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Pisces Drew & Virgo Cameron release new books!


Two of Hollywood’s most gorgeous, glamorous, and down-to-earth gals- bests friends Drew Barrymore and Camerion Diaz- are both releasing new books!

Pisces Drew’s book is a book of photography of images she has captured through the years of hearts- found in the most unlikely objects and places. The book, titled “Find it in Everthing” celebrates love. This could not be a more ideal book for a Pisces as it marries the Pisces love of art and photography with their incredibly romantic and loving nature!

Virgo Cameron’s book is a book about health and wellness titled “Body Book”. In it, Cameron seeks to “engage and empower women” with specific information about their bodies. Again, this could not be a more perfect fit for Virgo, who as an earth sign is most interested with the physical, tangible world and how to focus on service to others and fine-tuning one’s life.

As opposite signs, Drew and Cameron are a natural pair. Virgos and Pisces are deeply attracted to each other as they both are spiritual, giving and creative souls who seek to improve themselves and the world around them. Pisces are interested in doing it through emotions and art, while Virgos are more interested in making a practical contribution. And viola- both of these woman are making a perfect contribution that highlights their astrological talents and interests!

Another uniting factor between Drew and Cameron is that they both have the sign of Cancer prominent in their chart. Cancer is Cameron’s ascendant and Cancer is Drew’s moon sign. A prominent Cancer is great for all performers as it lends an emotional and changeable nature and makes one sympathetic.

From June 2013 until July 2014, lucky Jupiter is transiting Cancer bringing good luck to all those who has prominent Cancer planets or angles in their chart. So this is indeed the perfect time for both of them to be launching books and connecting with their audience!

When will they marry?

Fans the world over are brimming with excitement that Leo Justin Theroux will make Aquarius Jennifer Aniston his bride. I discussed the fabulous compatibility of these two here. But right now I am much more interested in the pressing question of WHEN will this event take place?!

The 10th or 11th of November would be the ideal time. This is the exact mid-point between Justin’s August 10th birthday and Jennifer February 11th birthday, at 20 degrees Scorpio. I prefer the 11th to the 10th but the 10th is a Saturday and that is the most popular day to wed. But these two will do things their OWN way so I doubt they would be put off by a Sunday wedding and in this case I would advise it.

Wedding dates are extremely important and set the whole tone for one’s marriage! Take for example Jennifer’s marriage to Sagittarius Brad Pitt on July 29, 2000. The sun in Leo was a clear foreshadowing of the uber-fame that would dominate their lives as a couple.

A Scorpio wedding date for Jen and Justin in November would give them a greater sense of privacy and intimacy in their relationship. But the lovely Libra moon on the 10th and 11th ensures companionship, sociability, harmony and balance. The Scorpio wedding would also indicate a small gathering of 40 or so close friends, very intimate and loving, much like the social world that the couple enjoys now.

Six months later, when the sun reaching the opposite point, at 20 degrees Taurus in early May, would also be a wonderful time for them to tie the knot. Whenever it is that they decide to have their romantic, private nuptials, they should heed the golden rule of astrological wedding planning- make sure that the emotional moon’s last aspect is a good one! And the emotions will flow smoothly…

Hopefully Jennifer is taking note of all of this, as according to the new issue of US WEEKLY, “Jen is really into astrology.”


The Aquarius Leo Love Story

Opposite signs are notoriously attracted to one another and often forge some of the most enduring and happy relationships. Take for example the beloved royal Cancer/Capricorn couple William and Kate, and globetrotting Sagittarius/Gemini glamorpusses Brad and Angelina.

Well it just so happens that Brad’s former love, Aquarius Jennifer Aniston, has finally found herself in the arms of a Leo man, Justin Theroux, giving her a chance for love with her opposite sign. Justin and Jen have been attached at the hip since hooking up earlier this summer. And they have also been palling around with another Leo, Justin’s friend photographer Terry Richardson (Who took this photograph of them in September).

