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When will they marry?

Fans the world over are brimming with excitement that Leo Justin Theroux will make Aquarius Jennifer Aniston his bride. I discussed the fabulous compatibility of these two here. But right now I am much more interested in the pressing question of WHEN will this event take place?!

The 10th or 11th of November would be the ideal time. This is the exact mid-point between Justin’s August 10th birthday and Jennifer February 11th birthday, at 20 degrees Scorpio. I prefer the 11th to the 10th but the 10th is a Saturday and that is the most popular day to wed. But these two will do things their OWN way so I doubt they would be put off by a Sunday wedding and in this case I would advise it.

Wedding dates are extremely important and set the whole tone for one’s marriage! Take for example Jennifer’s marriage to Sagittarius Brad Pitt on July 29, 2000. The sun in Leo was a clear foreshadowing of the uber-fame that would dominate their lives as a couple.

A Scorpio wedding date for Jen and Justin in November would give them a greater sense of privacy and intimacy in their relationship. But the lovely Libra moon on the 10th and 11th ensures companionship, sociability, harmony and balance. The Scorpio wedding would also indicate a small gathering of 40 or so close friends, very intimate and loving, much like the social world that the couple enjoys now.

Six months later, when the sun reaching the opposite point, at 20 degrees Taurus in early May, would also be a wonderful time for them to tie the knot. Whenever it is that they decide to have their romantic, private nuptials, they should heed the golden rule of astrological wedding planning- make sure that the emotional moon’s last aspect is a good one! And the emotions will flow smoothly…

Hopefully Jennifer is taking note of all of this, as according to the new issue of US WEEKLY, “Jen is really into astrology.”


Astrological Anatomy of a Bad Marriage

August 20, 2011. Montecito, California 6 pm **(approximately)

I considered posting in August about the incredibly inauspicious aspects prevailing on the day that Kim Kardashian walked down the aisle with Kris Humphries, but I thought it mean spirited and pessimistic. Alas, the world was decidedly NOT shocked when Kim announced yesterday that she was ready to divorce her newly minted groom. While there are many theories as to exactly why this marriage was rushed into existence, and then promptly out of it, the fact remains that the date chosen for the nuptials was  extremely ill conceived. Simply put: some days are better to marry than others. Period. A look over their wedding chart reveals a wealth of things to avoid if you desire happily-ever-after.

MERCURY RETROGRADE: Astrology pros and novices alike are aware of the cardinal rule of astrological planning: Do nothing of great importance when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury rules all contracts, plans, communication and correspondence. Marriage being a legal contract, we are not advised to marry during Mercury Rx lest that contract is undermined. Additionally, a Mercury retrograde marriage will strain communication between the couple.

VENUS OPPOSITE NEPTUNE: Venus is the planet of love and beauty. Having Venus strong in the chart of a marriage is incredibly helpful to ensure harmony and peace for a couple. Venus was extremely debilitated in the chart of this marriage. At 29 degrees Leo, it was preparing to transit out of Leo and into Virgo (within the next 24 hours). It was also in direct opposition to Neptune, the planet of illusion, fantasy and deception. This perfectly describes the dramatic, extravagant, fantasy-inspired over the top “made for TV” style of the wedding (and the marriage). Like many things associated with Neptune, it was not in fact real but actually an illusion.

BAD MOON ASPECTS: The moon is by far the most important planet (luminary) in wedding astrology. With rulership over emotions, feelings and relationships, it is essential for the moon to be well positioned to avoid drama in a relationship. The moon moves very quickly, spending about 2.5 days in each sign (as opposed to the sun which spends a whole month in each sign). During the time that it is in a sign, Taurus in the case of Kim’s marriage, it makes a variety of different aspects to other planets before moving on. The aspects it makes immediately AFTER the moments the vows are exchanged show the emotional character of the marriage.

In this case the moon was making ONLY bad aspects- squares- after the wedding as it moved through Taurus towards the following sign, Gemini. Squares show difficulty finding middle ground and resolving conflict. First it became square with Mercury, further complicating the communication problems. Next the moon squared the sun in Leo, showing a conflict between the emotional desire to enjoy luxury and comforts (moon in Taurus) and the primal need for attention and admiration (Sun in Leo). Finally, the moon squared the Venus/Neptune opposition showing the essential instability of a marriage built on illusion and fantasy.


