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Libra Fashion Idol: Ralph Lauren

October 14, 1939 New York, NY noon* (time unknown)

Perhaps the greatest advertising genius and brand master extraordinaire of the past half century, Ralph Lauren, is a Libra. Being ruled by the luxury-loving sign of Libra suits the ethos of the Ralph Lauren brand perfectly. Libra is all about balance, harmony and sociability. What the Ralph Lauren brand sells to it’s customers is the illusion of the perfect life, surrounded by perfect friends in perfect, clean, harmonious clothes, in perfect estates with perfect weather. Through their constant oscillation, Libra strives for perfection and the Ralph Lauren brand taps into that need in each one of us, and uses it to their advantage.

Ralph Lauren has his moon, as well as his Venus and Mercury, in Scorpio. This gives him a fierce determination and purposefulness. He always knew he would go into the fashion industry and began designing ties at a young age in his hometown of New York. The Scorpio energy is also fiercely private and knows how to guard and protect their image. They are also keenly aware of what they project and Ralph Lauren has been very precise and methodical about controlling the image of his brand. And it is by carefully doing this that the Ralph Lauren brand has managed to expand into every price point smoothly where some other brands have failed.

There is also a considerable amount of fire energy in Lauren’s chart. Both Saturn and Jupiter are in feisty, competitive Aries and Pluto is in determined Leo. He has the willingness and drive to turn his passions into reality. But one of the greatest markers of his chart, and his aesthetic, is radical Uranus in the traditional sign of Taurus. This perfectly describes how Lauren has taken traditional, preppy style (Taurus) and upgraded and revolutionized it for the future (Uranus).

The true node in astrology is not a planet but rather an angle that is said to represent the soul’s true purpose and path in life. Lauren’s true node at 29′ Libra tightly conjunct Venus, planet of beauty, at 0′ Scorpio shows that he is very tapped into his destiny as an artist and creator. And with his Mars, planet of action in Aquarius, he does things his own way, not paying much heed to anyones critiques or suggestions.

The planets that are most affected in Lauren’s chart right now are Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. His progressed sun at 29′ Sagittarius is conjunct Pluto and making a trine to his natal Saturn in Aries. He is at the pinnacle of power in his career and he is making wise business decisions. In fact business is going to be on his mind even more once his progressed sun ingresses into Capricorn in the next fews months. This will be about the same time that his progressed moon in Taurus will be conjoining natal Uranus. Expect the brand to make some big announcements, seemingly out of the blue.

The big story in fashion in the past quarter century is the rise of the ‘luxury’ aspirational brand, and in many ways, Ralph Lauren has pioneered this movement. While many of the big brands have invented and re-invented themselves several times in recent history (take Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, for example), the Ralph Lauren brand struck gold with its simple American classic style and ever wise, Lauren has never strayed very far from this formula. Taurus Halston was the grand-father of the American classic style in the 1970s but lost his grounding when he collaborated with J.C. Penny and ruined the illusion of the jet-set inaccessibility of his brand. Lauren, of the other hand, has been able to tap into the universality of American style, and that has proven to be priceless. Actually… very, very profitable.

Saturn Return & the Rollercoaster 20s

I myself am well into my 20s, as are most of my close friends and confidantes. Like any time in ones life, the present, naturally, seems to assume the utmost importance. And just like when we were in our teens, and thought nobody could possibly understand us (and likely they didn’t), the 20s come with their own set of emotional trials and tribulations. These come in three distinct waves, astrologically speaking.

The Saturn return that takes place around ages 28/29 has garnered the most recognition in the collective consciousness. Like Mercury retrograde it seems to have the highest number of non-astrological pros murmuring about it’s significance. This would of course be characteristic of it’s namesake planet, Saturn, who garners, indeed demands, a great deal of serious consideration and respect. However, the earlier two astrologically significant events one encounters in their 20s are equally interesting and significant.

