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The Pluto Uranus Square

I have been receiving lots of inquiries recently about the Pluto Uranus square. And while I have touched on this topic in several posts, I realized that it was time to make my own brief synopsis of this astrological epoch. Since we are right in the middle of it, and it’s energies seem to be heightening, it is no wonder so many people are asking me about it!

While the square between Pluto and Uranus began exerting it’s influence in 2012, it is really only now that we are so thick in the middle of it that it’s pervasiveness is truly felt in the population. And it will last until spring 2015, so let’s all have a good idea of what it means…

Long lasting aspects between the outer planets (such as Uranus and Pluto) are considered to be “generational aspects”, meaning that their influence is felt over an extended period of time and infuses the culture at that time with a certain character (and also the babies who are born during those few years with a certain character).

The culture of the 2012-2015 Uranus Pluto square is one of change and upheaval. Uranus is the planet that rules technology, the future, individualism, radical and progressive ideas. Pluto is the planet that rules power, extremism, intensity, death and transformation. When these two planets are in relationship to one another, there is a paradigm shift in the culture- radical ideas/technology/ideals are transformed and absorbed into the mainstream culture. The power structure is altered. When you look around and see things changing in unexpected ways in your own city and your own work industry, this is happening all over the world..

This is especially true since the sign that Uranus is currently transiting is action-oriented Aries, and the sign that Pluto is transiting is conservative industry-oriented Capricorn. Changes are happening swiftly (Aries) to the status quo (Capricorn). The two planets are now at about 10 degrees of Aries and Capricorn so we feel the energy most strongly in early April, early July, early October and early January when the passing sun triggers these points. If your birthday is around either of these times, you are also especially influenced by these transits and likely to experience major life changes.

We can expect the following circumstances to happen more frequently at these times: mixed messages, aggressive behavior, shocking news, unpredictable changes of plan, confrontations, power plays, revelations, workplace shake-ups, breaking points, and life-changing news.

Politically we can see the this as the role that techology (Uranus) played in the Arab Spring (Plutonian power shifts). The “Occupy Wall Street” movement demonstrated the quality of rebellion (Uranus) against the powerful elite (Pluto). Also by the growing demand for and necessity of alternative (Uranus) energy sources (Pluto). The same sex marriage debate transforming (Pluto) the identity of families to include queer & gay couples (Uranus) is also part of this transition.

The last time Pluto and Uranus met was in the late 1960s- when war (Pluto) and individual rights and freedoms (Uranus) clashed during the Vietnam era- sparking the Flower Power movement and the upheaval of the “traditional American family”. People born during this time, especially in 1969, carry this energy with them now as adults.

So what does this mean for all of us and our daily lives?

Change and unpredictability is what it means. Very few of us feel as though we have really solid ground under our feet at this moment in time. That is simply not the energy of the Pluto Uranus square. Everyone, from individuals to governments and powerful companies, are all feeling the same way- we must adapt and change, or suffer the consequences.

However, we all have the ability to CHOOSE how we adapt to this energy. Indeed it is even possible, and preferable, for us to harness this energy constructively to make changes in our own lives.

Where are the areas in your life where you would like to see change and transformation? Perhaps your job is a stepping stone to something greater? Let your mind explore ALL of the possibilities that you have (and believe me, there are many that you have not thought of!). Rather than position yourself at the whim of erratic changes that are being forced upon you from the outside – allow the powerful energies of these two planets to propel you from within to make a stand for what empowers you (Pluto) as an individual (Uranus).