With so many planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius) we see extreme stubborness within the relationship. The problem here was that Kim, the celebrity, expected that Kris would go along with what she wanted. Yet, what she did not anticipate was that Kris started to see himself as a star.

In a wedding chart, the groom is represented by the sun and the bride by the moon- yet another reason why the square between these two planets is so detrimental. Kris, represented by Leo, started to see himself as the star, the essential missing piece to Kim’s fairytale life.  He thrived with the fame and attention. Kim, represented by Taurus, was extremely set in her ways and wanted to continue to live la vie luxe as usual without making any kind of lifestyle accommodations for her status as a newlywed (case in point: living with her husband in a hotel suite with Kourtney, Scott and Mason).

Kim is a Libra, the sign of marriage and partnership, showing her great desire to be coupled up. Kris is a stubborn and independent Aquarius. Both air signs, the two are fundamentally compatible. Yet, rushing a wedding and picking a bad date clearly did not bode well for this pair.

Virgo Fashion Idol: Stella McCartney

September 13, 1971 London, England noon* (time unknown)

September is the month for fashion, as the Spring runway shows are presented from New York to Milan to Paris, and the fashion industry is plunged from its lazy summer days in St. Tropez and the Hamptons back into full throttle ‘next-greatest-thing’ mode. It is perfect timing, as September is the month of Virgo, a sign which has a discriminating eye, impeccable taste, great attention to detail and a preference for well tailored simple styles. One of the Virgo fashion designers who best exemplifies the Virgo fashion sensibility is rock progeny and first class designer Stella McCartney. First as head designer for the label Chloe and then as the powerhouse behind her own eponomous brand, Stella has not only helped bring the Virgo look to the hipsters and actors who favor it, but also embodied the Virgo energy in many areas of her life.

Virgos are sensible and sensitive, aware of everything around them and fussy about what foods, products, fabrics and people they allow to penetrate their well constructed world. Stella is the daughter of Beatles legend Gemini Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Libra Linda McCartney, a photographer and vegetarian activist. Gemini and Libra, both air signs, are trine to each other, which means her parents had a happy marriage, with a strong bond and good communication. Being raised in a happy household likely made her more confident to go after her dreams. However, Virgos tend to suffer from self-doubt and feel a tremendous amount of pressure, self-inforced or otherwise, to be successful. Having such famous parents could have brought this on in her life.

Stella was born with the sun in Virgo conjunct Venus. This signifies a strong artistic disponsition and talent. Venus also represents her mother who was Libra, and Stella was indeed very close with her mom. Her bond with her mom is also shown by her moon in Cancer, the emotional sign of feminity and motherhood. Strong-willed Pluto at 29′ Virgo also joins her sun and Venus, lending her the air of severity and intensity which penetrates her aura, always balanced though, by feminine Venus. Virgos often have strong moral convictions, which go along with their fussiness about what enters their lives, and in Stellas case, her mothers firm beliefs about animal rights and vegetarianism, have led Stella to continue this crusade. She does not use silk, fur, lambs wool, or leather in any of her designs and her skincare line is 100% organic. Almost all Virgos feel strongly about treating their bodies kindly, thus along with her vegetarian diet, she exercizes regularly and has a partnership with adidas to design fashionable work-out wear.

Her designs for the Stella McCartney line have been simple, feminine and stylish while also strongly utilizing a menswear influence, which is a Virgo signature. The colors that appear most often are cream, antique rose, blue and gray. Gray and cream are colors favored by Virgos, while the pink shade shows her Venus side, and blue and cream show her watery Cancer moon. She likes women to look polished, comfortable and feminine, without the need for too many bells and whistles. Reflecting a bit of her Virgo self-consciousness, she has stated that “I can honestly say this industry hasn’t made me neurotic about my looks, except maybe my weight. I hope my clothes kind of reflect that. They’re meant to make you feel good, not give you more hang-ups.”

