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Sagittarius Fashion Idol: Gianni Versace

December 2, 1946 Reggio di Calabria, Italty noon* (time unknown)

The life and death of Sagittarius legend Gianni Versace remains one of the most colorful tales of modern fashion history. Born in Italy in 1946, Gianni got his first taste for design assisting his mother with embroidering her gowns. At the age of 25 he decided to make fashion his career and moved to Milan to commence an apprenticeship. By 1975 he had opened his own label and by 1979 he had befriended influential fashion photographer, Taurus Richard Avedon. Life just fell perfectly into place for young Gianni Versace.

This is often the case with Sagittarius men. They are happy, confident, outspoken, proactive, thoughtful and have a very healthy self-image. They imagine how they want their life to be, they will it into happening, and then they buckle down and enjoy the ride. They can’t really help it, having an extraordinary life full of adventure is their birthright. You see, Sagittarius is the sign of royalty. And as Gianni himself once said, “In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.” It was his journey to make beautiful things and meet beautiful, glamorous people and he threw himself in 100%.

Gianni’s royalty of spirit was demonstrated not only by becoming the best, the greatest, in his field, but by having the common touch with people; their respect as well as their admiration. This talent came from his watery, empathetic Pisces moon. Gianni’s trick was that he related to people on a human level. Pisces moon people do not have a shield up, they wear their heart on their sleeve, and are loving and kind and receptive to just about every soul who crosses their path. This type of sincerity can win you a lot of friends in the fickle, manipulative and hollow world of celebrity and high fashion. Especially when coupled with a fun-loving Sagittarius sun.

Fashion-wise, the hallmark of Sagittarius is bright colors, bells and whistles, short hemlines, big busts, and all the glitter and glamour you can throw into one package (think of Sagittarian women like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith). Saggs favor clothes that can be a bit campy and costumey, so it is no surprise that during his career Gianni designed clothes for many entertainers and shows, even a few Hollywood movies. Sometimes, a more refined Sagg fashion energy throws over the bells and whistles but usually keeps the short hemlines and wild colors. And boy did Gianni Versace love short hemlines and wild colors. His body-hugging, electrifying, barely there outfits caused a sensation in the fashion industry from the very beginning. And he desinged some of the single most famous, and shocking, dresses of the past quarter century, including Elizabeth Hurley’s safety-pin dress.

Having the courage and perserverence to throw himself into his passion head-first came from having three planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury) conjunct in determined, tough and focued Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of sex, and this placement also influenced the overt (Sagg) sexuality (Scorpio) of his designs. His other important conjunction, Pluto and Saturn in Leo, has a decidedly darker flavor. Pluto is the planet of power, Saturn the planet of difficulty and Leo the sign of fame. This placement indactes lasting power and influence, but also hardship associated with this. Indeed, he was famously murdered outside his home in Miami Beach, Florida by Virgo serial killer Andrew Cunanan on July 15, 1997 at the age of 50. The Versace label is now run by his brother, fellow Sagittarius, Santo, mostly owned by his Cancer niece Allegra, and designed by his Taurus sister Donatella. Though his murder was shocking and senseless, certainly any Sagg worth their salt would rather go out with a bang at the peak of their career than decay into old age.

As a testament to how truly beloved he was, more than 2,000 mourners came to his funeral to pay their last respects to such a colorful and caring man. Cancer Princess Diana famously comforted Aries Elton John in the 1st pew. During his time at the top of the fashion world, he had not only created an archtypal, modern, sexy style which will forever be associated with him, but also presided over a court of glamorous supermodels who adored him. The last great age of the supermodel in the late 1980s and early 1990s, coincided with Versace’s reign in fashion, and epitomized the bold, brazen, bombshell joie de vivre that he celebrated. Taurus Linda Evangelista, Gemini Naomi Campbell, Virgo Claudia Schiffer, Capricorn Christy Turlington, and Pisces Cindy Crawford were among the group of goddesses who never had a bad word to say about Gianni. The ethos and spirit of the high living, glam Versace era was so flash that it took nothing short of the dark, repressed grunge movement in culture and fashion to overthrow it.