Around age 24, adults enjoy their second Jupiter return. The planet Jupiter takes roughly 12 years to make a full circle of the zodiac. This means that for every person, when they are about 12 years old, and then again at 24 (yet again at 36, 48, etc), transiting Jupiter returns to the same degree in the sky that it was at when you were born.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, extravagance, faith, optimism, education, journeys, teaching, publishing, broadcasting, gambling and speculation. This is interesting because at this juncture in many a young persons life they are taking, in many ways, the biggest gamble of their lives- deciding which career path they want to follow.This is a tidy follow up to ones first Jupiter return at age 12, when we are well enough along in our development to have established certain academic, as well as social, preferences. Like happy-go-lucky Jupiter, adults at age 24 set off with the highest of hopes, an innate faith and optimism about their chosen field and the future abundance of their life. Jupiter also represents opportunities and now is the time when we feel like the world is an open and exciting place for us. And much to the amusement of everybody else, the extravagance of those in their early 20s is often well broadcast for all to see! This is understandably a high point in many peoples life.

At age 27/28 we encounter the next interesting astrological event. The progressed moon returns to the sign and degree it was at the time our birth. Progressions are different from transits. The transit moon, with it’s rapid 28 day orbit of the zodiac, passes over our natal moon once each month. This is called the lunar return and many astrologers looks at it for information about the coming months emotional character. It takes at least 27 years, however, for the moon to make one full rotation in the progressed chart which shows the internal progress and changes we are experiencing in our lives. So while both the Jupiter and Saturn returns are transits, which affect us in a more public, exterior way, through circumstances and situations which reinforce its themes, the progressed lunar return is a much more subtle, private time of reassessment and reflection.

Again this suits the nature of the mysterious, private, nurturing, loving, giving, tender, moody moon quite well. During our progressed lunar return we really get in touch with our emotional nature. With the progressed moon in our natal moon sign for a little over 2 years, all of the emotional baggage and patterns that we have been carrying around with us seem to be put under the spotlight. For many this is a time when we are getting more serious about our relationships, even considering marriage. For those who have already married, it is a time when their own notions of love, caring and support are tested. We start to understand what we really need and want from a parter and how we tend to nurture other people, as well as ourselves.

These realizations, often discovered at a difficult price, will prove invaluable as we tread through the next astrological era at age 28/29, the Saturn return. Saturn takes roughly 29 years to make one full circles of the zodiac and it’s return to our place of birth at this time in our lives in crucial. We have had some opportunities (Jupiter) and have worked through some emotional baggage (moon) up to this point and it is now our task to turn a practical, disciplined eye to the issues of responsibility, reputation and commitment in our lives.

Saturn urges caution, realism and hard work. If one has been living in tune with these values, honing their craft with effort and integrity, Saturn can be a most generous and rewarding master, having the sole ability of the planets to manifest in material ways, all of our hopes and dreams. If ones path has been more meandering and less conscientious, Saturn provides a firm, but fair, reminder that there are rules in the game and they must be followed in order to achieve success. Saturn does not care, per se, what game you are playing, but rather that you are playing it with honor, integrity, and even love. While love is not a word much associated with Saturn, it should be! Saturn does not want you to be doing some ‘practical’ job that you hate. There is nothing practical, really, about that. Saturn wants you to do what you love, in a practical, responsible way. In fact, when you love what you do, Saturn only strengthens and reinforces your ability to do it well. And any good astrologer will tell you how vitally important Saturn is to a love relationship. It adds responsibility, durability, commitment and strength. Marriage, after all, is more than candles and bubble baths!

For those who have married or are firmly embedded in their career of choice, the Saturn return is a time when we discover the practical work and effort that will need to go into making these endeavors fruitful and successful. And as we move forward with faith and commitment, Saturn is there guide and reward us. So while many find their patience, and their bank accounts, to be at a frustrating low during their Saturn returns, others find large bonuses and wedding rings in this melee. And even if your Saturn return is difficult (and parts of it are for almost everyone), that does not mean that you did something ‘wrong’ up to this point and don’t deserve to be rewarded, but rather that there may be something even better out there for you… something that will get you even closer to the material manifestation of your goals. So while it is important to be sensible during the Saturn return, it is also essential to remain flexible and open-minded; solutions will present themselves.

Each of these returns represents the tying up of loose ends as well as the beginning of a new era. For this reason they are high energy periods than can be experiences as both trying and cathartic. With the Jupiter return (24), we are celebrating the completion (for most people) of formal education and fostering optimism about the future. With the progressed lunar return (27), we are processing the conscious and subconscious emotional patterns we have been enacting in our lives, and making necessary adjustments. This is just in time for our new, hopefully more mature, emotional nature to guide us through our Saturn return (29); the time of assessing our progress and our short-comings, reaping our material rewards, and getting practical about our future.

