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Women who can tame Aries men


Aries men are perhaps the most randy of the whole bunch. They love sex, they are less inclined to love relationships (unless their moon or ascendant is a water sign). They have a strong libido and, by comparrison, a very short attention span. This can make them the ultimate catch or the ultimate villian, depending I suppose on the intentions of their female companion as well as the grace they show while moving from one sex partner to another. Now to be fair, there are those rare Aries men who truly enjoy the company of women, and are happy to jump into a relationship with those rare women who can catch, and sustain, their attention. These men are both type A macho men and know how to surprise and woo a woman romantically. Needless to say, it takes a special kind woman to land this rare species of man.

Notorious Aries players: Russell Crowe, Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, Dodi al Fayed, Kevin Federline, Eddie Murphy, Vince Vaughn, Heath Ledger, Robert Downey Jr., Eric Clapton, Hugh Hefner, James Caan, James Woods, David Blaine, Zach Braff, Vincent Gallo

Women who have been able to hold on to an Aries man for more than a decade: I think Gemini Annette Bening might be the only one!! But every Gemini woman is really like two women, after all, they are the sign of the twins. So to be fair, Warren Beatty, has really just had twice the fun.

Honorable mentions: Capricorn Nicole Brown Murphy (Eddie Murphy), Taurus Danielle Spencer (Russell Crowe), Leo Shar Jackson (Kevin Federline), Virgo Michelle Williams (Heath Ledger), Aries Sarah Jessica Parker (Robert Downey Jr.), Leo Kimberley Hefner (Hugh Hefner)

Now if you are a woman considering having a relationship with an Aries man, just be sure to let him chase you (this makes him feel manly) and if for whatever reason you decide you would like to see him again the day after, just do your best to ignore and avoid him and he will be yours!!

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  1. Tammy #

    So I met this Aries guy a few months ago and our initial dates were great things went kinda fast and we ended up spending the night together (which I regret in retrospect) but the sex was amazing, unfortunately shortly after he really fell off, his contract went totally cold, no text, no emails, no calls. That really messed up my mood and I’m a Gemini so I don’t take too kindly to being what I felt as “played” so I sent a kinda nasty text to that effect, his respond was that he’s busy from work and not a player. Anyways fast forward to now a few months later we have no contact we are still connected via social media but I make a point not to comment on any of his posts and he never comments on mine either, my problem is trying to shake the compulsive urge to text him, it would be so out the blue and I think he is over and far removed from the initial flame but I can’t shake the thoughts/memories of our initial connection, I was soooo attracted to him…*sigh*

    August 13, 2014
  2. Amanda #

    I know exactly what you talking about I’m crazy in love with an aries guy he’s all I think of! We get along like a house on fire we do a lot of crazy things together we never get bored of each other I’m aries to I’ve backed down to let him take the lead! He still goes on his ignoring sprees I used to cry and get upset. Now I ignore him it still pisses me off, I’m aries I hate been ignored for him I keep calm and stroke the fury wall he alwaz comes back! Sex I have no words to explain its mind blowing we just don’t get enough of each other I’ve never in my life experienced sex the way I have with him I take the lead I drive him totally insane don’t think any other girl will satisfy him the way I do! He’s told me plenty time tht I drive him totally insane! I’m not normally like that for this aries man I will do anything to please him Im just so crazy for him! We hve known each other for nearly 4 years now its been a long hard 4 years for me I worked to get where I am now I know him like the back of my hand! Yes, you got to praise them make the feel special tell them how sexy and hot they are they worse than kids lol! I aint letting go I know he’s mine I just got to be patient!

    April 11, 2014
    • Deanne #

      Are you guys married?

      May 7, 2014
  3. crazybyotch #

    Ok so first of all ya, I’m a crazy bitch too. But I can tell all of you girls right now that cheating has nothing to do with if he’s an aries or not. It has to do with his morals. And a large percentage of your morals come from how you were raised. But doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be a cheater if you were raised by one. I’m a Virgo who has been in a relationship with and Aries for 4 years. Things were sketchy for awhile in the beginning, but I knew when he told me he loved me that his heart was commited and has been ever since. I hung in through the good and bad and it was totally worth it and he is the most amazing man I have ever had in my life! Now, coming from personal experience with lots of bad relationships, I can give you a few great pieces of advice on making a man feel like he is on top of the world (which is truly how to win his heart). First of all NEVER, I mean NEVER, be the first one to tell him I love you. Ya this may be ok with some signs, but Aries like to feel the freedom of having their own feelings without the pressure. Let him say it first. Even if it feels like an eternity. It will be worth it(I had to wait 8 months!). Next best thing you can do, and this goes for any man in any relationship, is give him praise. Not to the point that you seem like your kissing his *ss, but just enough to let him know you find him extremely desirable…..yes stroke their ego a little! :) Freedom, of course, and trust are huge. And this is an area I have struggled in A LOT. But with my man’s patience and tender heart I am learning to let go of insecurities. And last but not least……you have to be able to satisfy that sexual appetite of his. And that means you have to be willing to put sex before feelings once in awhile and you have to get freaky!! Thankfully I am freaky at heart so I have no problems there. But that’s one of the many reasons he loves me!! And last but not least by any means, self confidence. Which I know is something you can’t come up with overnight, so work on that sh*t!!! Hehe, hope this helps some chick out there :)

    October 9, 2013
    • Deanne #

      I’m also a Virgo married to an Aries and I totally agree with you. I would just like to add they love an independent intelligent woman. One who has her shit on the ball and knows what she wants. They love a challenge don’t be so easy and give in to them all the time. Otherwise you will come off to easy and boring. They say Aries and Virgo are not compatible they are wrong. Its not about the sign its about the love and respect and yes being a natural born freak only makes it even better my husband and I have amazing sex. I have gotten use to his tantrums and his whining and I know just how to handle him like any other man they are big babies. I love my Aries and wouldn’t trade him for nothing in the world he appreciates me and treats me like his Queen and of course I treat my baby like the King he was born to be.

      May 7, 2014
      • Yanna #

        Totally, Deanne I feel like our life is a kaleidoscope of events on a roller coaster but its so worth it… him crazy but only when i ignore him he chases me…….interesting

        October 23, 2014
    • Yes that has helped me I just started seeing an Aries and he is quiet secretive like he hasn’t invited me to his house yet and keeps disappearing to Ireland and when I try and ring can’t get thru . Reading all these versions I should run for the hills. ???

      July 10, 2014
  4. Michelle #

    Am currently crazily in love with an Aries guy, am Gemini. We jst clicked from the beginning. He can be too demanding at times. He loves it when i wear a very sexy lingerie. We do lot of crazy things together. He always say that he loves me cos am crazy and that he can neva date a girl who isn’t. We never keep secrets from each other and we do our things together. We quarrel sometimes but he always apologise whether wrong or not. He has this childlike innosence. He loves sex alot. He always buy me things, he loves to surprise me. He is not too controlling. Bt he is not good at bringing romantic ideas, i supply all the ideas. I love him so much and i believe he loves me too. :-D

    July 26, 2013
    • GUL #

      i m a capricorn girl and my fiance is an aries man. he is very unromantic and does’nt show his love or care for me even he does’nt contacts me with eyes. he does not like makeup or any kind of fashion n i m a preety, stylish girl.. :( i want to be with him every time but he is a freedom lover :'( i m not a book worm like him n he is the toper in his class. only sometimes he shows that he likes me and i know he is not interested in any other women. but only sometime showing his love is not enough for me.. m very afraid of my future with him but by nature he is very loving and very caring. plz anybody help me that how can i change his habbits specially i want to see him as a romantic person who can express his love for me in front of people. and be with me everytime in every step of my life and whenever i need him. plz everyone give me suggestions what should i do to understand him?? and how can i win his heart?

      August 31, 2013
      • chichu #

        aries and capricorn are worst matches for marriage ……it will end up in divorse , forget him

        October 13, 2013
  5. MayGem vs Aprilaries #

    I read every story and most of them seem to be familiar situations that other women are going through.

    I myself was dating an aries man which was AMAZING but I had to put myself first and allow him to put himself first in his life too. Our relationship was so pure and refreshing. He’s was very aggressive & demanding at times but i can be also which he seems to like because he would mention it pretty often and how he adored crazy girls. I never played games with him and I was very honest with him and upfront about how I felt. All of a sudden he started changing his behavior by not texting and calling like he normally would and not giving me anytime to spend with him( call me clingy or needed, i don’t care) but I told him, I can get like that SOMETIMES but now he’s pushed me away. He excepts me to do what he say’s and when he say’s to do it, BUT I expect the same sometimes. He would keep me up waiting by the phone(which he doesn’t know) for him to call me. He would text me the following morning with an apology which I would respond with an okay or ignore depends on my mood lol.

    He sorta takes advantage of my kindness and things I would do for him. Ex: I would work a 12hr shift, then go pick him up and his son, then bring them to me house to make everyone dinner. Then take the kids to the park for some fun time and then drop him and his son back home etc after knowning how tired I truly was. Not once did he really say “Thank you”. He would tell me he’s going into the city to his family’s home and not contact me to see if I’m okay (not saying he needs to do it often but sometimes). Which then he goes on telling me that during his time in the city he ran into his ex-girlfriend etc. It’s things like that, that bothers me but if I tell him I’m going to visit friends for an entire weekend he would infer in my plans and stops me from doing everything that I had plan. He wants to have his cake & eat it too which isn’t fair. He still keeps in contact with his ex-girlfriend even though she has a boyfriend which I don’t understand at times. At times I do get crazy and clash out on him regarding the things he say’s to me which I regret because I hate acting out of character..