You can look to the exact areas of your chart where the square is in effect for indications of where this will be useful (Be sure to also consider your rising sign):

ARIES: Your self-presentation, your interactions with others, your appearance, your relationship with authority, your career, your public persona, your long term goals

TAURUS: Your secret “hidden” self, your dreams, your private rituals, your subconscious thoughts and beliefs, your educational pursuits, your relationships with other countries/people in other countries, your philosophical beliefs

GEMINI: Your relationship with your friends, your relationship with groups you are associated with, your technology related projects, your greater cultural ideals, your willpower, your sexual desires, your financial goals

CANCER: Your relationship with authority, your career, your public persona, your long term goals, your relationships with your spouse/partner, your personal relationship values

LEO: Your daily routine, your relationship with co-workers, your health, your educational pursuits, your relationships with other countries/people in other countries, your philosophical beliefs

VIRGO: Your willpower, your sexual desires, your financial goals, your personal creativity, your comfort with being in the spotlight, your leadership abilities, your relationships with your children

LIBRA: Your relationships with your spouse/partner, your personal relationship values, your home, your residence, your properties, your emotional needs, your relationship with your parents

SCORPIO: Your daily routine, your relationship with co-workers, your health, your style of communication, your writing, your relationships with your siblings

SAGITTARIUS: Your personal creativity, your comfort with being in the spotlight, your leadership abilities, your relationships with your children, your personal values, your relationship with money and possessions, your lifestyle

CAPRICORN: Your self-presentation, your interactions with others, your appearance, your home, your residence, your properties, your emotional needs, your relationship with your parents

AQUARIUS: Your style of communication, your writing, your relationships with your siblings, your secret “hidden” self, your dreams, your private rituals, your subconscious thoughts and beliefs

PISCES: Your personal values, your relationship with money and possessions, your lifestyle, your relationship with your friends, your relationship with groups you are associated with, your technology related projects, your greater cultural ideals

The remaining EXACT dates when these two planets square each other are as follows: November 1, 2013. November 23, 2013. April 21, 2014. December 15, 2014. March 17, 2015.

We are also likely to feel the effects of the square strongly during the upcoming eclipses: October 18, 2013 in Libra/Aries, November 3, 2013 in Scorpio, April 15, 2014 in Aries/Libra, and April 29, 2014 in Taurus.

If your birthday falls within a few days of any of these dates expect the year that follows to see major changes. And it is best to avoid signing any long term contracts on any of these dates.

While there is an air of uncertainty and change right now- remember not to be afraid of it- but rather to use it to make the changes YOU want to make in your life!

HRH Prince George Alexander Philip of Cambridge


England’s tiny ruler has arrived!

The long wait for Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s child ended at 4:24 PM BST on July 22, 2013 when she delivered the couple’s son in London. Just hours shy of the full moon at 0 degrees Leo/Aquarius, the young Prince was born when the sun was in the very last degree of Cancer (29′) and the moon was at 28′ degrees of Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn.

As I mentioned in a recent post, it is no surprise the young George decided to make his debut on this day, as both William and Catherine were born on new or full moons. When you are born on a new moon, your sun and moon are in the same sign (like William whose sun and moon are both in Cancer). When you are born on a full moon, your sun and moon are in opposite signs (like Kate whose sun in in Capricorn, and whose moon is in Cancer).

We can immediately see the closeness of this family, with ALL of their suns and moon signs being Cancer and Capricorn. Not to mention the fact that both the baby’s paternal grandmother, the late Princess Diana, and maternal grandfather, Michael Middleton, are also both Cancer. George will very much take after his parents, with a strong family values, respect for tradition and inherent sense of caution and responsibility.

Cancer sun people are kind, patient, loyal, sentimental and nurturing. They are very influenced by their home life and their immediate surroundings. They seek comfort and are most relaxed in intimate environments. George will emulate his father, Prince William, as a true family man who maintains close lifelong friendships.

The moon sign shows our emotional nature, and with his moon in pragmatic Capricorn, Prince George will be closely emotionally bonded with his Capricorn mother Kate. Capricorn moon people are disciplined and ambitious. They naturally “don’t sweat the small stuff” and stay focused on large plans and goals. They are good work collaborators and faithful partners, who prefer similarly steadfast lovers.