On August 30, 2003, while the sun was in Virgo, she married published Alisdhair Willis. It is often a great choice to marry when the sun is in your native sun sign, as this indicates an energy that is positive and happy to you. They have four children. It seems Stella is taking a relaxed approach to parenting, encouraging her children to be creative and follow their own dreams without too much structure. Stella, like most Virgos, has always chosen to keep her personal life private, rarely talking about her famous family, and managing to remain above the fray during her much-publicized fued with her one-time step-mother Capricorn Heather Mills, never speaking publicly on the subject. Among her closest friends are Aries Kate Hudson, Libra Gwyneth Paltrow, Capricorn Kate Moss and Cancer Liv Tyler.

Tom & Gisele Forever


February 26, 2009 Santa Monica, CA 5:50 PM

Last week the two most beautiful people on the planet were married (sorry Brad and Angie but it’s true). Obviously we want to know all about what their marriage will be like, and we can find out! 

The sun was in Pisces, indicating that their relationship and marriage is driven by a very romantic, intuitive, karmic kind of bond. This is not a nuts and bolts business-y kind of marriage. In fact they both will probably shy away from being in charge of handling that logistical part of their life together. Pisces is also a very moody and unpredictable sign so as a couple they will tend take off and disappear and leave everyone confused from time to time. 

The moon sign for their marriage is Aries. Very impulsive and action oriented. Again, as a couple they will act swiftly on their instincts and move ahead regardless of what other people or obstacles might be in the way. They don’t want to be bound by other peoples restrictions. This Pisces/Aries combo is interesting because it mirrors the Water and Fire of their sun signs. Tom is an aggressive Leo, while Gisele is an emotional Cancer. Their Leo/Cancer personalities fit well with their Pisces/Aries marriage. 

On the more tricky side, the Saturn/Uranus opposition that is happening right now falls into their sensitive 1st/7th house axis. While they may just want to gaze at each other in Lala-land forever (Pisces), with Virgo on the ascendant and Saturn in the 1st house, they will have to spend more time dealing with responsibility and details and planning more than they would want to. This will be especially annoying because of crazy Uranus in the 7th house of others representing all the  people who want a piece of them. Practicality and details are again reinforced by their Pisces sun and the massive Aquarius stellium (Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury) all in their 6th house of health and routine. This is the downside of being a jetsetter. 

This will most certainly stress their marriage. And with the moon in hot-headed Aries in a nearly exact square (within one degree) with dark Pluto in Capricorn.. they may not handle annoyance and changes of plan so gracefully. While Aries blows up and gets over things quickly, Pluto holds on to emotional wounds and plots revenge. Eek. Overall though, the masculine and feminine seem well balanced in this chart, and it is clearly the chart of a relationship of people who want to do things their own way- the Tom and Gisele way… if only we could all be so lucky.

UPDATE: According to a different media outlet, the ceremony began around 6:10 and the marriage was official at 6:30. The difference between 5:50 and 6:30 PM is an important one. This would shift some of the planets in the Aquarius stellium {Mars, Mercury and Jupiter to be exact} into their 5th house of love, fun, romance and children. This is *much* better than having all those lucky planets in the fussy 6th house. But the above analysis still stands, especially as the tough Uranus/Saturn opposition on their ASC/DSC line is even more pronounced and troublesome. But at least they will have lots more fun and lots more gorgeous babies, as maternal Cancer Gisele has always stated was her desire!

Let this be a reminder to all of you future brides and grooms out there.. Check with an astrologer when you are planning your wedding!! Really, it is quite silly to have five meetings to discuss potential cocktail napkins and none to discuss the eternal stamp of the stars on your union. Don’t you agree? After all, western culture is the only culture in the world who pays no need astrology when planning marriages and we have the highest divorce rates.. Hmm..

Still Married?

I saw something interesting in The New York Times a while back. It was an article about the post-economic crisis divorce rate. Jacalyn F. Barnett, a Manhattan divorce lawyer, mentioned that every year between Labor Day and New Years “there is always a flood of new divorces… These are the prime periods of evaluation.”

This is fascinating because astrologically speaking the 3 months when the sun is between Libra and Sagittarius (September 23- December 21) make up the 3rd quadrant of the zodiac; the part associated with our relationships with other people.

There are 4 quadrants in the 360 degree wheel that makes up the zodiac, with 3 signs in each quadrant. During those 3 months we tend to focus on certain themes.