    Afew days ago, I got sick and tired of the way things are so I ended it. I dropped him his few things that i have and walked away in silence while he was still talking. He then began to text me telling to never come to his job (but thats impossible) but i just ignored him. It’s truly unfair to treat a good women cruel. He always said how good I am to him. I didn’t think I would end it one day but I did ;(. I’m hurt that he’s acted this way and he’s pushed me away due to his actions. He’s making me suffer for all the hurts that was done to him in the past but if he comes back to be a better man to me then I have no problem re-working things out but slowly but I’m not banking on it. He’s an April aries 12th with a taurus moon & me a gemini with gemini moon we are suppose to clash at times from what I read lol. He has keys to me home but I didn’t tell him I haven’t changed the locks but he’s not foolish to pop-up either to my home but I found it strange for him to text me earlier to ask me if I had some a shirts of his, which I found strange because he didn’t have much stuff at my house but I ignored him up until the 5th message and I responded “no”. He knew darn well he didn’t have any clothing at my house but I guess it was another one of his “I’ll contact you when I feel like” games. I miss having sex with him(I’m dying for him, but I will not budge). Our sex is explosive. I love and miss how he let’s me take control :0)…But even though I ended things I plan on remaining loyal to him until he gets himself together(but he doesn’t know this). Like everyone keeps saying don’t chase these men, I will not & won’t! Especially if I didn’t treat him poorly.

    Love E

    July 18, 2013
  6. Callie #


    That behavior is not normal. He is a sociopath. Get the heck out while u got a chance. Tey never change, only u will change from sane to crazy

    September 30, 2012
  7. Callie #

    For Kibrana

    My comments were all my experien ces so if it does not apply to u, thats fine. Aries are mostly sociopaths. Look up the signs u probably have a few yourself

    September 30, 2012
    • Kibriana #

      Dear Callie
      Surprisingly, no, I don’t know a single Aries sociopaths. Maybe because “sociopath” is such a strong word, and it’s really difficult to find one. I do know an Aries who is ridiculously self-confident, a party animal Aries, a lazy Aries, a liar Aries, a selfish Aries. But I also know an Aries who’s the best husband and dad ever, an Aries who sold his car to help his friend out, an Aries who fights for his colleagues’ rights, an Aries who loves nothing best but to stay at home with his girlfriend. So, no, I don’t know a single Aries sociopath, thanks for asking.
      Like you said, it’s your own personal experience and your own point of view. Your personal perspective. Your viewpoint. Just like this one is mine. We are all different, and we all look for different qualities in lovers and friends, even family members. Personally, I’d rather have the “sociopath” that is Aries than a typical Cancer. I might go on now insulting Cancers and telling you why I don’t like them, but I won’t. Hate talk has never brought nothing but misery to this world.
      And, by the way, it takes two to build a relationship. Putting all the blame on Aries is hardly fair. From my experience with Cancers, and I admit it because I’m aware of it, they managed to brought up the worst in me, but also gave me their worst. Like I said, it takes two to mess up a relationship. So maybe, just maybe, you should look at yourself as well.
      And go easy on that vocabulary of yours. No matter how hurt you are, this is not very healthy. Hatred never is. Seriously, I froze when I read it. So much frustration, hatred, pain. Let go, woman, let go.

      October 12, 2012
      • Adrienne Uchenna #

        Kibriana very well said. Even though this is an old post I love what you had to say. It’s never good to talk negative about any sign because every one has it’s good and bad side. When we get hurt or something doesn’t go the way we expected it to it’s best to just pray on it and move forward. My husband is an Aries and I’m a Virgo but we have a great understanding with one another. He’s extremely intelligent, gentle and very loving. He loves to make love and only wants the best for us. I’ve learned to understand his anger outburst we talk about it and move on. You have to let an Aries man know how you feel in the beginning otherwise it will be hard to get him to understand your view or treat you the way you feel you should be treated. But when you think about it you should do this with any person your in a relationship with. He is a big baby but he’s my big baby. He’s very honest and goes out of his way to make sure I’m happy. We are best friends and he opens up to me and let me know exactly how he feels. They say Aries and Virgo’s don’t get along but let me tell you that is not true. You can’t believe everything you read because when two people are in love and have mutual respect for one another they can move mountains. Just remember love has no sign, or color.

        September 8, 2013
  8. Brook #

    Ok my Aries husband needs to see the errors of his ways. He always says something or does something that is sold mean spirited and cold. I always end up apologizing first. And then he seems as if he was waiting for just that. He hugs me real tight, but this time he needs to see that what he did was insensitive and it hurt me. Do I continue to ignore him? He can hold out for a long time so this could take some time.

    September 10, 2012
  9. jay #

    I have been married to an Aries man for 27 years and in all this time he has cheated constantly last month he had a baby with another woman who is turning 35 this month, he is 51 oh i don’t know about aries in particular cheating but boy mine should be given a Phd in cheating may he and his ”women’s” souls rot in hell!!!!

    August 12, 2012
  10. Parisa #

    hi,he’s back again, with more passion.I met an aquaries guy,nice but too kind.As soon as I found about my aries guy that is back,I didn’t let him know about the other guy,I stoppt the relationship.I found out that aries guys, like aries women, want to be played with whenever they r on mood.Now i don’t try to b with him,I am just me! and he’s falling for me,I can understand it from his bhaviour. Tnx 4 your nice comments.(helpt alot!) Good luck!

    April 29, 2012
  11. Parisa #

    Hey,I’m an aries girl(21st of march 1993).It’s obvious that I’m in love with my aries guy.actualy I’m ashamed of writting that I’ve chased him who I’ve never spoken to.Ray of hope;after ignorig him he chases alittle but no steps to even a friendship,which makes me blieve that he’s not into me.Fortunately,he will come around me whenever he enjoys himself or has done sth about his charm(specially his hair that i love!) or ignorng I beg you all people to help me guide my love to have his love.(at the moment I’m not sexy but as all friends say I’ve got abeautiful face.)at the moment he is playing hide and seek and ignoring ‘but I’m sure after a while he’ll be back.NEED YOUR HELP! SORRY FOR POOR GRAMMER. waiting for your help. parisalyac@gmail

    April 10, 2012
  12. Parisa #

    Hey there!I’m an aries girl,in love with an aries guy just my type but never talkt to!a kind of crazy love!I know that he cares about me but he never gana do anything to start even a friendship.noting that I’ve chased him for a while,stopped,then just for a week he was about me but never acts for friendship and even hiding from again he is hiding and ignoring me.I’m sure he’ll be back.I need to know how to behave correctly to make him fall in love.Born in 21 of march.NEED YOUR HELP!sorry for poor grammer.parisaLyaC@gmail :-D

    April 9, 2012
  13. Parisa #

    Hey there!I’m an aries girl,in love with an aries guy just my type but never talkt to!a kind of crazy love!I know that he cares about me but he never gana do anything to start even a friendship.noting that I’ve chased him for a while,stopped,then just for a week he was about me but never acts for friendship and even hiding from again he is hiding and ignoring me.I’m sure he’ll be back.I need to know how to behave correctly to make him fall in love.Born in 21 of march.NEED YOUR HELP!sorry for poor grammer.parisaLyaC@gmail :-Dtnx

    April 9, 2012
  14. cancergirl #

    so i’m a cancer and i just accused an Aries that i have been seeing for over a year of using me. i feel used by him. he’s dating his ex again whom he has kid by and dating me on the side and he never told me this. i asked him about him sleeping with another girl and him still dating his ex and he lashed out on me told me we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend and that he can date and sleep with whoever he wanted. he hurt my feelings because on numerous occasions I’ve tried to have a conversation with him about our relationship and he’d either beat around the bush or not answer my questions like what am i to him? what our relationship is going to lead to? and what his intentions were?. it’s been eating me up inside for months because i didn’t know what kind of relationship we had and every time i’d try to ask he never answers me. he tried to lie and say that I’ve never had those conversations with him when i did. the reason why i think i’m being used is because he only contacts me (it seems like) is when he wants sex or wants me to do something for him i do more for him than what he does for me. i feel like he doesn’t respect me. I’ve tried talking to him on the phone about it and he can’t ever stay on the phone with me for 5 minutes he’s always busy doing something (and i know he does nothing at all). i called him over and over again and he still wouldn’t pick up his phone and talk to me. i’m done with him i don’t want to talk to him anymore i feel like i’m beating a dead horse and not getting anywhere with him. all i want is for him to be honest and straight forward with me. maybe i just scared him off by saying he was using me, but i can’t help the way i feel. i told him that i know he doesn’t care about me or my feelings and that he has no heart and i hate him. i also said that he’s not the person i thought he was and that i thought he was different but he’s not. i really really like him i’d do anything for him, i just wish he was honest with me. but i’m not sure if i really want to be with him anymore because this isn’t something i want to go through if i continue this relationship or whatever i have with him. i don’t know what to do anymore but i think i’m going to just distance myself from him for a while. I’ve been crying and I’ve been so angry at the same time i’m mad at him and i’m mad at myself for giving him a chance. he’s tried to pursue me on many occasions when we were in high school and after high school then i finally give in and give him a chance and he’s treating me this way and i don’t know why.

    April 4, 2012
    • Not sure what is worse the man who treats the woman with disrespect or the woman that doesn’t love herself enough to get rid of the man who disrespect’s her?

      September 7, 2012
      • nivedhitha #

        very truee.. i m feeling worse.. (deathly alive)..

        January 20, 2013
  15. rebecca #

    I am a aries woaman dating a arise man and it is hard casue arise love what every ladise that is in their life but if they have the main one and they are in love they will not cheat on them i been with my arise for 9 years. sometime i fell that he have but a old woman said if u dont see it with ur own eyes keep it moving and man are going to be man. To me woman are alot better and bad at it. i have a hard time with my areis man.