Scorpio Fashion Idol: Zac Posen

October 24, 1980 New York, NY noon* (time unknown)

New York wonderboy designer Zac Posen is a Scorpio. If you could pick a single sign to reach pinnacles of success at a very young age in a controlled, sophisticated and stable way it would be a Scorpio. This is not the fickle, over-exposed fire sign kind of overnight mega-success (Britney! Miley!) but rather the completely determined, precise materminding of the Scorpio (Julia! Leo! Diddy!)… and Zac Posen.

There are lots of kids who grow up in New York, surrounded by creative, enterprising adults, dreaming of reaching their heights of success. Many get there. Few get there before their 30th birthday. To be precise, very few people under the age of 30 are famous fashion designers at all. Posen may be the only one whose front row at fashion week boasts fellow Scorpio Anna Wintour, who has been a kind of mentor to him.

With his Venus, planet of art and beauty, in perfectionistic Virgo he needs to be very precise about all of the details in his designs, a characteristic quite common amongst fashion designers. However, the conjunction of extravagant Jupiter with his Venus gives a slightly more playful energy to this placement. In fact, with Venus also ruling relationships, this Jupiter quality could come out more in his friendships and love affairs, in the form of generosity and a joie-de-vivre. This might be the side of him that his closest friends and confidantes relate to, while his very controlling Scorpio sun sign chooses exactly with whom to share this side of his personality.

His Mars, planet of action, in Sagittarius also re-enforces this more extroverted Jupiterian side of his personality. Though Scorpios take every decision seriously, the Mars in Sagittarius gives a bit more of a boost to their fiery creative energy, making them restless and willing to act on their decisions. It also gives them an optimistic and spiritual bent.

Posen’s moon sign is Taurus, the opposite sign of Scorpio, indicating that he was born on a full moon! Having your sun and moon in opposites signs shows individuals who are good at completing things that they set out to do. Even more so since these two signs are the very stubborn signs of Scorpio and Taurus. The Scorpio planets make him competitive, introspective and brooding. The Taurus moon, on the other hand, helps him stay patient, find creative inspiration around him, and desire to keep the peace with the people around him. When pushed though… watch out!

The Scorpio/Taurus aesthetic comes across in his fashion as well. Scorpios like to toy with conventions of public and private, often using under-garment inspired styles as outerwear. However, they loathe gaudy, over-exposed styles and prefer the subtle sexiness. The Taurus moon lends his tastes more on the luxurious, classic, lady-like end of the spectrum. The Taurus influence loves soft materials and traditional shapes, but always done up with a cheeky Scorpio twist.

But he may have a bit of a temper. With Uranus, planet of sudden, unexpected events, conjunct his Mercury, planet of communication, in Scorpio, he may, from time to time, unleash some spontaneous tirades. Or uses his psychic Scorpio qualities to read other people and plant some discreet verbal clues. The Mercury/Uranus conjunction also lends people an interest in unusual ideas. But mostly, Posen is a serious, hardworking person with a bit of an extravagant, spontaneous private side.

In 2004, Scorpio Sean Combs, became a significant investor in Zac Posen’s business. Most Scorpios have very close bonds with their parents and a few select confidantes. They especially love other water signs, likes fellow Scorpios, Cancers, and Pisces. Scorpios have a hard time respecting more flakey, scattered types and for that reason tend to go out of their way to help and promote one another. Diddy’s money, Demi Moore’s body and Anna Wintour’s influence have certainly helped shaped his career, but it is clearly his own motivation, persistence and skill that has gotten him this far.

Libra Fashion Idol: Ralph Lauren

October 14, 1939 New York, NY noon* (time unknown)

Perhaps the greatest advertising genius and brand master extraordinaire of the past half century, Ralph Lauren, is a Libra. Being ruled by the luxury-loving sign of Libra suits the ethos of the Ralph Lauren brand perfectly. Libra is all about balance, harmony and sociability. What the Ralph Lauren brand sells to it’s customers is the illusion of the perfect life, surrounded by perfect friends in perfect, clean, harmonious clothes, in perfect estates with perfect weather. Through their constant oscillation, Libra strives for perfection and the Ralph Lauren brand taps into that need in each one of us, and uses it to their advantage.