Prince George’s ascendant is at 27′ Scorpio. Our ascendant shows how we will be perceived by the public and what our relationship with the outside world is like. With Scorpio on the ascendant, we see that George maintains a lifelong air of mystery. Scorpio rising people have a seductive, sexual air about them and use their keen talents of perception to forge intense bonds with others. Scorpio rising people are also very private and secret places for seclusion and contemplation are important to them. The fact that both is sun (at 29′ Cancer) and moon (at 28′ Capricorn) are in positive angles to the 27′ degree ascendant shows that he will be well received by the public and will have little trouble finding support for his goals. The baby shares this sign with his paternal grandfather, Prince Charles, whose sun sign in Scorpio.

With three more planets (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter) also in subtle Cancer, we can see even more clearly his cautious and sometimes indirect way of approaching life and leadership. Major decisions will not be made spontaneously and shouted from the rooftops! But will emerge slowly, in a well crafted and considered way (like his parents).

His Venus sign is Virgo, which in a man indicates the type of woman we are attracted to. He will admire women who are considerate, helpful and modest. With free-spirited Pisces ruling his house of romance and true love we can expect him to get swept away occasionally by passionate creative types. But with steadfast Taurus ruling his house of partnership he will end up in a stable and loving marriage. His parents were also married when the sun was in Taurus so we can see he will idealize their bond.

The unity in the Royal Family is quite amazing, astrologically speaking, and it’s affirming and exciting to see the youngest heir to the throne carrying on his family’s traditions!

When will the Royal Baby be born?


The entire world is anxiously awaiting the birth of the future King or Queen of England, due to be born any day now.

There are two astrological alignments that are prominent in the sky at the moment: The Cardinal Cross and the Grand Water Trine.

The Cardinal Cross dynamic, which has been active in one form or another since 2009 and will continue through early 2015, is the marker of our current turbulent era on the world stage- marked by unexpected (Uranus in Aries) power struggles (Pluto in Capricorn) and shifting social (Libra) and familial (Cancer) roles and norms. This is the changing world that William and Kate, and their child, will inherit as rulers. Not surprisingly it is very significant in the chart of the marriage of William and Kate (April 29, 2011. 11:20 AM BST).

The Grand Water Trine, on the other hand, is an aspect which is highlighted throughout the summer of 2013 but will be exact on Wednesday, July 17th. This aspect, of simultaneous harmonious grand trines between Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer is a very positive one. It bestows the ability to easily (Jupiter) translate lofty ideals (Neptune) into concrete results (Saturn). A very fine skill for a world leader!

Should the baby be born between 6:55 PM BST on July 18th and 7:38 PM BST on July 20th, the baby will have it’s moon in Sagittarius, which also happens to be the ascendant of proud Papa William. William’s ascendant is at 27′ Sagittarius, conjunct the planet Neptune at 25′ Sagittarius. This is very common for families to have strong astrological ties, and planets in the same area of the chart.

We can expect the baby’s sun/moon/rising signs, to be amongst the signs that are very dominant in the Royal Family Astrological Tree . Most well represented in the Royal Family are Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo.

If he is born before 4:56 PM BST on July 22nd, the sun is still in Cancer, a sign is heavily represented in the baby’s family. WIlliam has his Sun and Moon in Cancer, Kate has her Moon in Cancer, Camilla has her Sun in Cancer, and the late Princess Diana also had her Sun in Cancer. It would seem in keeping with tradition (and we know that royalty is all about tradition!) that the baby too will be born while the Sun is in Cancer. If the baby is born after the Moon leaves Sagittarius on 6:54 PM BST on the 20th through 7:06 PM on the 22nd,  it will have have the moon sign of Capricorn, the Sun sign of Kate.

Yet we cannot underestimate the importance of the upcoming Full Moon on July 22nd.

BOTH William and Kate were born on New or Full moons. Kate was born on the Full Moon Lunar eclipse of January 9, 1982 and William was born on the corresponding New Moon Solar Eclipse of June 21, 1981. While there is no eclipse this month, the Full Moon falls at 7:16 PM BST on Monday July 22nd- with the Sun is in early Leo and the moon in early Aquarius!