    March 22, 2012
  16. leogirl #

    Leo Girl:
    My aries and I have known one another for over 20 years, he was married when we first met and I’m ashamed to say that after about a year I had sex with him twice, but I couldn’t be a number 2, and I knew that I wouldn’t want anyone like me sniffing around my husband, we fell out of touch and then reconnected, he was divorced, but told me that he was dating, subsequently I meet the 3 women that he’s dating, (just 3 that I knew about. I realized during the course the whatever it was of what we did (I certainly wasn’t dating or a relationship, there’s was more sex when he could find time, and asking for favors) that, he’s too self-centered, and I’m too self preserved to really deal with one another, he’s a liar, and talks a good game, but his actions are totally incongruent with his words. I stopped having sex, without any discussion, and he’s baffled. He can’t quite figure out what’s wrong. I miss who I thought he was, but I’ve accepted who he is. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, just not someone that I should have closely in my life. I will always love him, but I know that I would be miserable if I were to hope that he would love me the way that I loved him. The mark of being an adult is the ability to adjust your wants, so that’s what I’ve done. he doesn’t want me and I no longer want him…..(this wasn’t nearly as easy or clean as it sounds, but I feel so much better

    March 21, 2012
  17. Bill #

    I am an ARIES man aging 35 now. I have had many relationship and girl friends so probably I can tell what goes in the head of Aries. First they do not think much before going into the relationship because they think they are the GODS macho people who can handle every situation oh yea Sex is very imprtant for them as this is the part of Love. once they get close to the girls he is in love with he cant hold themselves they are helpless in this regard. Once they come close to you they analyze you inside out that you dont even know about yourself, they alwyas think after falling in love and having sex with a girs is that the right girl for him…..If you can fool them thats even better beacuse if you know what he wants and can fool him he could be yours for time being but once he finds out you are not the girl he is looking for then they leave. Trust me they get more heart than you when you do it but never show their feeling to you and when thye leave they alwyas meant better for you. About the other things once they leave you its always hard for them to survive without you and forget how awsome physical connection was so their sex keeps playing into their head though they dont want to come back to you but your and his sexual appeals comesback to him haunting as well as they still want to maintain that cotact and wants to know how are you doing in your life now. So they dont think much of their situation or others rather act so they could getover that feeling inner feeling thats killing them from inside and trust me its like a fire they want to resue themsleves by going out of it but its hard they might heart. Trust me I am Aries and the last thing ever comes in my mind is hearting anyone or a girl but if she is not the one I feel iam caged and I loose my all other abilities in life. As long as a girl dont give me her full I dont think she is in love with me so thats what excites me but I worry about it later on wheeather she is the one I want to spend all my life with but boy if they ever find the right one they stand loyal commited and can give his life so she can live…………….stuped aries :)

    March 5, 2012
    • So tell me what causes and aries man to get so cold and distant? When and aries man introduces his girl to his bestfriend is that a good sign? I am dating an aries man but we have a long distance relationship we live 3 hours a way from each other, and all we can do is communicate over the phone until we meet again, but he seems like he doesn’t like talking over the phone and I find myself constantly calling him rather he calling me to pursue me. I like him alot but I don’t feel like the feeling is mutual based on his action going two or three days without calling me. Is he playing games, his not interested or is he just taking it slow? When we meet the fire ignites again until we separate and the fire disappears. Can someone help me understand my aries man before I do something wrong and regret it later.

      March 31, 2012
      • mike #

        Maggie, i’m an aries man, and i’m in a long distance relationship with a woman from the philippines. Due to some issues, it’s been nearly 5 years getting her here. Yeah, it’s hard, and we try to see each other once a year if we can. She’s an aqua female, 2 years older then me, and she’s the most wonderful, loving, nurturing woman i’ve ever know. But what you commented on, she says to me all the time. That i’m not giving her the attention that she needs, that it makes it harder that we don’t spend time, but the truth of the matter is that i do give her time. I may not give her all my time, but i give her what i can. I don’t call her every day, and that does bother her, but what can i say? To think about how far we are hurts, how much i miss her, how much i just want to wrap my arms around her and hug her and kiss her. I tell her that sometimes, but not all the time because i dn’t want to sound cheesy. I just play games or make myself busy so that i’m not always sad, because if i’m asd and depressed because of our hardships, then i won’t be able to be strong when she has a problem or when she needs me. So, i try to do my best to enjoy myself and stay happy so that i can be strong for her because i love her. Our time of being apart is at an end and she’s coming home soon, and i’m excited, but that time isn’t here yet. Aries don’t want to always admit what in their heart, not because i don’t trust her, but because i don’t want her to think i’m weak.

        I hope tihs helped somewhat. If he says he loves you, there’s a good chance he means it, as i won’t say that to someone unless i mean it.

        June 13, 2012
      • Libragirllll #

        its been a while maggie and i dont know if u still dating your aries guy. I am also dating an aries (long distance as well) and i had to call to persue him too! well i stopped (wasnt easy ) and know he does the calling and texting. Never chase an aries man, play hard to get if u want him. each time he see'[s u look your best. Leave him with great thoughts and stop the calling. If it takes a month he will call!

        March 16, 2013
      • PLH #

        ok me aries guy…….. I absolutely love love love love……. hug my long pillow love this one girl/woman…. it literally hurts how much I love her…… I want to slay/murder anyone who looks at her wrong.. when were together IDK but I get all “I don’t care” …. shes a sag woman.. ..going back to him getting cold.. you must have hurt him.. THE only time I get cold or cruel is when someone I really care about hurts me…. its like “yeah you hurt me, now see how fast I can hate you” …. and its either you apologize or your dead to me… did you want a nice answer or the truth..??

        October 6, 2013
    • Brooke #

      Hi Mike, never thought I’d be trawling the web for insight on relationships. I’m a 43 year old Gemini mum of 3 & happily married, or so I thought, until Mr Aries, who I had a very sexual relationship with before I was married with kids, over 10 years ago. He has remembered my birhday every year since. Recently weve been back in communication. He tells me I was the best sex he’s ever had. When I asked him why he didnt give me a commitment back then, he says he was dealing with the fallout of a previous relationship & that he never thought he’d be good enough for me. He also says that I’m the strongest female he’s ever known. Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing….. Whilst a big part of me would so love to pick up where we left off all those years ago, obviously my current circumstances make this near impossible & I have too much at stake…. I have managed to slow communication right down by pushing him for answers that I knew he probably couldn’t give me regarding his intentions etc, especially as I’m married & live 8000kms away. He too is in a relationship, that he says he needs to try & make work, but not sure that it will…… (Keeping his options open perhaps). Your comments have given me some insight on Mr Aries, he’s a confused & guarded beast, with insecurities, just like the rest of us…. I guess in time I will stop obsessing over him and what might’ve been….. I do hold a very small glimmer of hope that oneday our planets will align & we will be together again. In the meantime I’ll probably never know if his feelings for me are the real kind, or if it was just the sex…… Brooke

      December 19, 2012
      • Brooke #

        Sorry, my post was directed to Bill, 35, not Mike! Brooke

        December 19, 2012
      • laura #

        no sorry brook you missed your train ten years ago,you were probably meant to be soul mates,but you are married with children and shouldnt cheat or disrespect your husband that will only live to regret if you so happen to ruin your family,your kids wont look at you the same.maybe later if it was meant to be you guys will end up together .im a gem with my aries hubby of 23 years,im telling you if your soul mates it will happen.

        November 23, 2013
    • PLH #

      I agree with you on………. the last thing you want is to hurt a woman…… I literally go through my day making women feel pretty…… its good karma.. and besides.. keeps my “game” sharp.. :)

      I don’t want to say my age but im younger than you… but.. did you always have “luck” with younger women………… cuz I DO…………. and wish to do so. :) lol

      October 6, 2013
  18. Aaron #

    Oh and I forgot to mention that if you want true love, then you should start off as friends and let it progress. Let nature take its course. If choose to disagree then you’re only being hormonal and that’s my opinion.

    February 11, 2012
  19. Aaron #

    Okay!….let’s start off by me stating that I myself am an aries male who is 21. I myself am not perfect nor are any of you women who are on this site complaining like babies. I may be the jerk to all of you but I really don’t care as to what you any of you believe but don’t bash one type of astrological person because of their traits. I’m certainly am not ready for love yet because I can admit to the fact that i’m attracted to many girls but everyone of you who complain, I believe that you aren’t ready as well. You sit here and cry your years out and emotions online to people you don’t even know. GROW UP! You obviously have fallen and so this is your point to realize what type of guys you are into. I’m tired of people putting down one type of guy because they can’t deal with him. If you aren’t compatible with him, then move on. You aren’t meant to be. I believe in committing to one person. Just because you don’t see him for a long while, it doesn’t mean he’s cheating. Stop assuming and start presuming with evidence that shows that he is cheating. A lot of the traits that are described online astrologically, are true but not 100 percent correctly. Instead, you sit there in your chair reading, letting what other people tell you to do or what they believe in. Just be yourself and eventually you’ll find the guy you’re looking for. I’m saying that “perfect guy”, because we’re all not perfect but a lot of you don’t understand that. Live and love your life. You’re not going to find happiness when all you do is cope around moping and moaning about one guy. Get back on your feet and live as you who you were meant to be. Oh!….and I also don’t believe in infidelity!

    February 11, 2012
    • winnie #

      Mr. Aaron you are right on. i read these post and once and while someone will come across and say something very sensible and applicable. (please note that i mean no disrespect to anyone). i don’t believe that all these astrology traits belong to someone just because they just happen to be born an aries. i have seen these same traits in men who aren’t aries. i think if you read something and believe it enough then it can become self prophesying. not to say that the readers on here aren’t speaking from truth or experience. , but i do believe people can read too much into astrology. yes we should be ourselves and let the power of attraction and love come to us. it usually does. at least i have believe that we attract people to us for whatever reason.. i love what you said about getting on here and sharing our business with people we don’t even know.i have loved two men in my life one was a scorpio and the last was an aries if you will. i thought both of these guys were awesome. i think its about chemistry more than anything but you know what i am sure its more and i am open to learning . life is about evolving and growing, at least for me. . so if you happeend to be attracted to a guy and he happens to be a gemini or an pisces aries— so what. you are probably atrracted to him for who he is as oppose to his sign. astrology doesn’t tell the whole picture, sometime not even a little.YOU ROCK DUDE. i have a son your age and he is wise like you in this aspect. he is a leo. when you do decide to settle, you are going to be a great sweetheart for some special lady out here . take care.

      February 14, 2012
      • Aaron #

        Well thank you for understanding my point. I just irritated by these posts that other women have written. I see those posts as if they have no confidence in themselves. people need to just do what they love and also do their career. They can gain a lot more happiness that way. And when they do and that special someone comes along, they appreciate life even more and never look back and doubt themselves haha

        February 17, 2012
    • Kibriana #

      Aaron, my man, you’re my hero. You’re awesome. You’re the very epitome of Ariesnes and of what is so special about your sing. It’s honesty, energy, self-confidence, self-improvement, passion,action – not words, and certainly not whining. You don’t like something? Then change it, don’t bitch about it! It’s great to see what Aries men have to say in their “defense” (not that you need any, btw), so thank you for your opinion. And if someone can’t handle it (and many can’t) then they can go find themselves a more suitable mate.