QUADRANT 1: Aries, Taurus, Gemini (March 21- June 21). Me, me, me. What I want. What I need. What I think.

QUADRANT 2: Cancer, Leo, Virgo (June 22- September 22). My life. My feelings. My creativity. My habits.

QUADRANT 3: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius (September 23- December 21). Other people in my life. My Partner. My extended family. My spiritual family.

QUADRANT 4: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces (December 22- March 20). Me in the world. My career. My associations. My place in the bigger picture.

Thus, it would make perfect sense that though we might fall in love easily during the 1st and 2nd quadrants, when we are paying close attention to our own desires, it is during the 3rd quadrant- in the fall- when we are likely to re-evaluate our significant relationship and even pull the plug!

4-4-2008… Beyonce and Jay Z

Jay Z and Beyonce were married Friday in a very numerologically-inspired event. The lovebirds who have been dating for about 5 years, tied the knot on 4.4 because they share 4 birthdays, Beyonce on September 4th and Jay Z on December 4th. So 4.4 suited them perfectly, and of course, 4 plus 4 equals 8, as in 2008. They are also rumored to have the 4.4.8 roman numerals tatooed on their ring fingers.

In numerology the number 4 is associated with stability, reliability and the planet Saturn. It is a number of balance and equilibrium and it lends each of them, and their marriage, a strong work ethic and a commitment to important relationships and security.

The full numerological signature of their marriage is the number 9 (4+4+2+8=18, 1+8=9). Nine is a very spiritual number. Nine represents lofty ideals and goals, and it endows their union with a healthy dose of selfishness and willingness to reach for the stars and attain great things.

Their September 4th and December 4th birthdays put them in a perfect square, that is they were born about 90 days, or 90 degrees apart from each other in a 360 degree wheel. Squares activate excitement but can be challenging. This square is between mutable signs, Virgo and Sagittarius, and indicates that they both are easily adaptable to new situations but may misunderstand one another from time to time.

Beyonce, believe it or not, is rather introverted and reflective, having both her sun (Virgo) and moon (Scorpio) in feminine signs. Jay Z on the other hand is an extroverted man who loves attention and company, with his sun (Sagittarius) and moon (Libra) in masculine signs. What unites them is Beyonces stellium in Libra (five signs!) conjunct his moon/Uranus combo. And both Jay Z and Beyonce have the moon conjunct Uranus in their birthcharts, in Libra and Scorpio respectively. This makes them both trailblazers, people who like to set their own path and be original creatively. Her Mars is also in fiery Leo, which complements his Sagittarius sun.

On April 4th, the sun was in Aries, trine Jay Z’s sun in Sagittarius. Aries can be a good sign for a marriage, especially a marriage between artists as it is a creative sign, and is also a bit selfish, meaning that the couple will be good at looking out for their own interests as a unit. If they were married in the late afternoon or early evening, as is rumored, the moon was in Pisces, conjunct romantic Venus, a good sign for a marriage.

The only red flag would be if they said their “I do’s” between 5:45 pm and 8:30 pm , when the moon was void of course. This means the moon had made its last aspect in Pisces (conjunction to Venus) and was waiting to ingress into Aries, this is a dead zone kind of time when the powerful moon is a bit aimless, and it is not recommended to do anything important when the moon in void of course. Let’s hope they stuck with their theme and got hitched at 4:40!

In any case, congratulations to the numerology-loving newlyweds!!!

Astrology & the Sarkozy wedding


Nicolas Sarkozy – January 28, 1955 Paris, France 10 pm
Carla Bruni – December 23, 1966 Turin, Italy 6:10 pm
Marriage – February 2, 2008 Paris, France 11 am (*or slightly later)

One of the most fascinating spectacles in the world of politics and astrology has been unfolding over the course of the past several months and it culminated yesterday with the surprise announcement that the President of France, Aquarian Nicolas Sarkozy, had married his girlfriend of 3 months, Italian former model and singer, Capricorn Carla Bruni, in his Paris office Saturday morning. Speculation had been rampant that the two were planning to wed, maybe even that they were pregnant but the speed at which this courtship took place has left onlookers shocked and riveted.