It would be HUGE deal if the young Prince or Princess was born on the July 22nd Leo/Aquarius Full Moon. Leo is the sign of royalty and leadership and both Leo and Aquarius are strong, stubborn, determined signs. This would be a very different personality from the more shy and gentle Cancer Sun. Leos have an intrinsic sense of purpose and self-worth and are comfortable in the spotlight. And the moon in rebellious Aquarius would harken back to Princess Diana (who had this moon sign) and was known as the People’s Princess. Moon in Aquarius people are very open and generous and love people, and in fact Kate Middleton has 2 planets, Mercury and Venus, in Aquarius as well.

Virgo Goddess Beyonce


Virgo Goddess Beyonce is ruling the world, and the airwaves, these days. From the Presidential Inauguration, the Superbowl, her new HBO documentary “Beyonce: Life Is But a Dream”, to numerous magazine covers (including VOGUE March 2013), and her upcoming world tour, this is truly Beyonce’s moment at the apex.

Which is not very surprising when considering that Jupiter, the planet of good luck and abundance, is crossing through Gemini until June 2013, and it is a lucky career moment for all Virgos. With Jupiter in Virgo’s career house- bigger is better and more is more, so all Virgos should take advantage of the ample work opportunities lining up for them right now. (In June, Jupiter slides into Cancer which will bless Libra with these career benefits- so Libras take note, you have something to look forward to!)

In her many interviews Beyonce has been highlighting Virgos’ notorious perfectionism and attention to detail: “I watch my performances, and I wish I could just enjoy them, but I see the light that was late. I see, ‘Oh God, that hair did not work.’ Or ‘I should never do that again.’ I try to perfect myself. I want to grow, and I’m always eager for new information.” Virgos are meticulous information gatherers and craftsmen, but are not necessarily comfortable in the spotlight.

In astrology, however, our rising sign influences our outer personality and presentation and Beyonce has the sign of the dramatic showman, Leo, on her ascendant. In her early career, Beyonce divorced herself from her flashy outer persona (“Sasha Fierce”), but as an adult has assimilated her Leo and Virgo qualities. Scorpio, the sign of determination, sexuality and transformation is her moon sign- giving her tremendous emotional depth and insight, which is the bread and butter of her song writing and creative talent.

In addition to her Virgo/Scorpio/Leo astrological signature, a wealth of Pisces themes, Virgo’s opposite sign, emerge as well. As I often discuss in my pieces, opposite signs are really a pair- like two sides of the same coin. And successful people often personify their opposite sign as much as their sun sign. Beyonce epitomizes the Virgo/Pisces polarity with both her dedication and professionalism (Virgo), and also her deep spiritual underpinnings (Pisces).

In her documentary, with the very Pisces subtitle “Life Is But a Dream”, she credits the prayers of her mother and Grandmother with her success, and repeatedly affirms her faith in God for steering her path and her choices. In an especially beautiful scene, filmed by her Sagittarius husband Jay Z, she sits on a boat with light illuminating her perfectly, waxing about the beauty of life and simplicity of love and joy in the moment- before jumping overboard declaring “Life is but a dream”. She also discusses how her biggest transformation (Scorpio) has been embracing her identity as an artist (Pisces) which has made her feel more comfortable insisting on her vision and not worrying that people would think she is “too picky” (Virgo).

The artistic and soulful inspiration of Pisces must be channeled through the detailed hard work of Virgo, while Virgos meticulous craftsmanship must be enlivened and inspired by creative Pisces, and with Beyonce we see the perfect exemplification of this polarity.

Venus Retrograde

May 15 – June 27, 2012

Have you suddenly started waxing nostalgic about an ex? Crossed paths with a former fling who has re-ignited your curiosity? Starting having confused feelings about friends and lovers? Decided that the relationship that you are in has some potentially insurmountable flaws? Or scrapped an important project to move forward in a different creative direction?

If so, then you too are feeling the effects of Venus retrograde. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, harmony and balance and as such plays a crucial role in our love life. While the changeable moon, ruling our daily moods and emotional needs, blazes through the zodiac each month keeping the wheels of our lives spinning at an exciting pace, Venus takes her slow, sweet time moving through the signs and only goes retrograde roughly every other year. A retrograde is when a planet appears to move backwards through the sky, and astrologically signifies a time of reappraisal and  re-evaluation.