      September 10, 2012
  20. nase ewing #

    From now on I will be avoiding Aries men!!! They are the most complicated men I have ever met. I love the fact that they are straight forward. I love their drive. I love their natural charm and sexiness. And I love their sense of fun. But with those qualities comes a self-centred little boy. An Aries man recently came into my life. He actually chased me. I liked him, but I wish he didn’t look my way. He would have been a man who I met but never had a chance to get to know. But no he had to chase, even though he wasn’t in the position to. He says he likes me and wants to get to know me one day. But right now he has to focus on his career. Why did he bother with me in the first place? We haven’t kissed or anything like that. We have just talked and sent each other texts, but I am all talked out. It feels like he just wanted to make sure that I was around just in case he feels ready to pursue things with me. Well that’s not going to happen. No way. The sad thing is that we clicked straight away, we get on great and there is so much chemistry. If we did get together sparks would fly. But I have to do the sensible thing and forget him. Dont I?

    February 3, 2012
    • hmmm can u tell us the whole story?

      February 7, 2012
    • Gracie #

      I was seeing this divorced 42 yr old aries guy for a year,who I found out was cheating on me I dumped him and ofcourse he didn’t want to hear it so he chased me like crazy promised he wouldnt do it again I loved him so I gave him another chance he would say he loved me more than anything else and that he wanted to marry me three months after I found out about the first girl I find out he married another girl only three months later all the while promising me the world i guess he was with all three of us at the same time if not more woman and the craziest thing of all is these two woman went to highschool together and are on eachothers friends list I guess they are just friends from highschool and don’t hangout because how else could he have gotten away with that then I realized why he never wanted to put his picture on facebook ain’t that something you would think that at that age I was dealing with a man not an immature cruel lying creep and after he got married he changed his number and still kept in touch with me through Facebook when I confronted him about it he denied it and still wanted to continue seeing me if I wouldnt have ended it he would have still been with me and wife.Poor wife she dosn’t know what she got into. Ladies if u encounter an Aries man run for the hills and never look back, but if u do give him a chance proceed with caution, hopefully not all Aries are like this jerk.Paul sounds like a very nice Aries man. As for me never again I’m too old for all those mind games :)

      February 10, 2012
      • Gracie #

        Ps yes he did a lot of chasing,making you feel like your special, but little did I know he was chasing every other woman who gave him the time I guess the joke was on me.But don’t let anything these guys do to you make u bitter after all the lucky one is the one who got away.Life goes on and it’s just something else to learn from.People like that will never make anyone happy not even themselves,because one woman is never enough for them. I need me a man who I will be his one and only.They are out there ladies never lose hope.

        February 10, 2012
    • Martina #

      OMG that’s the exactly same story with my Aries guy, ur not based in south England are you? lol

      March 2, 2012
    • Yumi #

      I’m a girl and I could I’d knock some sense into you. Everyone goes throughs ups and downs. I for one like to hide in my “cave” when I need to work something out. If you REALLY like him all that much and think things are “great” then you would not be on this site writing this. You shouldn’t avoid him in anyway, whatsoever. If he is honest and he is attracted to you but he’s not willing to commit doesn’t mean he isn’t your friend. You should keep all your doors open… Men are like jobs… and logically that’s how they view us too. Never say never… I have many guys I’ve dated before as friends and we get along great and we both know that there would be “nothing” between us. I actually go to these guys for advice and they give out great advices. So, PLEASE use your brain before you complain.

      March 12, 2012
    • Maria #

      I suggest that you follow your heart and not let fear get in the way.. The truth is Aries men will always remain adventurous and they will forever thrive in the thought of having endless freedom.. I managed to date one for 4 years.. It was extremely hard and heart breaking most of the time.. But I could not get enough of the excitement and the fire he had..I am addicted to them and don’t think I will stop juts because they are the most difficult out of all the Zodiac signs… If you conquer a relationship with an Aries man then know that you are truly a soldier… But remember not to nag and give him some space… You won’t find a more fun and fiery man.

      March 23, 2012
      • annmarie #

        im an aries woman and ive just got rid of an aries male what a nightmare he was never again

        February 12, 2013
  21. Stephanie #

    There is something else I wanted to add to this thread, it does seem to be all about the man, how to tame him, please him, keep him etc. hold on a minute …… there are TWO people in this relationship and ladies, you ARE just as important as him.

    How about you have a little re-think, now, what can he do for you???

    If an aries man reads this thread, boy, his ego would explode haha!!!! He would think he were a demi-god or something, erm no love, you are just a man :D

    Wake up ladies, if women continue to ‘pander’ to men they shall create a ‘monster’ and I’m seeing it more and more and more now days, men misbehaving, they don’t treat women how they should do and I believe a lot of that is down to women behaving like doormats! Stop bowing down to men, I don’t care if he is an aries, pisces, scorpio ….. whatever, it doesn’t make any difference! Women of today need to change THEIR attitudes to in turn encourage men to treat them better, have more confidence and belief in yourselves and know your own worth, have standards and stick to them. Stop allowing men to walk over you. The more women allow men to do this, the more men continue to do this and they carry it on to the next one and the next one and so on and so on, because the next one also allows him to behave in this way. Men are becoming more and more lazy and complacent as time goes by and sadly, women in general, are the cause of this problem. Too many are just too desperate and too willing to do anything to keep a man, it shouldn’t be like that!

    When I read through the comments on here, it makes me feel sad, it is all about ‘him’ you ladies need to start thinking about ‘you’ and what you want. I’m not being funny but you weren’t specifically put on this earth to please a man you know, you can please yourself, and if whilst pleasing yourself and securing your own happiness you happen to make someone else happy in the process, then great :D but don’t EVER put a man’s happiness in front of your own, because men (being quite selfish creatures) wouldn’t do the same for you.

    January 16, 2012
    • SexySlimz #

      I totally agree with Stephanie’s comment, well written she is so right. If a man loves you and wants to be with you he will run you down and do all the things to be with you and please you. Aries man are very very selfish they don’t care about anyone but themselves. There loyalty is to themselves and there epic journey. An Aries man will walk all over you if you let him and they don’t want a pushover nor do the want a doormat, they want a strong independent women that will hold her own and stand up for her rights. Have values and morales and stand for them. To Amanda when I read your comment I felt so sad for you, this man is plain up using you. When he disappears he is straight up CHEATING, he has a steady women (main squeeze, wifey) and when they are in fights he will run to you, and you just give into him and once he gets what he wants he disappears until the next time……….He calls you 2am in the morning like your a booty call and of course he knows you will answer because he thinks of himselve so highly he thinks that no girl could resist him, but if you only knew that the strong demeaner that an Aries puts on is a front to protect his heart. Deep down inside is he soft, fragile and he puts on that front to protect his heart. That special women who can see right threw him will when is heart. Ignore him, stand up for your rights, don’t make no man use you for sex. Stephanie is right, men continue to disrespect women and do all sort of stuff because weak minded fools allow them to take advantage, and they will continue to do it until the met the right women who’s gonna set them straight. Love yourself, beelieve and trust in God, God knows your heart and knows what you want and once you believe in him he will send you your hearts desire. God is here to help us not hurt us, we gotta just be patient and let him do his thing. Stand up for yourself don’t let no man take advantage of you, ladies know yourself worth and think what does this man do for you????? If he’s giving you more heartache then happiness then you should no that its time to go, cause I don’t care what anyone says but disrespect is the worst thing anyone can do to an human being, once someone doesn’t respect you there’s no sense in being around that person cause they will treat you worst than a piece of shit. Aries man are known to be very disrespectful, but again it’s if you allow him!!!!!!

      January 16, 2012
      • nase ewing #

        You are spot on!! With the aries man, its me me me. So self-centred. I haven’t even got together with the aries man who I am getting to know, and he is already confusing me. I’m exhausted and must forget about him. The end!!! Bye bye Aries man.

        February 3, 2012
    • winnie #

      AMEN!!! AND A BIG HIGH FIVE. i agree. doesn’t matter what horoscope men are. thank you stephanie. we as women need to have more confidence. it start with us. i don’t know your age, but you are a wise woman.

      January 17, 2012
    • ceilidh #

      Oh my lord! Can I just say… I LOVE you! You sound just like my aunt who would tell me the same thing. Thanks for the pep talk in her absence. :)

      February 8, 2012
    • Mary #

      Thank you. Your words mean a lot. I needed to hear this.

      March 2, 2012
    • Maria #

      Lmao Stephanie… You are just killing me with the sarcastic grinning smiley… I can tell that you are passionate about what you’ve commented about… Talk about being blunt.. I agree with you fully on that point, I believe that it’s time for us 2 put ourselves first before any man, I don’t know why as women we get so eager to please and “submit” 2 lovers. It’s truly a shame hey but I suppose it’s different strokes for different folks. But I’ve just told myself that this is my year of also being selfish because no use appreciating someone who won’t appreciate my efforts

      March 23, 2012
  22. I’m so glad to know that I am not the only one flustered. I am a pisces (yikes) and I’ve known an aries man for about five months now. Our friends set us up together, and we’ve had dates and hookups on occasions from the time we met. The thing with my aries man, is that he goes missing in action, lets call him Dan. Dan will call me to meet up for lunch on a sunday afternoon, we will have a conversation that changes my my perspective on many things, then he will not get ahold of me for another three weeks. Then he will randomly call me 2am on a friday night and request I come over immediately, and being a pisces and very interested in his behaviour, I come over. All the time I have ever spent with this aries man has been a time I do not forget. This has been going on back and forth for like I said, about five months now. He keeps coming back as if he is looking for something specific in a person and he wants me to have it, and every time he comes back he is looking to see if I have it yet. I have let him come and go as he pleases, without one complaint on my part. He is a breath of fresh air. Oddly, for me I have learned to enjoy his randomness and embrace the time I do spend with him. The only difficulty is, like most others….I just don’t know what he wants from me!

