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Harry & Cressida’s Love Connection


Just as Virgo Prince Harry has landed on US soil, American girls hang their head in disappointment as word comes from across the pond that he is madly in love with his latest girlfriend Cressida Bonas.

Cressida and Harry make a perfect astrological love match. Cressida was born on February 18, 1989, on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. My money would be on her being born after  4:21 PM (BST) when the sun moved into Pisces. That puts her Pisces sun in opposition to Harry’s Virgo sun, and as we know opposite signs are a MATCH, just like Harry’s brother and sister-in-law William and Kate who are an opposite Cancer/Capricorn pair.

While the Cancer Capricorn pair (William and Kate) is concerned with tradition/foundations/security and family, the Virgo/Pisces pair (Harry and Cressida) is concerned with service/compassion/creativity and health. Harry joined the military service at age 18 and Cressida’s passion is dancing (a Pisces pursuit) which combines both creativity and health.

With his sun in Virgo, his moon in Taurus, and his ascendant in Capricorn- Harry is a perfect trifeca of earth signs. This makes him a thoroughly practical and down-t0-earth man despite his party-boy antics. Cressida’s moon sign is dramatic and regal Leo, giving her a warm and loyal emotional nature, who loves entertaining.

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  1. AstroStudent #

    After looking at Cressida’s chart I feel afraid for her. She has some heavy things in her chart. Venus square Pluto, she needs to stay safe. It can indicate lot of scary things potentially happening to her, not just a turbulent love life. Another concern is that Pluto in the 8th house of {death among other things}, is opposed by violent Mars in the second house. Egad – I hope she never gets the worst of that aspect.
    More Mars !…Mars and Pluto both square her ascendant. I have Mars square the ascendent….I’ve had lots of surgeries and a few car accidents. I’ve had some violence done to me. Mars square ascendant is a thorn in your side throughout out your life. It makes you like a magnet for stupid or stressful situations that seem to crop up the moment you leave your house. The young woman needs some sympathy.
    I’m not evening naming all the things that are sad about her chart ! Venus is afflicted more than just with the Pluto square. She seems like a very likeable person and I’ll pray for her to have a good life. She wants to be creative and that’s a sweet thing. With all the Aquarius in her chart I’m not surprised she refuses to be hemmed in by anything. If she does allow herself to be hemmed in, I doubt it will last.

    May 6, 2014

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