Ralph Lauren has his moon, as well as his Venus and Mercury, in Scorpio. This gives him a fierce determination and purposefulness. He always knew he would go into the fashion industry and began designing ties at a young age in his hometown of New York. The Scorpio energy is also fiercely private and knows how to guard and protect their image. They are also keenly aware of what they project and Ralph Lauren has been very precise and methodical about controlling the image of his brand. And it is by carefully doing this that the Ralph Lauren brand has managed to expand into every price point smoothly where some other brands have failed.

There is also a considerable amount of fire energy in Lauren’s chart. Both Saturn and Jupiter are in feisty, competitive Aries and Pluto is in determined Leo. He has the willingness and drive to turn his passions into reality. But one of the greatest markers of his chart, and his aesthetic, is radical Uranus in the traditional sign of Taurus. This perfectly describes how Lauren has taken traditional, preppy style (Taurus) and upgraded and revolutionized it for the future (Uranus).

The true node in astrology is not a planet but rather an angle that is said to represent the soul’s true purpose and path in life. Lauren’s true node at 29′ Libra tightly conjunct Venus, planet of beauty, at 0′ Scorpio shows that he is very tapped into his destiny as an artist and creator. And with his Mars, planet of action in Aquarius, he does things his own way, not paying much heed to anyones critiques or suggestions.

The planets that are most affected in Lauren’s chart right now are Saturn, Pluto and Uranus. His progressed sun at 29′ Sagittarius is conjunct Pluto and making a trine to his natal Saturn in Aries. He is at the pinnacle of power in his career and he is making wise business decisions. In fact business is going to be on his mind even more once his progressed sun ingresses into Capricorn in the next fews months. This will be about the same time that his progressed moon in Taurus will be conjoining natal Uranus. Expect the brand to make some big announcements, seemingly out of the blue.

The big story in fashion in the past quarter century is the rise of the ‘luxury’ aspirational brand, and in many ways, Ralph Lauren has pioneered this movement. While many of the big brands have invented and re-invented themselves several times in recent history (take Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, for example), the Ralph Lauren brand struck gold with its simple American classic style and ever wise, Lauren has never strayed very far from this formula. Taurus Halston was the grand-father of the American classic style in the 1970s but lost his grounding when he collaborated with J.C. Penny and ruined the illusion of the jet-set inaccessibility of his brand. Lauren, of the other hand, has been able to tap into the universality of American style, and that has proven to be priceless. Actually… very, very profitable.

Virgo Fashion Idol: Stella McCartney

September 13, 1971 London, England noon* (time unknown)

September is the month for fashion, as the Spring runway shows are presented from New York to Milan to Paris, and the fashion industry is plunged from its lazy summer days in St. Tropez and the Hamptons back into full throttle ‘next-greatest-thing’ mode. It is perfect timing, as September is the month of Virgo, a sign which has a discriminating eye, impeccable taste, great attention to detail and a preference for well tailored simple styles. One of the Virgo fashion designers who best exemplifies the Virgo fashion sensibility is rock progeny and first class designer Stella McCartney. First as head designer for the label Chloe and then as the powerhouse behind her own eponomous brand, Stella has not only helped bring the Virgo look to the hipsters and actors who favor it, but also embodied the Virgo energy in many areas of her life.

Virgos are sensible and sensitive, aware of everything around them and fussy about what foods, products, fabrics and people they allow to penetrate their well constructed world. Stella is the daughter of Beatles legend Gemini Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Libra Linda McCartney, a photographer and vegetarian activist. Gemini and Libra, both air signs, are trine to each other, which means her parents had a happy marriage, with a strong bond and good communication. Being raised in a happy household likely made her more confident to go after her dreams. However, Virgos tend to suffer from self-doubt and feel a tremendous amount of pressure, self-inforced or otherwise, to be successful. Having such famous parents could have brought this on in her life.

Stella was born with the sun in Virgo conjunct Venus. This signifies a strong artistic disponsition and talent. Venus also represents her mother who was Libra, and Stella was indeed very close with her mom. Her bond with her mom is also shown by her moon in Cancer, the emotional sign of feminity and motherhood. Strong-willed Pluto at 29′ Virgo also joins her sun and Venus, lending her the air of severity and intensity which penetrates her aura, always balanced though, by feminine Venus. Virgos often have strong moral convictions, which go along with their fussiness about what enters their lives, and in Stellas case, her mothers firm beliefs about animal rights and vegetarianism, have led Stella to continue this crusade. She does not use silk, fur, lambs wool, or leather in any of her designs and her skincare line is 100% organic. Almost all Virgos feel strongly about treating their bodies kindly, thus along with her vegetarian diet, she exercizes regularly and has a partnership with adidas to design fashionable work-out wear.