    January 11, 2012
    • Emerald #

      the only thing he wants from you is some challenge, lets say for instance he vanishes then come back one day and u tell him, u are kinda busy so he should go and come back later that will help it seems u r giving him everything he wants and ask for so sometimes pretend as if u won’t feel lonely or miss him when he’s not around and he will come to stay

      January 31, 2012
  23. R #

    I dated an Aries man for four months and everything I have read about Aries men is true in regards to his personality and general behavior. He was very macho, totally seductive, charming, and had a magnetic personality. To me, he was amazing. I was totally sucked in. they say that Aries men are like dynamo’s. My friend actually called him a dynamo when she met him, and she didn’t know his sign and had never met him before. They are also ruled by Mars, which is a red planet, so it indicates heat, and they can come across like a burning fire (they are also a fire sign), but on the flip side, Mars is also very cold, and an Aries heat can turn to ice just as quick. I don’t think I could date an Aries man again, he broke my heart in the end. I think they enjoy the thrill of the chase, they move so fast, and everything accelerates when you are around them, they live life in the fast lane. But it seems, that when they have got their prey, they lose interest. He jumped out of the relationship as quickly as he jumped in (they are very impulsive) and left me wondering what the hell happened? I would run a mile from another Aries, I’m a Capricorn, and I need to find myself another earth sign, or maybe a Virgo? Aries.. No way.. never again… too intense..

    January 9, 2012
  24. Wilhemina #

    I hate aries guys. Mainly because of one guy. Let’s call him Ray.

    I’m libra… Hopeless romantic. I loved him so much last year when we started crushing on each other, he did too. He told all his friends about how he felt abt me, this was a love story headed in the right direction. But then we realised our personalities clashed. He’s this rude Dick head, and i’m this flirty kind girl who probably gets offended when he sais mean stuff. I’m a L I B R A for goodness’s sake.

    Anyway.. We stopped talking for Months after our spring fling.. Then in winter we suddenly lost each other’s virginities to each other.Without a condom (aries impulse). It was terribly painful as he has a huge penis and he wasn’t gentle at all. :( but the foreplay was really nice.. His lips and mine were perfectly glued on each other… So much passion in his kiss.

    Anyway now he thinks i’m his booty call, his sex buddy. He suggested we do it again.. But I don’t want to have sex with any other guy til I get married , hopefully to him. :( . But we are just teens .He’s 18 and i’m 17..clearly i’m a stoopid libra girl who’s so inlove with this jerk.. You don’t understand what a jerk he is, but he’s sooo handsome and I think I love him.
    Okay I’ll just stop talking. All i’m saying is he wants sex, and I want love, friendship and sincerity from him, which is probably a stupid wish because he’s an aries. Libras are opposite to aries so he just won’t ever understand. I guess its not meant to b.

    December 25, 2011
    • ally #

      Cheer up darling. That is so not true. I’m a libra girl in love with an aries as well. Im 23 and he’s 21, well he’s turning 21. He’s very mature in most things, and some points in relationships too. He even plans to be in one, but the truth is for aries the actual “relationship” part is what scares the crap out of them. Most of them are secretly insecure which is why they give off a hard exterior, they must appear strong to the eye. In love they are somewhat vulnerable, they don’t like that feeling, because they could loose control. Which is when they either start to disappear, or do random test on you like calling at weird hours to see if you will answer, or they will blow your phone up and demand an explanation on why they had to call more than once. Don’t be discouraged though. I am sort of in the same boat with my aries, trying to get him to commit. But trying to get an aries to commit before they are ready is a dead end street, someone will be heartbroken. If your aries is a busy body, find a way to fit into his schedule. Then go off an do your own thing. Dissapear for a couple days, and don’t be surprised if he does the same. In my opinion it’s better to stay gone longer than him, to keep the chase that aries men crave so much going. Then tell him of all the great things you’ve been doing while you were away from him, he will be all ears. They love good conversation, and hearing about others, and for a sign such as yourself, surely you can do that. As a libra you are probably your own biggest fan. Aries is the one sign that will enjoy hearing the funny stories, and your unique yet sound opinions on matters and issues. You are a libra so use your airy personality and don’t be afraid to drift away from him, not too far where he thinks its over, but enough to get him to hop into gear to pursue you all over again. And he will. Sometimes he may fuss, and moan, and pout, but I’ve read that aries are the babies of the zodiac. Spoiled and often selfish, and a bit stubborn when things don’t go their way. When he gets like this, just turn on your libra charm, smile that gorgeous smile, and say “Im sorry baby, I didn’t hear my phone, I been so busy running around. But it’s good to hear your voice, what you doing” He will be over it, and back to his sweet self again. Unlike the aries women, they don’t like to stay mad. They live life for the moment, which is why they are so upfront and direct about everything. If you want to know how your aries feels about you, ask him. But be clear on what your asking, non of that libra sugar coating, he does not like that because he will not give you a sugar coated answer. He will give it to you straight no chaser, and you’d be wise to prepare to hear the good an the bad. Aries are just honest and straight forward period, but they do lie. But not to worry, they are not good at it, because its not in there nature (like to lie just to keep peace. They have a “take it or leave it”, “what you see is what you get” type of attitude and approach towards life and relationships. But the best aspect of Aries and Libra is each lacks where the other is stronger, this is good so they can help one another, learn from each other. As long as all the cards are on the table for the aries to control of course, and for the libra to understand then all will be well. The aries man is looking for the innocent girly girl that makes him chase and tackle her love walls, rather than them willingly falling. The libra girl is looking for a listener, a provider, and partner. She is independent, and able to make her man feel like a mans man. Aries will surely enjoy this about her. Libra be careful of your emotions, do NOT smoother your aries man, or you will loos him forever. Aries watch that bossy attitude, your libra woman is sweet but she’s no dormat, boss her and she will rebel and you will be sorry. With all this being said it can work, you just have a push pull dual here. ENJOY!

      January 19, 2012
  25. Felicia #

    I recently meet a Aries man and he has opened his book up to me,by telling me that he’s looking to get married. And I didn’t really know how to handle that but what I do know is he will be the Chaser because I don’t run after men.

    December 7, 2011
  26. saggitarius girl #

    I have dated few Aries man in the past and my longest relationships been with Aries man. This one I am talking about now, we dated for 2 weeks, we really had a good time and he appeared very very interested wanting to see me every day, texted me all the time, called me all the time. I didnt mind as I felt protected by him like there is someone always looking after me, then sudenly out of the blue he broke up with me one morning and told me he has mental issues and cant cope in a relaitonship nor he wants me to be involved with him as I will get hurt but he wants my presense very much so and wants to stay friends, I said ok but we continued talking every day like in a relaitonship but saw eachother as friends and this stil is happening 3 months on and we are getting closer and closer as friends, he still acts like my boyfriend at times if i dont reply soon enough to his messages he calls me and wonders what I am doing, every night he catches up with me on the internet before I go to sleep. We are getting so attached with eachother but not calling eachother boyfriend and girlfriend, just a good friends. We did ended up having sex twice but it was me who initiated the sex, he was worried how that is going to effect me and our friendship. He does not have other girlfriend he told me he does not ask to see me often but he calls me so often and he rather spend his night with me on the internet. One day I was upset with him and didnt not answer his messages bor calls and he went mad calling 20 times from diferent numbers and texting to get hold of me and he said to me never ever again dont answer my messages. I have ignored him like that 3 times becouse I know he will spend the next day whole day trying to get hold of me and I enjoy the attention (I havent told him this, I am doing it for attention and find reason, like my phone was not working ect.). I promised him I wont ignore him again. “If my phone is not working I will at least message him on facebook. I am also very confused I promised him I will stay friends but didnt know that we will be talking every day and I am getting myself attached to him not sure if I am flaling in love or already in love. I am wondering does he really only wnats me as his friend but obviosly there is a lots of chemistry as we cant keep our hands off eachother towards the end of our meeting we get touchy but it starts with conversation as friends. Is he confused? Does he keeps me as his sex body only? but why would he pay that much attention if he only wnats sex? or he is testing me to see how I am going to accept him or deal with him before he gives himself to me as I remember when we first met he said after our first week, lets slow things down becouse I am a very difficult man and before we jump into something serous I want you too see if you like it. Yeah, that’s my Aries man or friend I should say!!!!I am saggitarius girl and I dont mind his unpredictability as its fun and adventures but not sure what he wants from me!!!!

    December 5, 2011
    • cancer girl #

      “Is he confused? Does he keeps me as his sex body only? but why would he pay that much attention if he only wnats sex? or he is testing me to see how I am going to accept him or deal with him before he gives himself to me”

      i am asking the same questions about the aries i’m dating now we’ve been talking/messing around for 7-8 months now and i still don’t know how he feels about me, i don’t know what it is that he wants from me i just don’t know.