Aquarians are amongst the most determined, stubborn and routine-oriented members of the zodiac. By the time they are adults they tend to have found their niche, usually one that very few others occupy, and they stake out their territory and dig their heels in. Rinse and repeat. Their niches/lifestyles however, tend to be anything but ordinary. Take Jen for example, who has corned the market on rom-coms, yoga, healthful living, Cabo, and bad-boy boyfriends. Like all Aquarians, she is hardworking, future oriented, and committed to her path.

Leos are the perfect counterpoint to the driven and independent Aquarius. Also incredibly creative and purposeful, Leos can relate to the Aquarians commitment to creating a world and life of their own imagining. Yet Leo’s thrive in warmth and family. We can think of the heat and revelry of the month of August, when Leo thrives, juxtaposed with the privacy and isolation of February when Aquarius rules the days. Jennifer and Justin were born just about exactly 6 months apart, though in different years. Jennifer, on February 11 (1969), and Justin on August 10 (1971).

Moon signs rule our emotional nature, and both Jen and Justin have their moons in impulsive, extravagant and fun loving fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries respectively. These two place a premium on enjoyment in their relationship. And certainly her many fans are happy to see Jen enjoying her life!

The Aquarius Girls Club

There are a variety of powerhouse Leo women in LA; Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Charlize Theron for example. These women are known for being dynamo performers and personalities, yet they are not particularly well know for their camaraderie with other females. Leo women tend to be very close to their families and childhood friends, and otherwise tend to spend time with their partners, acquiantances or associates.

Their opposite sign Aquarius, hosts another bevy of impressive Hollywood women. But with Aquarius being the sign associated with friendship, these stars are known for their close bonds with other women. No fewer than 4 major Aquarian stars can be seen palling around together regularly- Laura Dern, Sheryl Crow, Isla Fisher and Jennifer Aniston. Sisterhood is very important for Aquarian woman and they lean dearly on their close friends. In addition to the Aquarians in this group, they are also tight with Pisces Chelsea Handler, Gemini Courtney Cox, and Libra Naomi Watts.

Virgo Fashion Idol: Stella McCartney

September 13, 1971 London, England noon* (time unknown)

September is the month for fashion, as the Spring runway shows are presented from New York to Milan to Paris, and the fashion industry is plunged from its lazy summer days in St. Tropez and the Hamptons back into full throttle ‘next-greatest-thing’ mode. It is perfect timing, as September is the month of Virgo, a sign which has a discriminating eye, impeccable taste, great attention to detail and a preference for well tailored simple styles. One of the Virgo fashion designers who best exemplifies the Virgo fashion sensibility is rock progeny and first class designer Stella McCartney. First as head designer for the label Chloe and then as the powerhouse behind her own eponomous brand, Stella has not only helped bring the Virgo look to the hipsters and actors who favor it, but also embodied the Virgo energy in many areas of her life.

Virgos are sensible and sensitive, aware of everything around them and fussy about what foods, products, fabrics and people they allow to penetrate their well constructed world. Stella is the daughter of Beatles legend Gemini Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Libra Linda McCartney, a photographer and vegetarian activist. Gemini and Libra, both air signs, are trine to each other, which means her parents had a happy marriage, with a strong bond and good communication. Being raised in a happy household likely made her more confident to go after her dreams. However, Virgos tend to suffer from self-doubt and feel a tremendous amount of pressure, self-inforced or otherwise, to be successful. Having such famous parents could have brought this on in her life.