Her designs for the Stella McCartney line have been simple, feminine and stylish while also strongly utilizing a menswear influence, which is a Virgo signature. The colors that appear most often are cream, antique rose, blue and gray. Gray and cream are colors favored by Virgos, while the pink shade shows her Venus side, and blue and cream show her watery Cancer moon. She likes women to look polished, comfortable and feminine, without the need for too many bells and whistles. Reflecting a bit of her Virgo self-consciousness, she has stated that “I can honestly say this industry hasn’t made me neurotic about my looks, except maybe my weight. I hope my clothes kind of reflect that. They’re meant to make you feel good, not give you more hang-ups.”

On August 30, 2003, while the sun was in Virgo, she married published Alisdhair Willis. It is often a great choice to marry when the sun is in your native sun sign, as this indicates an energy that is positive and happy to you. They have four children. It seems Stella is taking a relaxed approach to parenting, encouraging her children to be creative and follow their own dreams without too much structure. Stella, like most Virgos, has always chosen to keep her personal life private, rarely talking about her famous family, and managing to remain above the fray during her much-publicized fued with her one-time step-mother Capricorn Heather Mills, never speaking publicly on the subject. Among her closest friends are Aries Kate Hudson, Libra Gwyneth Paltrow, Capricorn Kate Moss and Cancer Liv Tyler.

Aquarius Fashion Idol: Narciso Rodriguez

January 27, 1961 Newark, NJ noon* (time unknown)

Born to Cuban immigrant parents in Newark New Jersey and quickly rising through the ranks of the high fashion world in New York, Aquarian fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez’s story is truly an American dream saga. The most striking thing about his chart is the conjunction of Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good luck, with Saturn, the planets of obstacles and endurance. This conjunction, which happens every twenty years, is thought by many astrologers to be a generational marker, the ushering in of a new wave. It also has mixed blessings for those born under its influence. Often it means that they will have as many downs as ups in their lives and career, that they will have to work very hard to achieve what will ultimately be huge successes, and that some of their greatest accomplishments will also hold the keys to some of their most trying challenges.

This has indeed been the case for the immensely talented Rodriguez. He demonstrated his stubborn and fixed Aquarian personality when he decided at a young age to go into the fashion industry. His parents did not approve but he would not back down; “They wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer or a dentist. So when I dared to tell them, the shit hit the fan. It was crazy. But no matter how many times I heard ‘No’, I just kept going. I never thought about ‘No’. ‘No’ wasn’t an option.”

After moving to New York, he secured jobs working for Libra Donna Karan under the Anne Klein label in the 1980s, and then in the 1990s moving on to work for Scorpio Calvin Klein. His own label which he launched in 1998, carried on the great American sportswear tradition central to these two brands. His style is perhaps best described as a synthesis of the clean, simple Calvin Klein style with the more romantic yet equally modern designs of Donna Karan. There is volume and softness in his clothes, yet they remain discrete.

In 1996, Rodriguez would have a typical Saturn/Jupiter year, characterized by several highs and lows. After designing a well received collection for the struggling label Cerruti that winter, he was promptly fired for refusing to sign a two year contract. There goes that stubborn Aquarius again. By September, however, he was an overnight celebrity when Sagittarius John F. Kennedy Jr. married his beautiful bride, fashion publicist Carolyn Bessette, in a romantic secret ceremony on a Georgia island. The bride wore a simple pearl colored bias cut sheath designed by her friend Narciso Rodriguez. Suddenly, he was a household name and the slip he designed helped usher in a revolution in bridal wear. What Cancer Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding gown had done for a generation of girls who married with puffed sleeves in the 1980s, Capricorn Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s minimalist gown did for the next decade of brides choosing simple slips for a walk down the aisle. Cancer, after all, is the sign of emotional, comforting layers, while Capricorn style is streamlined and sophisticated.