      December 5, 2011
    • sag girl #

      i just want to reply the Sag gir…..I was there girl,i was in a somewhat same condition…………

      Continuing in that way with the aries man was a pain and now that every thing is over i’m in pain too…..But now that i’m out i can use my brain

      what i can say is take care of yourself,the chemistry is great BUT ONLY FOR SEX AND FUN

      I’m sag and i’m deadly hurt by what this kind of relationship took me with the confused jerk aries man

      January 1, 2012
  27. ally #

    Okay, so I am a Libra gal, I believe I have a Pisces moon judging by what my mom told me. Said I was born around 2:30-3:00pm on my bday. Anyway my dude is a March Aries man. March 23 to be exact. Don’t know his moon. Anyway I’m 23 and he’s 21, we’ve been knowing each other since childhood. Im talking like 5 yrs old. As we got older, like 10-11 we started liking one another. Our fams are close because we share an aunt and uncle. (His uncle married my aunt, so there’s NO BLOOD line don’t get it twisted.)lol. Anyway, so naturally her kids are my 1st cousins so he and I have always been around each other. I knew he liked me, and he knew I liked him because everytime all of us were over one another’s house for a function the other kids would always make us kiss, or try to make us to go in the closet or something it was cute. I didn’t really give him a shot until recently in July. I had been holding out on the cookies because I promised myself that I would have a committed relationship before becoming intimate again with ANYONE. He’s dealing with the law right now, he’s not in jail but he owes money for something he did. And he’s been working non-stop. He wont go anywhere or do anything with anyone until he pays his debt back. He refuses to party until his business is handled. One of his mature traits that I love so much. He’s definitely a business man, and not afraid to get his hands dirty from a little hard work. Anyway, so that means no dates. Sure he’ll buy me something to eat if I want, or put gas in my car if I ask, but that’s as far as it goes. Then because we’ve known each other for so long he thought it was time to take our relationship to the next level. At first I was a complete NO! I felt even though we knew each other since we were kids, and had been talking on and off since, we never really gave it a shot until July of this year. I felt we needed to make sure we were both looking for the same thing 1st. At 1st he was patient and understanding, but after 4 months of hot steamy close calls and me still holding out he got fed up and that aries man ego reared its ugly head.smh. He literally tried to boss me into it. Im libra, NO ONE boss’s us around. If you want something, be polite, and as sweet and smooth as you can be, but don’t you dare try to hound me into something, I will rebel harshly and that’s exactly what happen. I flew off the handle on him for being so insensitive about my feelings towards sex. He claimed I was playing tif-for-tat because he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He claims his last relationship made him want to get his stuff together before going into another one, and that im only holding out because Im hanging a relationship over his head. I told him well forget it all, we can just be friends if sex is so important to him because I wont be forced or made to feel bad because im not ready. I also let him know that being my bf was only part of it, I wanted to spend more time. Then he goes on and on about how I be having him hold me at night and talking to wee hrs of the morning when he has to be up at 3am and that he’s NEVER had to wait, or even would have waited for ANYONE as long. I still wouldn’t budge and told him well we don’t have to kick it on that level, we can just be cool. Because I told him in the beginning that I wasn’t going out like that, he said he understood. Anyway he wound up calling to apologize and stated that we didn’t have to have sex, that he didn’t want us to end over it. So I accepted his apology and after another month, I finally let him have it. But only because he shut up about it, and I was ready. Before I went there with him, I asked him why sex was so important, he instantly said we didn’t have to if that’s the way I felt about it. He said he understood why I was holding out, but at the same time hoped it wasn’t because I think we aren’t going to be together. He told me he KNOWS for a fact we are going to be together, he just wants to set things straight with the law and his money, so I wont have to worry about a thing. I forgot to mention I told him I loved him. He didn’t say it back, and I didn’t pressure him too, or even get mad that he didn’t because I want him to feel on his own. He says he does he just wants to make sure its real. By the way, I said it 2 months before we even had sex. I didn’t want him thinking I was saying out of lust. Anyway, im scared to death. I want to know what do I do now. I’ve read that the chase maybe over. I held out like I was supposed to, and still payed him a lot of attention while doing so. But now that he has something I made clear to him was extreamly special and a token of my love, Im nervous.I just want to know what do I now?? Is it over now that he has the cookies? I saw him for 3 days straight afterwards, not on purpose but hey, our fams are close remember. And I dare not go around and just leave, he’d flip and call my phone before my feet hit the pavement towards my car. WHAT NOW PEOPLE??? HELP!?!

    December 1, 2011
    • Felicia #

      Whatever you do now give him space and let the chase began all over again I just meet my Aries man and I was very up front with him that I was saving myself for marriage, and he was up front with me and said he dont know if he can wait. But later came back and said he he has trained his mind to wait for me, so I guess I’m about to find out he’s off for the next 2 days and asked me to spend the night and I said we will see. But I asked myself should I
      Because trying to tame him maybe a leash around my neck.
      LOL !!!!

      try because I very vernuable right now and not sure if I can control myself. Instead of trying to see if I xan tame him I may be the 1 tamed

      December 7, 2011
  28. Paul, I do feel kinda bad for name calling. I have a conscience,,,,,,,,,,,i dont think i’m scorned, just done…………

    November 29, 2011
  29. Paul

    My husband does not fit all the general sociopath traits. He is successful and very helpful with whatever I need, except for emotionally. However, I do believe with all my heart that he is a sociopath and they cannot be helped.

    ***I apologize for making such a broad statement about all Aries.

    I have left my husband 3 times and came back because I have all my finances tied up in this marriage and I could not support myself without a job. I left the state and moved to Georgia. I plan to leave again as soon as I find a job in Georgia. I have seen an attorney and will be ok financially when I divorce this guy.

    November 29, 2011
    • Blamex #

      After reading the comments I feel rather lucky. My Aries husband is nothing of the sort. Does race and culture also play a part? The reason I ask is my husband is Mexican, and I am African American. He treats me like a queen. He is extra helpful with all of the domestic work, and he has a strong dedication to the family “our kids”. He is great in bed, very tall, and people would describe him as a nice guy. He is emotionally unavailable sometimes. And he does ignore me when the game is on etc. After 7 years, I have had no problems (that I know of) with infidelity. He chased me for 2 years as I recall before I agreed.

      November 29, 2011
  30. FYI, Cancer ladies BEWARE of Aries men…………….These are FU!!ing Sociopaths. RUN, don’t walk because they will grab you back and sex you up. have youear noticed when they sex you it is without feelings. Its almost like they are thinking of the female they just looked at.

    ***These are some common traits of a Sociopath.

    Glibness and Superficial Charm

    Manipulative and Conning
    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

    Grandiose Sense of Self
    Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

    Pathological Lying
    Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

    Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

    Shallow Emotions
    When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

    Incapacity for Love

    Need for Stimulation
    Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

    Callousness/Lack of Empathy
    Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

    Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
    Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

    Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

    Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
    Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.

    Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
    Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

    Other Related Qualities:

    Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
    Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
    Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
    Conventional appearance
    Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
    Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
    Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
    Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
    Incapable of real human attachment to another
    Unable to feel remorse or guilt
    Extreme narcissism and grandiose
    May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

    November 26, 2011
    • LOL, Talk about a woman scorned, I am sorry that you feel so negative towards the Aries male population, it ‘s OK to speak as you find but basing your arguments on one experience of one Aries male is not a good way to go, additionally; you spent 13 years with this person so you must have found something to hang on to within the relationship?

      For instance in my case gambling makes my blood run cold, parasitic is not true either I have a very wealthy life and all created by myself and no one else, again in my case i am fiercely independent but find time to help others so a contradiction in terms by comparison.

      read about other traits of Aries we are not all that bad, i have met some real nutty Cancers as well but i would not tar every one of them with the same brush.

      better luck next time.

      November 26, 2011
    • Aquarius Lover ;) #

      Ok so ive dated 4 Aries men this past year and I’m on my 5th. They are very hard to understand at times and stubborn. I fell deeply in love with one of them back in the summer. I’m only 17 will be 18 Feb. 9th but ik alot about Aries men. I know where i messed up wit that one at, i didn’t give him his space. Now im usually a natural space giver cuz i like my space too but it was somethin about him that was so captivating! Now every time i try and find a cool guy to date they always end up being an Aries! They are attracted to me like CRAZY! Everywhere i go here comes another cute one! So now im talkin to this guy who i dissed last yr in high school. He was a senior and i was a junior and he wanted to talk to me but i just didn’t want him. Well…. Now he’s in college and i kinda gave him a chance. We went on a date last friday(black friday) and OMG if i wasn’t savin it for marriage i would be in trouble cuz he wanted to do EVERYTHING in one night! But i told him Maybe next time we’ll go a lil farther but idk. Now he’s sayin he’s fallin for me and want to move in together when i go to Ball State cuz his college(Indiana Tech) isnt that far from mine! I really wanna make this work and im glad i read all these comments about how to do it. I guess not callin him back last night even tho i said i would(cuz i was busy at the time) might’ve actually worked. And when i leave him alone for a long time, he’ll come back with more force than last time! Oh and he’s 19! So somebody help me and tell me if im doin everything right this time cuz i so wanna be wit him but idk what to do! Thanks :)

      November 29, 2011
      • Felicia #

        Baby girl take your time if he want’s you allow him to chase you,stay clear of that and if he really wants you he will show you that very much so. Don’t be easy and most diff dont give up the goods unless you know that this is a done deal. And be honest with (First)

        December 7, 2011
    • lys #

      If I may…my attention was drawn to your comment ‘May state readily that their goal is to rule the world’. They are probably very serious when making such statements. Please note that HITLER was an Aries too… hahaha ;)

      March 10, 2012
    • Kibriana #

      Cancers and Aries are too different and can’t understand each other, so yes, they should stay away from each other. I’m an Aries woman, and nobody has ever shattered my self-esteem, my confidence and my dreams like Cancer guys. They stole my light, killed my willpower and caused me many years of depression. So now I’m staying as far from Cancers as I can, because to me, they are POISON!
      So let’s just agree that we’re not compatible and stop writing insulting and exaggerated comments on the internet, shall we?

      September 10, 2012
  31. Hello All

    I am in the process of leaving my Aries husband of 13+ years. I have good news for all of you that has put up with the men that ogle women in your face, cheat with anyone including family and friends with no boundaries and the list goes on. Google all their traits and you will find these guys are Sociopaths. This discovery is shocking to say the least. Now that I have understanding I can deal with this guy better and I can get the he!! away from here. I will run far away from the next arian I meet. PLEASE LADIES read the general symptons, it will shock U! There is no help for a Sociopath, they will grind your mind until you don’t know what is real anymore. They are morally dead, therefore they will hurt you and think nothing of it. Their wiring is incorrect and it can’t be fixed. If you stay with a Aries man, buckle up because you are in for a ride.

    November 26, 2011
  32. Stephanie #

    I’m a libra woman and the man I am seeing is an aries. I’ve always had a bit of a fondness for aries men and vice versa haha! Anyway, I just wanted to say to all the women on here, stop OVER-ANALYZING everything and just enjoy the ride! So what if your man is busy and doing other stuff ….. and……. so am I, it’s called having a life :oD and you know what, when he calls me or texts me I have nothing but sweetness for him :o) because, ultimately, he has done absolutely nothing to upset me, he always wants to make me happy and if anyone knows libra, they will know that we like it when a man makes us feel like a queen and if you make us feel like a queen, then you better believe we will make you feel like a king. Aries men love to feel like a king and it is so easy to make him feel that way! An Aries man is what I would call a ‘real’ man, the way to win his heart is to be a ‘real’ woman, which Libran women can do pretty well, its our smile you know, they cant resist it ;) hahaha!