Stella was born with the sun in Virgo conjunct Venus. This signifies a strong artistic disponsition and talent. Venus also represents her mother who was Libra, and Stella was indeed very close with her mom. Her bond with her mom is also shown by her moon in Cancer, the emotional sign of feminity and motherhood. Strong-willed Pluto at 29′ Virgo also joins her sun and Venus, lending her the air of severity and intensity which penetrates her aura, always balanced though, by feminine Venus. Virgos often have strong moral convictions, which go along with their fussiness about what enters their lives, and in Stellas case, her mothers firm beliefs about animal rights and vegetarianism, have led Stella to continue this crusade. She does not use silk, fur, lambs wool, or leather in any of her designs and her skincare line is 100% organic. Almost all Virgos feel strongly about treating their bodies kindly, thus along with her vegetarian diet, she exercizes regularly and has a partnership with adidas to design fashionable work-out wear.

Her designs for the Stella McCartney line have been simple, feminine and stylish while also strongly utilizing a menswear influence, which is a Virgo signature. The colors that appear most often are cream, antique rose, blue and gray. Gray and cream are colors favored by Virgos, while the pink shade shows her Venus side, and blue and cream show her watery Cancer moon. She likes women to look polished, comfortable and feminine, without the need for too many bells and whistles. Reflecting a bit of her Virgo self-consciousness, she has stated that “I can honestly say this industry hasn’t made me neurotic about my looks, except maybe my weight. I hope my clothes kind of reflect that. They’re meant to make you feel good, not give you more hang-ups.”

On August 30, 2003, while the sun was in Virgo, she married published Alisdhair Willis. It is often a great choice to marry when the sun is in your native sun sign, as this indicates an energy that is positive and happy to you. They have four children. It seems Stella is taking a relaxed approach to parenting, encouraging her children to be creative and follow their own dreams without too much structure. Stella, like most Virgos, has always chosen to keep her personal life private, rarely talking about her famous family, and managing to remain above the fray during her much-publicized fued with her one-time step-mother Capricorn Heather Mills, never speaking publicly on the subject. Among her closest friends are Aries Kate Hudson, Libra Gwyneth Paltrow, Capricorn Kate Moss and Cancer Liv Tyler.

Marion Cotillard & Guillaume Canet

MARION COTILLARD September 30, 1975 4:50 AM Paris, France

GUILLAUME CANET April 10, 1973 Boulougne, France  ** Time Unknown

The international film community was thrilled this year with the announcement that celebrated low-key lovebirds Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet are expecting their first child together. After many years of living together quietly in Paris, rumors began circulating in 2010 that they had decided to marry when Marion was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left hand. While they have not confirmed or denied their plans to marry, the couple are clearly taking their next steps as a family.

The passion between an Aries man and a Libra woman is one of the most classic love stories of the zodiac. The Aries man is full of bravado, swagger and passion. He charges through life like a warrior, paying little heed to anything that does not excite his creative, competitive spirit.

The Libra woman is his ultimate counterpoint. She is composed, well mannered, articulate and high minded. He lives within the needs and impulses of his immediate environment, she lives gracefully within the world at large, deftly managing her own desires and demands with those of the many others in her life. The Aries man is mesmerized by these skills and talents as well as her sheer beauty and endless charm. She brings him calm and assurance, he brings her an endless stream of admiration and excitement.

This pair of opposite signs also has a strong interest in fairness and balance. They will strive to live by a personal moral code that they set. Both Marion and Guillaume have their moon in the loving, domestic sign of Cancer. They prefer to share their time and their deepest emotions only with one another and their close circle of immediate friends and family. And they are sure to make their newest addition the center of their life.

Opposites Attract

It was announced today that Cancer Kristen Bell and Capricorn Dax Shepard are going to be headed down the aisle. This is hardly a surprise, as opposites signs, like Cancer/Capricorn are wildly attracted to one another and make great couples. 

Opposite signs are really very similar. They tend to have the same interests but it is their approach to things that is opposite. In the case of Cancer and Capricorn, both signs are very concerned with security and having a stable routine and lifestyle, but Cancer approaches this from a more nurturing homey perspective while Capricorn is more business minded. 

Other famous opposite sign couples include sensitive sweeties Nicole Richie and Joel Madden (Virgo/Pisces) and that famous Sagittarius/Gemini phenomenon know as Brangelina.