But the good news is, that once all of this hard work is out of the way, we can really boogie down and enjoy our 30s! With no seriously daunting transits or progressions coming through.. this is the real time to enjoy the life we have chosen, climaxing in the 3rd Jupiter return at age 36. So while the 20s might not be the breeze that every angsty teenager imagines them to be, they hold the keys to a lot of important self- healing that can ensure that the rest of your early adult life is as satisfying as possible!

Babies & Mommas


Add Aries Alyson Hannigan to the ranks of those who have given birth on their birthday! She celebrated her 35th birthday on March 24th by delivering her first child, daughter Satyana. According to some sources as many as 5% of newborns share their birthdays with their  mothers. When you consider that there are 365 days in a year this becomes quite a mind-boggling statistical anomaly! While astrologers (or anybody else) would certainly not be able to tell you HOW this happens, we can definitely explain why this bond is so strong.

People born on the same day (or sometimes within one day) of one another, even in different years, share the same degree of birth. Alyson and her daughter were both born at 3 degrees Aries. So when planets make an aspect to 3 degrees Aries (like Pluto over there at 3 degrees Capricorn) it affects both of them very similarly. So from the moons cycles every month, to the longer outer planet transits, both people experience the ebbs and flows of this energy together. So the bond between mothers and children born on the same day is generally a very strong one. 

I have also noticed a lot of mothers giving birth to children whose natal sun is conjunct their progressed sun. For example, when Scorpio Julia Roberts gave birth to her twins on November 28, 2004, they were born at 6 degrees Sagittarius, within several degrees of Roberts progressed sun at 11 degrees Sagittarius. Capricorn Amanda Peet’s progressed sun was at 26 degrees Aquarius when she gave birth to her daughter, Frankie, who was born at 0 degrees Pisces. These conjuncts are not exact but they are still very close and while to the naked eye they are not as significant as sharing the same actual birth date as a parent, astrologically they are very similar in that they strengthen emotional bonds because passing transits affect them both very closely.



September 21, 1981 Berkeley, CA noon* (time unknown)

Reality TV star and tabloid fashion favorite Nicole Richie turns 27 today. Hard to believe she has packed so much into such a short life! The child of a music industry professional, Nicole was raised on the road, until at the age of 2 she was taken in by musician Lionel Richie and his then wife Brenda, to be raised as their own. This was a huge turning point in her life as this was also the year that her progressed sun moved from Virgo into Libra. Virgos like their lives to be ordered and comfortable and Nicole’s early life was probably marked by a strong absence of these things, leading her to value them even more greatly. With her progressed sun in sociable Libra from age two onwards, she has learned much more about enjoying people and creating trusting relationships.

The most fascinating thing about Richie’s chart is how precisely all of the progressions coincide with important times in her life. With a stellium of 4 planets in Libra, Nicole has had her fair share of ups and downs as her progressed sun came into conjunction with each of them in turn. At age 13 her progressed sun hit her natal Saturn, a time that usually causes difficulty. For the first time she probably became aware of the attention her famous family could bring her and struggled to reconcile this with her own self-esteem and self-awareness. Age 17 her progressed sun came conjunct with party-loving Jupiter. She was probably living it up and throwing herself into the wanton world of priviledged Los Angeles children and indulging (Jupiter’s key word) in drugs and alcohol. Though this period may have been ‘fun’ it was also stressful, as indicated in her chart by the tense aspect between Jupiter and her moon in sensitive Cancer. She was trying to celebrate (Jupiter) and be social (Libra) but was not talking care of her own emotional needs (moon in Cancer).

By the time her progressed sun hit Pluto, planet of power and transformation in 2006, she was a huge star… but also a huge mess. Rumors of drug problems and eating disorders swirled around her and culminated with a brief (very brief) trip to jail after a DUI arrest. Pluto is one of the most complex, fascinating planets in the zodiac. Pluto can bestow great magneticism and power upon you. Indeed, Richie had become a fashion icon and an influential celebrity by this point. But it also forces you to dig deep into yourself, to go beyond the superficial, and if you refuse it can stir up situations in your life that make you confront yourself. Just as Nicole was facing her DUI, she became pregnant with Pisces boyfriend Joel Madden. And of course, the power of Pluto is also there to help you turn your life around once you have truly made the decision to do so.