    An Aries man likes a woman to be feminine, confident not dominant! sweet, understanding and for one to hold her tongue! Think before you speak! Dont go grilling the poor chap, he will run and hide, just have faith in that what you have going on together is a good thing and most importantly enjoy!! Stop reading between the lines, there is NOTHING to read, they are very honest and to the point, when they back off, it’s because they want to haha! They have other things going on, they dont have to explain themselves to you, you dont OWN them.

    Anyway, I’m now 39, my sons’ father is an aries, we split 11 years ago, he still loves me, it didnt work out. My first love at 16 was an aries, he still loves me too haha again, it didnt work out. I loved both of these men too, the loves of my life have been aries men because I want a ‘real’ man to match the ‘real’ woman in me. The aries I am seeing now is also 39 and yes he does blow hot and cold, that’s aries men for you ;o) I just leave him to it, he comes back and like I said earlier, I always welcome him back with my sweet smile and my sweet kisses and yes I could describe our physical relationship, but that is private, I shall just say that it is beautiful :oD

    So, ultimately, the advice I will give to women on here is to not over-analyze the relationship, take it on face value, that is what it is, if you ask an Aries man something, he will tell you, they are honest and open and dont bother going down those mind game routes, you will only stress yourself out, he wont give a shit hahahaha! I dont do mind games, I just tell it how it is (sweetly of course :oP) he respects that :o) do not whine and whinge at him, he hates that, if you have something to say, say it, he’s not an ogre! But, before you open your mouth and say something make sure that it is valid and not just in your head (insecurities etc. we all have them!) if you are feeling insecure, I would suggest talking to a friend or family member for advice before you go blurting out nonsense to your Aries man, they really aint keen on negative energy and tbh you dont want to bring that negative energy into your relationship neither.

    Dont change yourselves, be yourselves, I will never change for a man, I dont need to because I’m lovely just the way I am :oD and that is why Aries men always fall for me too, they cannot resist a lovely woman. Come on ladies, you have feminine charm USE IT :oD for once you can be that feminine girl and let your knight come rescue you :oP I love it haha!

    November 21, 2011
    • Randi #

      Seriously, probably the most insightful thing I have read about Aries men all day. I’ve been trying to figure out a guy I had been seeing… he seems to have gone cold on me in an instant, after everything appeared to be incredible. I’m taking your words to the bank. He was the one who was so over-the-top about me, and then he just disappeared on me. It’s been hard to understand, but hey, maybe I don’t need to. I’d be disappointed if he didn’t reappear, to be sure. But I have not stopped living my life while waiting for that either. Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to write about the Aries men. It is much appreciated.

      December 16, 2011
  33. redfox #

    hey guys i am avirgo woman who is in love with a aries man of april we started to see each other 1 month nw and nw and i am havin the first silence treatin , he not even answer his phone and its been one day we have not spoke would get get calm

    November 20, 2011
  34. GeminiWoman #

    How scary! lol. I’m a Gemini woman and pursuing an Aries man, who is supposed to be one of my good match. He likes chasing after me and I find him very interesting. Seeing him next week and oh my… this guy is too masculine. As a gemini woman we like to be in control but this time around, I think I met my match. It’s going to be plenty of mental stimulation. So I’m not committing fully and I do let him know when he’s being an ass. I guess it’s the chase on how to tame this Aries guy (born in APRIL)… as long as he doesn’t get me bored! lol. It’s exciting but he gotta big ego and he can back it up. I think that’s what gets me…. It’s true how he’s full steam when he wants to pursue some thing. I am always holding my breath whenever this guy speaks.
    Wish me luck!

    November 11, 2011
  35. AriesGuy #

    As an Aries man, Moon and Ascendant in Gemini, I actually hate the whole “chase” thing, but what I can’t take is clingy-ness. I don’t play games, I don’t want to chase you, I just want a sturdy, trusting relationship with freedom. I’M NOT GOING TO CHEAT, if I’m with you, I’m with you. But, do. not. cling! This is what I think an Aries man needs above all. If we get with you, it’s because you fascinate us, your sexy, and have a good sense of humor and femininity. But don’t cling, cause then I leave, haha.

    October 23, 2011
  36. Yin #

    Hi.. Gemini here.. I have been with my aries since 4 months. According to him he liked me since he saw me when i was in first year of my college years (now i am in 4th) but never came up to talk to me, since he came to know it from somewhere that i had crush on other guy. After 4years he poked me on fb and things began since then. I was surprised to know that he knew a lot of things about me that others didn’t. And i barely even looked at him back then.
    Its been 4 months.. Unlike the article he ain’t that difficult, he is my dream come true, since i always wanted someone who’d be there to play with me even after turning 60, someone who’d be there whenever i needed him, someone who’d be my best buddy and be very protective.. And he’s all these things.. He’s very aggressive, dominating and bad-ass when he’s out there.. But with me he has always been the little buddy i always knew. He gets rude sometimes, extremely kiddish when he doesn’t get his attention and angry. But i have always managed to calm down his anger and cold behaviour.. Being a gemini i have been very difficult at times but he always knew what to do and say and has been very understanding. He gets very possessive and jealous at times but never showed it to me for he fears to lose me someday. And knowing the arian trait since a very long time i fear that he might cheat on me someday. He knows how to treat my insecurities and tries to keep me happy. When i lack the will power he pushes me beyond the limits. I don’t find any other guy interesting anymore.. None of them match his level. I often get very jealous when he gets the female attention. But he says that it means nothing to me since i am all those things he ever wanted. ( he’s very good at buttering too :p). I am very happy.. And hope that we’ll make it till the end :)

    October 23, 2011
    • GeminiWoman #

      wow! that’s great! That’s how I feel too! I’m talking to other guys (Sagittarius, 2 Aquarius & Libra). That’s gemini woman for you guys! lol. Anyways, this Aries guy really fits all the description I want in a man. He’s handsome, well-defined, he knows what he wants, financially stable, a bodyguard, knows how to stand up for himself. Ain’t that nice? Yes, he can be a jerk and mouth has no filter. It shocks me and makes me laugh… I try not to let him hear it but it’s truly amazing with this Aries man. you just never know what they have going on in their brains. Good luck!

      November 11, 2011
  37. I am a Libra and my man is an April 11 Aries i am 21 years old and he is 26 years old we’ve been together for over 3 years were also engaged. when we met it was literally love at first sit ppl don’t believe in this but it was we didn’t sleep the night we met we couldn’t stop talking. we couldn’t stay away from one another after that. As for sex boy let me tell you wow wow wow OMG you don’t even know if i went right into detail you would be wet! so hot so passionate not just for me him as well they say women know how to please women best if this is the case my man must turn into a women in bed….its the best sex ive had in my entire life i litterally thought sex was only for pleasure of men until i met this man! hes my world my everything as i am to him and he lets me know all the time…hes very romantic and open about his life and life experiences he doesnt lie to me ever hes by my side through thick and thin when we did meet we both had our own problems we that were dealing with and quickly were able to begin helping one another with them and supporting each other to get through them no matter how hard some of the problems seemed to be yes we had our moments of arguments with both of us saying hurtful things but we always dealt with them and always went to bed together happy in the three years we have been together weve been through hell n back litterally with the things that were thrown our way things that we had to face and go through together in our first three years were things many ppl dont go through as quickly as we had to the hardest thing been him almost dieing with a 40 % chance of living n doctors telling us it didnt look good this scared me to death i felt like i could feel some of his pain obviously not all of course but i was hurting too we also had to deal with my own mental break down not because of him! because of the life i had lived in previously to meeting him i was diagnosed with a mental disorder called first psychosis which was very very extremley difficult for my man especially at first not knowing what so ever was going on with me or how to help me myself also not knowing or understanding what was happening this took place not long after he had gotten home i tried to commit suicide even and finally was placed in the hospital on the third floor to figure out what was going on the things i put this man through during this time no man i dont care who the hell they are and think they are would have continued to stay by my side with the things that went on but he did and it was killing him to see me go through this litterally killing him he couldnt sleep and neighbours told me when i was better that he was lost without me i can recall seeing him and how pail he was it hurt me seeing how bad i was hurting him i kept telling him just leave your better off to leave i dont want to put you through this his replies were always i will never leave you i cant i love you we will make it through this i promise it will get better he would hold me as i cryed he would hold me when i freaked he never once backed down from anything i threw his way i have never met a man in my life that could equal up to this man the things hes been through and still he is a great man he should be the biggest asshole in the world with the stuff hes been through but no hes not he would give you the shirt off his back you could be a complete stranger if you dont have a place to go he will give you one he will befriend you when no one else will and give you the chance that others would not the thing that kills me in side is he always and i mean always ends up getting fucked over by everyone it seems very few that havent i have the same problem i think its that were too nice we give everyone a chance and get stepped on in the end for it to the point you wanna give up on ppl n we still dont ppl that do know us would tell you were the exact same person believe or not just one is male and one is female we have so many similarities i was always told opposites attract this is so not true for the two of us we are so simular in most ways that it does cause conflict sometimes were both very stubborn headed and want to be heard and make sure we are heard right from the start he said he new i was the one and that hed never felt the feelings he felt for me ever for any women like he did me and it was def the exact way i felt we both new we wanted to be together forever neither of us could see ourselves with anybody else he is the sweatiest man ive ever met (i know i know i keep on bragging about him but its all very true if you new him youd know it was) I have women tell me all the time that he is an amazing man and that i am a very lucky women they also say they want a man exactly like him ive had women that have issues with relationships ask me how do i get a man like yours i just dont understand every man i meet treats me like shit and cheats and blah blah blah for these two women im spicifacly thinking of i told them first off you need to treat yourself with respect because if you dont men see this and they are also not going to treat you with respect… this man has stuck up for me when no one else did encluiding my own mother/family he stood by my side when almost no one else did he helped me see the things that were not ok in the life i had lived and supported me on my healing journey hes always all over me and always complamenting me and how i look and how i make him feel yes sometimes i have to reasure i love him as so does he for me nethier of us thought that the love we felt for one another could be more than what we felt but for both of us its grown stronger and stronger as we fight every battle sent our way and with every day that goes it still seems to grow we barley ever have an argument now that lifes stresses have finally settled down for us but yes of course we do have some n when we do they are normally very heated with things said that hurt each other everyone that knows us knows we will be together forever they all say it and they cant see us not with one another the pain the other goes through when the other is having problems or in pain is noticable to all not one person has ever said we should not be together he is my man my rock my everything if it wasnt for him i wouldnt be where i am today and its the same for him with me we push the other when they need to be pushed whatever is needed to be done for the other is done theres nothing we wouldnt do for each other litterally ppl tell us they are jealous of us how well we get along communicate and most of all the love we have for one another he writes me love letters all the time we have a couple books full of them there is really never a dull moment most the time when i lay next to him at night the sparks fly even after these years and i know im the luckiest woman on earth to have the man i have next to me i love to stare at him doesnt matter how long weve been together his amazing eyes and his body never stop taking my attention i would stare at him for hours if it didnt bother him so much he is a very sexy man he knows how to dress act and treat a women im the only gf hes had that he remembers my birthday our anniversiry he can tell me what i was wearing over three years ago the night we met as i can him as well most of the conversations we had that night at the campfire hes my night and shining armour and i am his princess and it will never change he is a family man he loves his family with all his heart we both want the same things in life we know what we want and dont want of course he can be an asshole when he wants but let me tell you im very quick to give it back as well i can be quit a bitch when im next to him walking down the street or anywheres i feel beautiful or sexy thanks to him we moved in together right away and i can still remember clear as day his mother says to me are you sure you want to do this i said what do you mean she goes are you possitive you want to move in with my son i know how difficult he can be to live with at times i turned to her and said when you love someone you deal with the things they throw your way difficult or not and im deffinatley not always the easiest person to live with ethier trust me i went on to joke with her dont worry if its too bad ill call you and let you know ahead of time if im going to kill him she didnt like the comment that much n said dont say that youll worry me lol.. my man will not allow for another male to be disrespectful to me whatsoever doesnt matter size differnce or how many friends they have with them he still protects me