The publicity from his friends wedding, whom he had met when they were both working for Calvin Klein, gave him the momentum, and financing, he needed to start his own label. His looks became a constant at parties and red carpets from New York to California, easily spotted on his friends like Arians Sarah-Jessica Parker and Claire Danes. 2003 proved to be another years of high and lows however. After becoming the first person ever to win the Council of Fashion Designers of America Womenswear Designer of the Year Award two years in a row, a huge accomplishment, he began an ill-fated partnership with Italian businessman Massimo Ferretti, a manufacturer who owned several other labels. Their business and creative visions for the company differed dramatically and in a few short years Rodriguez realized he was in serious trouble, even at the verge of bankruptcy.

In 2007, with the help of many of his high powered fashion friends, like his former boss Donna Karan and the Scorpio editor of “Vogue”, Anna Wintour, he had managed to pull himself out of that partnership without loosing everything and find a more suitable partner. Ever the embodiment of his Jupiter/Saturn complex, he says of this difficult time in his life, “The worst thing that has happened to me is all of the bad advice I have received. It’s also the best thing. It’s brought me to the place where I am today.” The Liz Claibourne company purchased the Narciso Rodriguez brand in 2007 for $14 million dollars, making it one of the first times a large American manufacturer has dabbled in acquiring in the upscale niche market area. With plans underway for an accessories line and stores, this looks to be a promising partnership.

But one thing is certain, however it turns out, as a Aquarian, Rodriguez will always stay true to himself and the style of work he is passionate about. With his Mars in Cancer (and possibly his moon as well, depending upon what time of day he was born), his artistic Venus in Pisces, and his inspired Neptune in Scorpio, there is a strong water element in his chart. For him fashion is about feeling and emotions and ideas. Not about trends and sudden fads or the shock of the unexpected. As he said way back in 1997, “What I’m trying to capture with the look is something more sensual, more feminine. For me designing is such a personal thing. It’s really emotional- that’s part of my Latin upbringing.” And part of his birth chart.

Leo Dream Team

“My dream dinner party is a fabulous birthday bash for my fellow Leos. Guests would include Andy Warhol, Jackie Onassis, Alfred Hitchcock, Lucille Ball, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Madonna, President Obama, Bill Clinton, Julia Child, Mick Jagger and Whitney Houston.”

– Leo Michael Kors (August 9, 1959)

Aaron Eckhart: Another Pisces Photographer

According to , Pisces actor Aaron Eckhart is pursuing his new passion for fashion photography.

“I’m obsessed with it–it’s all I do,” he says. “That’s really the only thing I think about.” With magazines like French Vogue,Italian Vogue and L’Uomo Vogueas his inspirations, and famed photographers like Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Weber as his heroes, the easygoing actor says that capturing raw human emotions is what he’s most passionate about. “Straight-up fashion photography in the studio–that’s not what I necessarily aspire to, you know? I like to be outside, on location, making up stories,” he says. “That’s where my acting comes in.” So will the actor–who’s starring in an upcoming movie with Nicole Kidman later this year–turn photo pro? “I will if somebody asks me,” he says. “Hopefully I’ll do exhibitions and all that sort of stuff. I’m really just a photography geek. I just love to shoot.”

Almost all Pisces love photography. Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces, is the planet associated with fantasy and illusion, among other things, so it is the planet associated with photography, film and movies. And while there is an element of fantasy and illusion associated the acting, it is really the creativity, emotion and talent of the photographer that most embodies the Neptunian spirit.

Diane Arbus, Ansel Adams, David LaChapelle (whose shot of Gemini Kylie Minogue perfectly captures the Piscean fantasy world) are among the more famous Pisces photographers. Leo and Scorpio are two other signs that are very attracted to photography. Leos are especially interested in fashion photography. Rather than being concerned with the watery subjective nature of film, the way the Pisces is, Leos are more interested in the glamorous, creative and illuminating quality of photography. Leos who have made their mark in photography include Horst, Patrick Demarchelier, and Herb Ritts. Scorpios, by contrast are moved by the raw, penetrating and provocative aspects of capturing a soul or a sentiment in film. Slim Aarons, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Peter Lindbergh are famous Scorpio photographers.