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Scorpio Katy Perry is a “Control Freak”

Making the rounds doing press for her new documentary “Part of Me”, Katy Perry is living up to her Scorpio image. She admits that she is “a control freak” and maintained total authority during both the filming and editing. Scorpios are notoriously controlling and stubborn. She also speaks to the famous Scorpio willpower and determination, addressing her hatred of failure and her drive to succeed despite a rocky road to stardom; “Nothing great comes easily”. Despite the Scorpios drive for success they are very private people, she admits to People Magazine that “I think I’m going to go into a cave after this.. I would love to be in a beautiful, unplugged place where there’s not a lot going on so I can get back in tune.” Conquer, transform, retreat, repeat -> the Scorpio cycle.

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