In 2008, with the birth of her daughter Harlow, a Capricorn, Nicole’s progressed sun made it’s last conjunction in Libra, with Mercury, Virgo’s ruler. This was truly a time of empowerment and self-confidence for her, where she was finally finding her own ‘voice’ and deciding where she would want her life to go. She will probably weigh her options and multi-task for a few more years, before her progressed sun goes into Scorpio. Then, in 5 years time, expect a decidedly more private life from this very public star.

Nicole’s Virgo/Cancer astrological signature can be seen in her famous fashion sense. Virgos are wild about jewelry and accessories. Scarves, headbands, sunglasses, bangles… these have become the trademarks of the Nicole Richie look. A look that was more or less masterminded by her one time close friend and stylist, fellow Virgo Rachel Zoe. And Cancers have an attachment to things that have sentimental value, soft materials and especially love cozy layering. History-loving Cancer has a very vintage vibe as well and Nicole’s nostalgic decade of choice is the 1970s.

COMING UP: Communicative Mercury is strong in Nicole’s chart this year. She may decide to write a follow-up to her first book. This one would likely be more personal though, perhaps exploring her recent transformation from party girl to mom. Now would also be the perfect time for her to tie up any loose ends on the business front. If she has started projects and hasn’t completed them, she should close the door or finish up. All of this boring maintenence work will pay off when the big project she finally wants comes along next year and she can focus all of her attention on it. This is set to be a happy, satisfying, creative year for her.

Miranda Kerr on the Cusp

One of the hottest models out there right now is Australian Miranda Kerr who has made it big as a result of her sizzling Victoria’s Secret campaigns and her relationship with Capricorn Orlando Bloom. Miranda’s birthday is April 20th, the traditional ingress day from Aries into Taurus. Now I personally am of the school of astrology that does not believe in cusps.. you are either born before or after the sun has transited from one sign into another. If you are born before the ingress you often show a lot of characteristics of the following sign but NOT because you were born on a cusp but because from the time you were a baby your progressed sun has been in the following sign (If you are not familiar with solar progressions please refer back to my post entitled “Progressions”).

It seems to me from everything that I have read about Miranda that she is a typical Taurus. If you are born at 0 or 1 degree of your sign, at the very beginning, you usually have a very strong concentration of that energy. So it did not surprise me that Miranda is not only a ravishing beauty (Venus rules Taurus) but that she is very concerned with health, nutrition and self-esteem (Taureans love food) and listed “singing in the shower” and “getting massages” as her guilty pleasures at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show (Taurus rules the throat and loves being pampered).

What surprised me was that when I did her chart I learned that in 1983 if you were born in Sydney, the sun did not move from Aries into Taurus until April 21. So how to explain this? Well it goes to show the truly important role that progressions play in a persons life, so much so that a person born just before the cusp can embody many characteristics of the following sign from an early age.

But she is an Aries? Yes, she is an Aries and this is ‘how’ she shows her Taurean qualities. Taureans are slow and steady, cautious and measured. Aries are impulsive, active, adventurous and bold. All Tarueans, and people with their progressed sun in Taurus, are concerned with self-maintenence and self-nourishments, issues such as body, food, weight, health, and stability. But most Taureans do not write books on this subject, as Miranda is doing. It takes that inventive “why not?” Aries spirit to just go for it without ages worth of deliberation. Another hint is that she loves exercise while most Taurus women eventually force themselves to the gym but only grudgingly (they would rather be lounging around in the garden). Miranda is definitely a perfect lesson in the power of progressions to combine the best of both your natal sun sign and your progressed sun sign.

Aries Fashion Idol: Marc Jacobs

April 9, 1963 New York, NY  noon* (time unknown)

Marc Jacobs is perhaps the most influential designer of his generation. As the grunge era replaced the gauche power dressing and over-exposure of the 1980s, Marc Jacobs rose easily through the fashion ranks by celebrating a more modest, casual, ‘slouchy chic’ that better describes the ethos of the young (and rich) creative class. This was a revelation in fashion and one that has stuck. It wasn’t deliberately dirty and androgynous like some of the 1990s attempts to overthrow exuberant eurotrash, but simply more wearable, more understated and definitely more cool. 

Aries like Marc are trend-setters. Being the first sign of the zodiac, amongst the ranks of Arians are many people who have been ‘firsts’ in their field and whose contributions have ushered in a new era. The Marc Jacobs era in fashion has been alive and well now for nearly two decades, at least since he won the coveted CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award in 1992. 

