s Love Connection


Just as Virgo Prince Harry has landed on US soil, American girls hang their head in disappointment as word comes from across the pond that he is madly in love with his latest girlfriend Cressida Bonas.

Cressida and Harry make a perfect astrological love match. Cressida was born on February 18, 1989, on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. My money would be on her being born after  4:21 PM (BST) when the sun moved into Pisces. That puts her Pisces sun in opposition to Harry’s Virgo sun, and as we know opposite signs are a MATCH, just like Harry’s brother and sister-in-law William and Kate who are an opposite Cancer/Capricorn pair.

While the Cancer Capricorn pair (William and Kate) is concerned with tradition/foundations/security and family, the Virgo/Pisces pair (Harry and Cressida) is concerned with service/compassion/creativity and health. Harry joined the military service at age 18 and Cressida’s passion is dancing (a Pisces pursuit) which combines both creativity and health.

With his sun in Virgo, his moon in Taurus, and his ascendant in Capricorn- Harry is a perfect trifeca of earth signs. This makes him a thoroughly practical and down-t0-earth man despite his party-boy antics. Cressida’s moon sign is dramatic and regal Leo, giving her a warm and loyal emotional nature, who loves entertaining.

Virgo Goddess Beyonce


Virgo Goddess Beyonce is ruling the world, and the airwaves, these days. From the Presidential Inauguration, the Superbowl, her new HBO documentary “Beyonce: Life Is But a Dream”, to numerous magazine covers (including VOGUE March 2013), and her upcoming world tour, this is truly Beyonce’s moment at the apex.

Which is not very surprising when considering that Jupiter, the planet of good luck and abundance, is crossing through Gemini until June 2013, and it is a lucky career moment for all Virgos. With Jupiter in Virgo’s career house- bigger is better and more is more, so all Virgos should take advantage of the ample work opportunities lining up for them right now. (In June, Jupiter slides into Cancer which will bless Libra with these career benefits- so Libras take note, you have something to look forward to!)

In her many interviews Beyonce has been highlighting Virgos’ notorious perfectionism and attention to detail: “I watch my performances, and I wish I could just enjoy them, but I see the light that was late. I see, ‘Oh God, that hair did not work.’ Or ‘I should never do that again.’ I try to perfect myself. I want to grow, and I’m always eager for new information.” Virgos are meticulous information gatherers and craftsmen, but are not necessarily comfortable in the spotlight.

In astrology, however, our rising sign influences our outer personality and presentation and Beyonce has the sign of the dramatic showman, Leo, on her ascendant. In her early career, Beyonce divorced herself from her flashy outer persona (“Sasha Fierce”), but as an adult has assimilated her Leo and Virgo qualities. Scorpio, the sign of determination, sexuality and transformation is her moon sign- giving her tremendous emotional depth and insight, which is the bread and butter of her song writing and creative talent.

In addition to her Virgo/Scorpio/Leo astrological signature, a wealth of Pisces themes, Virgo’s opposite sign, emerge as well. As I often discuss in my pieces, opposite signs are really a pair- like two sides of the same coin. And successful people often personify their opposite sign as much as their sun sign. Beyonce epitomizes the Virgo/Pisces polarity with both her dedication and professionalism (Virgo), and also her deep spiritual underpinnings (Pisces).

In her documentary, with the very Pisces subtitle “Life Is But a Dream”, she credits the prayers of her mother and Grandmother with her success, and repeatedly affirms her faith in God for steering her path and her choices. In an especially beautiful scene, filmed by her Sagittarius husband Jay Z, she sits on a boat with light illuminating her perfectly, waxing about the beauty of life and simplicity of love and joy in the moment- before jumping overboard declaring “Life is but a dream”. She also discusses how her biggest transformation (Scorpio) has been embracing her identity as an artist (Pisces) which has made her feel more comfortable insisting on her vision and not worrying that people would think she is “too picky” (Virgo).

The artistic and soulful inspiration of Pisces must be channeled through the detailed hard work of Virgo, while Virgos meticulous craftsmanship must be enlivened and inspired by creative Pisces, and with Beyonce we see the perfect exemplification of this polarity.