With Venus retrograde our relationships are up for review. There is also the potential for people from the past to re-emerge so now would be a good time to reach out, even to old friends or colleagues, anyone whom you would like to renew a relationship. But Venus retrograde is not a time to rush. Best simply to be available, observant and self-aware. Are there relationship patterns that have been plaguing your love life forever that you would like to banish once and for all? Now is an ideal time to bring awareness to your patterns and release them.

With Venus also having rulership over art, now is also a crucial time for anyone in an artistic profession. If you have been struggling or moving in the wrong direction creatively, now is a time to get back in touch with your true values and priorities and re-set your course. Put away what is not working and polish the diamond on the shelf, work only on what you truly care about. Do not, however, throw caution to the wind and announce a wild makeover of your creative style or anything else for that matter. Simply trim the fat and move forward in a more authentic, cohesive manner.

If you are able to turn Venus’s eye for true quality, value, purpose and harmony onto your relationships, and renovate, so to speak, your creative and emotional output, this will serve you very well indeed until the next time Venus reverses in December 2013.

Those Krazy Kardashians

It seems everywhere we look these days we are looking at those Krazy Kardashian sisters. Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and the rest of the gang are everywhere. This is because they perfectly represent the Cardinal Cross that is happening in the sky right now!!

At the moment, the planets Uranus (in Aries), Pluto (in Capricorn), Saturn (in late Virgo/early Libra), and the transiting Sun (in late Gemini/early Cancer) are forming a giant cross to one another. Saturn and Uranus are about 180 degrees apart and Pluto and the Sun are about 180 degrees apart. This is what is known as a Cardinal Cross and it is an extremely rare alignment (as in never again in our lifetimes).

It just so happens that the most celebrated family of pop-culturedom at the current moment personify this rare Cardinal Cross!

Kourtney is an Aries= she is being most affected by Uranus. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected disruptions and breakthroughs.. Kourtney’s pregnancy comes to mind. As an Aries she craves independence but is now having to learn to create a different kind of life.

Kim is a Libra= she  is being most affected by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, diligence and effort. With her hectic schedule, Kim is learning that being a STAR requires a lot of patience and hard work. Her Libra qualities of diplomacy and cooperation are being tested.

Khloe is a Cancer= she is being most affected by Pluto opposing her sun from Capricorn. With intense Pluto hammering away at her sensitive Cancer sun, Khloe is the sister experiencing the deepest internal transformation at the moment- from shy family girl to married woman and national star- this is affecting her at a profound level. Creating her own family with her husband is the next big project.

Since so many of us are experiencing changes in our lives because of this deeply influential and far-reaching Cardinal Cross, we can see some of our own struggles and triumphs reflected back at us through this Krazy family- and that is what accounts for their Krazy popularity!! And while the sun will speed by pretty quickly, the rest of these planets will hold this tricky alignment for about another year , so don’t look for other stars to usurp the Kardashian throne at US Weekly just yet. And expect plenty more drama!

Pluto in Capricorn: The High Profile Sex Scandal Era

There have always been sex scandals. And there will always be sex scandals.

But ever since Pluto- the planet of sex, transformation and all that is burried and sometimes seedy- slid into Capricorn in 2008, the wave of high profile men and women caught up in sex scandals seems to have exploded.

This is because Capricorn is the sign that rules career, reputation, big business and people who are high profile and powerful. And so the flavor of these scandals have a somehow more serious and consequential tone to them, as opposed to the Pluto in Sag era scandals of 1995-2008, which had a more reckless and playful quality about them in keeping with the Sagittarius theme.

So while Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, which lasts until 2023, has many many powerful and transformative implications- one of the most entertaining byproducts of this era will be watching all that is sexually explicit and subterranean (Pluto) in the lives of important, reputable people (Capricorn) bubbling to the surface.