Well, I guess you could say that Aquarians, ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus, are made to shock. After all, the first shock of his presidency came when he split with his second wife, glamorous Scorpio Cecilia, who had been instrumental to his campaign, mere weeks after his induction. Sarkozy has his moon in restless, impatient Aries, conjunct Mars, the planet of action that rules Aries. This is a man who follows his instincts and acts swiftly when he has made up his mind. But his unpredictable Uranus is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of good luck, ensuring that his impulsiveness will be a strength rather than a liability. His rising sign is steady, meticulous Virgo, lending him an air of stability and his chart ruler, Mercury, is in Aquarius in his fifth house of personal power along with his sun, giving him tremendous confidence in his own abilities. His progressed sun ingressed from Pisces into Aries in the fall of 2006 as he began his aggressive bid for the Presidency which he secured when he won the election on May 6, 2007.

Bruni shares several interesting astrological aspects with Sarkozy. Like him, she has a strong and impulsive moon placement. Her moon is in Virgo, his rising sign, conjunct passionate Pluto and Uranus. These three planets on top of Sarkozy’s ascendant accounts for how quickly and completely he fell for her. Both of their progressed moons are also in romantic Pisces, giving them both a feeling that this relationship is fated. Her Mars is in his sign of Aquarius so she is connected instinctively with his solar energy. However, his basic nature is outgoing air and fire, while she is a thoroughly measured earth sign woman. Aquarians are radical and intellectual and Capricorns are more conservative and conscious of public image and reputation. But her brand of restraint could be just what he needs at this very important time in his life.

The most detrimental aspects between their charts are the strong Saturn aspects. In astrology, Saturn rules Capricorn and represents restraint, patience, endurance and cold hard reality. Her Saturn is in Aries, conjunct his moon and Mars, indicating that she could try to put a damper on his free-wheeling ways and force him to be more measured with his decision making. His Saturn is almost exactly conjunct her Venus in Scorpio, which is also conjunct Neptune. As an artist, Venus and Neptune in her fifth house is a huge part of her creativity and self-expression. His Saturn there could either help take her artistic endeavors to the next level or could dampen her enthusiasm for her work. In serious relationships, Saturn aspects are important to ensure durability and commitment but the sensitive nature of these placements might serve as a test to these two. They are both going to have to make sacrifices for the other and these aspects could very well define their relationship.

The couple were married just past 11 am on Saturday February 2, 2008 in Paris. The first thing one notices about this date, of course, is that it is very close to Sarkozy’s birthday. Sarkozy was born at 9 degrees Aquarius and the solar degree for this marriage is 12 degrees Aquarius. His stamp is strong on the nature of their relationship. However, Bruni’s progressed sun is also at 12 degrees Aquarius! She will grow and learn much from this marriage and is heavily invested in it, as her progressed sun will continue to evolve along with their relationship. Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, which ingressed into Capricorn on January 25, is very close to her natal sun at 1 degree Capricorn and indeed, as the new First Lady of France, she has, overnight, become extremely powerful. Pluto will remain close to her sun for the next several years.

In the chart of their marriage, retrograde Mercury is coming into tight conjunction with Neptune. This is an interesting aspect as it sometimes indicates people who talk one way and act another. There could be miscommunications or trouble following through on their word, as perceived by others. With the sun, Mercury and Neptune in Aquarius and Pluto, Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn, both of their natal signs are very strong in this chart. Consequently, their relationship will very much echo their personalities, unlike some marriages which seem to have a life of their own, quite unrelated to the parties within it. Again, the most sobering aspect comes from Saturn in Virgo, resting in the fifth house of romance and children. This indicates that the very public nature of his position and their relationship may detract from developing a truly intimate bond, and that they may not have children together.

At the time of their wedding the moon was in Sagittarius, a fire sign. This goes along with the three Capricorn planets they have in the ninth house to show that international travel will be an important part of their life together. With all of the Aquarius planets in the eleventh house of groups, it indicates that they will keep themselves surrounded by a large and supportive entourage. Venus, the planet of love and beauty and ruler of their chart, is beautifully aspected, conjunct Jupiter and trine Saturn, which is a very good sign indeed. And while only time will tell how blissfully this whirlwind romance will turn out, with stubborn, sensual Taurus on the ascendant they will be absolutely determined to sustain a stylish, stable, and unified front.