Fire Signs in Love: Adam and Leighton


New couple alert!

Fans of Josh Schwartz television- namely his two iconic shows “The O.C.” and “Gossip Girl”- are rejoicing today with news that Sagittarius Adam Brody and Aries Leighton Meester are in love. This is a dreamy astrological match! Or a firey one, to be more accurate- Aries and Sagittarius being two of the three fire signs know for their drama and courage (Leo is the third). Aries women like Leighton are bold and go after what they want. No shrinking violets here! She has historically been attracted to other confident fire sign men, like her ex Leo Sebastian Stan.

Sagittarians like Adam are adventurous and optimistic. And they have a notoriously great sense of humor, like Adam’s character Seth. Adam dated his Virgo costar Rachel Bilson for several years. Virgos are much more meticulous and careful than daring Aries, so Leighton is a better match for him.

Now if only Josh Schwartz could write a screen-worthy ending for this duo…

Ryan Gosling: Archetypal Scorpio Man


In a recent PEOPLE magazine cover story, gorgeous Scorpio Ryan Gosling was touted as “America’s Most Wanted Man”. Indeed Scorpio men tend to turn women into a tizzy, and they are quite aware of their effect.

Scorpio men are passionate, intense and driven. And as PEOPLE wisely noted, “sexy, secretive, mysterious and seductive” as well. Scorpio men (and women) tend to have issues with boundaries- they either want ALL of something (or someone), or none of it. Hence, they can seem icy and aloof to those who don’t strike their fancy, and almost overwhelmingly attached to those whom they admire or are intrigued by. In love, this all or nothing dictum also holds. Brief flings barely register emotionally for them, while love can consume them completely and they seek stable, and transformative, long term relationships.

Their female ideal is a woman of the Taurus archetype- slow, sensual, feminine and sturdy. Passion, but also reliability, is important to them. His relationship with creative Pisces Eva Mendes is a romantic departure from his pattern of dating strong stubborn women, namely fellow privacy-craving Scorpio Rachel McAdams and Leo Sandra Bullock. Pisces are sensitive and intuitive like Scorpio and Eva and Ryan connect on this level.

Other sexy Scorpio men who mesmerizes us include Ryan Reynolds, Josh Duhamel, Eric Dane, Ethan Hawke, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, and Leonard DiCaprio.

…and the Mayan Calendar…


Well.. the day is finally here.. December 21, 2012!!! Very exciting.

In the Mayan long count calendar (5,125 years long) we are now back at 0. The end.. or the beginning.. depending on how you look at it. The popular pop perspective on the end of the Mayan calendar is that the world is going to end. The popular holistic perspective is that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift in consciousness. That the true “Age of Aquarius” is finally upon us- a 2,000 year era- where life on earth becomes truly equal and free for all, an era of universal humanity as well as radical technological progress. The Mayans themselves actually had calendars and predictions extending beyond 2012, so there is little evidence they saw it as an apocalypse, but an important date none-the-less.

One of the most interesting theories of the Mayan calendar that I have read has to do with the theory of time acceleration- that during each of the major “re-set” points in the Mayan calendar, time actually accelerates. That our actual human experience of TIME is different than it was for people who lived thousands of years ago. With the technology we now have, and it’s pervasive impact in our everyday lives, this notion may not be as fantastical as it seems. So perhaps we are on the cusp of yet another massive technological breakthrough, that will remodel our lives, and our interconnections, yet again.

However you choose to celebrate or  interpret the Mayans (and their fascinating, ancient, and illuminating science), I wish you the very best in next ERA of your life!

Happy 12~12~12!


Today is December 12, 2012- Otherwise known as 12-12-12!! The number twelve carries the vibration of Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac- the sign of spirituality, unity and completion. People (or marriages) with a heavy 12 influence are caring and compassionate but also playful and fun loving. Adding the playfulness is the fact that both the sun and the moon are in Sagittarius today (as we approach the New Moon tomorrow) which bestows an adventurous, free and philosophical spirit. Both Pisces and Sagittarius are associated with the “planet of good luck” Jupiter so 12-12-12 is a lucky day indeed! And I was lucky enough to share about 12-12-12 this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America! Lucky indeed!