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When will they marry?

Fans the world over are brimming with excitement that Leo Justin Theroux will make Aquarius Jennifer Aniston his bride. I discussed the fabulous compatibility of these two here. But right now I am much more interested in the pressing question of WHEN will this event take place?!

The 10th or 11th of November would be the ideal time. This is the exact mid-point between Justin’s August 10th birthday and Jennifer February 11th birthday, at 20 degrees Scorpio. I prefer the 11th to the 10th but the 10th is a Saturday and that is the most popular day to wed. But these two will do things their OWN way so I doubt they would be put off by a Sunday wedding and in this case I would advise it.

Wedding dates are extremely important and set the whole tone for one’s marriage! Take for example Jennifer’s marriage to Sagittarius Brad Pitt on July 29, 2000. The sun in Leo was a clear foreshadowing of the uber-fame that would dominate their lives as a couple.

A Scorpio wedding date for Jen and Justin in November would give them a greater sense of privacy and intimacy in their relationship. But the lovely Libra moon on the 10th and 11th ensures companionship, sociability, harmony and balance. The Scorpio wedding would also indicate a small gathering of 40 or so close friends, very intimate and loving, much like the social world that the couple enjoys now.

Six months later, when the sun reaching the opposite point, at 20 degrees Taurus in early May, would also be a wonderful time for them to tie the knot. Whenever it is that they decide to have their romantic, private nuptials, they should heed the golden rule of astrological wedding planning- make sure that the emotional moon’s last aspect is a good one! And the emotions will flow smoothly…

Hopefully Jennifer is taking note of all of this, as according to the new issue of US WEEKLY, “Jen is really into astrology.”


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