Aries are an active sign and they prize comfort and wearability in their designs. Unlike the Pisces designer who sees his work as a piece of art, the Aries imagines the active life of his garments. And a Marc Jacobs piece is perfect for it’s customers; it can transition from work at the art gallery to late dinners and lounging and with ease. Marc is of course also the creative director of Louis Vuitton. Since taking the helm there in 1997 he has quadroupled the esteemed design houses profits with his creative collaborations with artists such as Takashi Murakami. And his clothes for that line as also perfectly wearable for their jet set clientele. 

One of his chief weapons has always been his Juergen Teller advertising campaigns. Choosing the unexpected cultural icon at every turn, Aries Marc always keeps ahead of the curve. Recently, he has been making waves with Annie Liebowitz pictures of aging stars of every variety in hotel rooms posed candidly next to their Louis Vuitton luggage. But it was his 1990s campaigns with unconventional beauty Taurus Sofia Coppola that were perhaps the most revolutionary and memorable. Coppola was something of a muse to Jacobs then. 

Indeed the Taurus energy has, or had, been a strong part of the Marc Jacobs vibe. Taurus is an earth sign and they prize value, luxury, and quality in their life and in their clothes, but in a subtle, classic even conservative way. Very much like the Marc Jacobs style. Few logos could be more unabashadley expensive than the Louis Vuitton luggage symbol but it is always juxtaposed with the ‘I don’t care’ Aries attitude.  

Indeed Jacobs progressed sun has been in the sign of Taurus from the time he was about 11 years old until mid- 2005 [If you are not familiar with astrological progression please refer to my post entitled “Progressions”]. As an Aries, he is impulsive and active but with his progressed sun in Taurus for most of his adult life, he also felt compelled to produce material results (Taurus) and to slowly but surely work towards long term goals. He was interested in creating things and building a solid support system and lifestyle for himself.

In 2005 his progressed sun moved from Taurus into Gemini. This is around the time that a great transformation happened in his life personally and creatively. In many ways this was a transition back to the Aries parts of himself. Gemini energy is also impulsive, curious and restless like the Aries energy. Rather than working tirelessly and diligently behind the scenes (Taurus) he has busted out of his shell and became, on the surface, a whole new man. He has been able to overthrow his Taurean sense of duty and go back to his hedonistic and impulsive Arian ways. He recently told a reporter that “Whatever makes me feel good, I want more of. If work is going well, I want to do more clothes. If the gym thing is working for me, I want to be bigger. If getting my hair cut makes me look younger, I want to play with the color. ”

Once a poster boy for the slouchy but sophisticated style he eposes donning large glasses and comfy sweaters, he is now sleek and buff, with a new passion for fitness and his much younger sometimes boyfriend. Many fashion insiders have been scratching their heads and have termed this his ‘mid-life crisis’, but it is just his astrological progression, a very natural moving from one phase of his life to another. And it has just begun. One of his best out-of-the-box ideas he has had since the ingress from Taurus to Gemini has been to have professional astrologers Starsky and Cox, authors of the astrological bestseller “Sextrology”, do readings from the windows of his flagship storefront in New York. Brilliant.  

Interestingly, one of the things that helped usher in this monumental progression was transit Uranus, the planet of disruption and unexpected events, moving over his natal Venus in Pisces for the past few years. As the planet of art and beauty, Venus is very important in the charts of artists and designers. This has definitely been throwing him some curve balls in terms of redefining his artistic values, ideals and aesthetic, as well as mixing things up, big time, in his love life. His moon sign is either Libra or Scorpio, depending on what time of day he was born, but this would have been affecting him even more strongly if his moon sign is Libra, which is ruled by Venus. 

With the Taurus era of his life over, it is likely that the clothes he designs will also transition away from the look he has become famous for and towards a more whimsical, colorful and accessory-heavy style, being influenced now by the Gemini energy. Evidence of the shift was already strong in his Spring 2008 collection where a main theme was duality, with dresses split down the middle uniting two prints. Gemini, is of course, the sign of duality and the twins. One thing is certain though, with his progressed sun having just moved into the sign of the twins, where it will stay for 30 years, Jacobs is feeling more liberated than ever and the new Jacobs will continue to keep everyone guessing, with fresh scandals and more unexpected choices for a long time to come. 


perez looking sexyyyyy

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