    when i came to this site i was a little affended and im not even an aries male however the things that were been said that seemed to be repeated over and over again just was not my aries man!!! i felt bad for april aries men because not all are what ppl seem to think they can be THERE ARE GOOD APRIL ARIES MEN OUT THERE SO PLEASE DO SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR THOSE MEN TOO!! IF YOU LADIES ARE HAVING SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH THESE MEN PERHAPS YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR ANOTHER APRIL ARIES MAN THAT IS SUITTABLE AND AS GOOD AS MINE!

    some ppl r going to be haters on our story and think im making it out to be better than it is but im not and im just trying to share my story too i apoligize for the length and thank you for reading this if you have and good luck in you journeys

    (remember women and men we do not deserve to be treated like shit and put down we need to stick up for ourselves and if you allow a person to treat you badly and stay you are making your life worse than you need too. everyone deserves to be happy and sometimes you have to take this in your own hands.)

    Natasha Hall

    October 23, 2011
  38. TiredofmyArieshusband #

    I am an Aquarius woman, and I landed an Aries male. I was 35 and he was 34. He is an April Aries. He chased me for 2 years. I finally fell in love with him. Then he started the distancing. I would get mad at him and kick him out of my house, and he would come back every 3 months. The longest he stayed away was 6 months. He would come back ready to have a relationship with me. I would treat him like shit most of the time. I still do. I love him to death. I am just as exhausting to him as he is to me. It has been 7 years. Married for 4. We have a child together.

    He is
    An excellent father
    works so hard for the family. Gives all of his money to the family.
    Very simple. He wants his space, food, sex and lots of adoration.
    He loves porn, and he loves looking at women. I give him this space. But, I hate having sex with him afterward.
    He is tall, and has a huge penis. The sex is amazing.

    Me, sometimes I am aloof. Sometimes I am clingy. It just depends. I He is so strong, and so hard, most of the time, but I have made him cry several times. He says when I am in a good mood. I am everything he has ever wanted. He is so into me most of the time, but he loves, tv, the game, and sex. But, when we have sex he comes in about 5 seconds upon entering my area. If we want the sex to last for a long time we engage in lots of foreplay. But, the actual thrusting is not long at all unless he is wearing a condom. He loves me to smell very feminine, act feminine, etc. He gets an instant hard on when I do this. Sometimes, I am just as big a jerk as he is which makes him crazy. He was single when I met him. No children, no ex wives. Just a couple of booty calls nothing more. His family and friends were impressed that I landed him. I love him, but it is sooo hard sometimes when he wants his space. Sometimes I have a hard time giving that to him and that is where the problem comes in. I accuse him of being unfaithful, just because I do not trust men in general, he swears he is not. He says he will leave me before he gets involved with another woman while married to me. This is probably true, but I am still jealous. I might be on the verge of losing him or leaving him. We are going through a rough time right now.

    October 17, 2011
  39. J. #

    And by the way. To all the beautiful women reading this blog, I have a question for you. Do you think if I changed myself AND I actually show it by action and not just words, that

    1. She will forgive me.
    2. She will get back to me.

    Have any of you ladies ever taken back a guy after he cheated but proved himself trustworthy after ? I dont mean take him back next week and he said he is a changed man but actually took his time and realized his wrong?

    I am actually excited to be a changed man. I am proud of myself to not fuck around anymore and got myself back together mentally. Its just that I am a bit nervous and don’t know how to SHOW it to her that I am changed. Not just tell her. And obviously by just looking at me now she will see the change in me. But still… I dont know how to go about it. Should I tell her friends first and so that they can start talking to her that I worked on my issues :s

    please pour in suggestions. :)

    October 12, 2011
    • H #

      Hi J,
      The fact that you’ve realized all of this is very admirable. I’ve been in a relationship for 20 years with an Arian man who cheated on meconstantly. I am a Capricorn. If there is still some softness in her heart for you ( which I’m sure there is) then she has been watching you from a distance. Maybe just continue what you are doing and be kind to her when you see her. All will turn out the way you want in due time! Just stay on the path you’ve decided and find your new self. A part of you – you can be proud of regardless of whether she’ll take you back or not. That way, any relationship you have in future, will be a success! Good Luck!

      November 13, 2011
  40. J. #

    I am an aries man. I always cheated on women I was with. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t keep it in pants as it was easier for me to get into women’s mind and body. Mostly I would just be in and out of their lives and not commit. Last year met a girl and tried to be exclusive with her but it didn’t work. I kept on cheating and getting caught usually because of phone and odd hours women calling. I won’t even smarten up and change names while storing numbers. NO. Everything was mostly in her face. Long story short, she finally had enough. She’s gone. I miss her. And I feel love for her now that she is gone. Maybe its the chase that Aries men like but I think we need a kick in butt sometimes. No other male in zodiac sign can beat our passion and love when it comes down to it.

    I tried to get my gf back but no avail. I stopped calling 2 weeks after she left me as she doesn’t want anything to do with me. I wont bug her. But I will change myself. Its just so unfair to good people to cheat on them. I never realized how it would hurt but lately I am looking at things from her point of view. Aries are deep down realists.

    And since aries take actions, I have since quit smoking, started working out, first time in my sexual life, I have been restrained myself from sex and chasing skirts. YES we Aries LOVE SEX. I will try to get my ex back once I truly can believe that I am a changed man. Aries are passionate. I am not just going to destroy her life if I don’t change. If she is in a relationship when I believe I have changed then I’ll just let her know I am there for her if she needs me. She’s a virgo. All she needs to know is that if she fells down, someone is there to catch her. And she will maybe make herself fell down ;).

    Don’t hate Aries. They don’t mean to hurt you. Its just that they have a blind spot in their peripheral vision. Once they see how their actions cause consequences then they realize their wrong doing.

    October 12, 2011
    • Virgo #

      I’m a Virgo girl fallen for Aries guy I show alot of care towards him as he has recently hurt his arm. I text him everyday to check on him if he is ok. He doesn’t know I like him I’m afraid our friendship may break. I cannot figure out what type of guy Aries are… Please advice me in weather I should tell him how I feel or just wait to see if he feels something for me thanks

      January 6, 2012
  41. J #


    Hello !

    You have to differentiate your feeling’s toward each-other, then make conclusion ;
    who of both of you has more feeling’s?,by this you can determine if your love
    actual & mutual or just verbal ?!!!!!
    Read about ” Psycological Compatibility ”- it may help you, try.
    Good Luck

    October 4, 2011
    • Capricorn #

      Thanks Cancer and J, I will look that up.

      October 8, 2011
    • Capricorn #

      Things are still good our love is mutual yet i love him more… I’m working on my clingyness. Hope all is well!

      November 10, 2011


        November 10, 2011
  42. J #

    Answer to Capricon girl :

    I gave you my think previously!

    But , in general, sooner or later its your choice.

    Good Luck.

    October 3, 2011
    • Capricorn #

      My eyes are open I love him but I love myself also. He already knows how I feel bc I texted him while we weren’t speaking so I didn’t say it again. He didn’t say much just acted like nothing happen he did say I didn’t do anything wrong but he denied playing on the phone… He did say I didn’t let up and sometimes he needs his space… So now I am giving him his space… I don’t call him and now he’s wondering why… I am doing what’s best for me in life. He asked for forgiveness and said hr would never shut me out like that again. I believe him but I’m being careful. Thanks J and Cancer have a great week!!

      October 4, 2011
      • cancer girl #

        yes you have to give an aries man their space they don’t like to be nagged or smothered i’m the same exact way i love independence even though i’m a cancer i have an aries moon and i express more of my aries qualities as well as my cancer qualities. if he says he likes or loves you then he means it.

        October 5, 2011
  43. canceRchick #

    I am a cancer and I just started talking to/hooking up with an aries guy. He’s smart, sexy and seems to say and do all the right things. We live an hour and a half apart so I have only had the chance to hang out with him twice in person. He texts me every day though and always asks when we are going to see each other next. Being a cancer, I am always holding back a little to protect myself, but I am also confident and play games sometimes because I don’t want to get hurt. I’m not expecting this relationship to work out right away because we are both going to college full time and I work, but when i do get to see him I feel like I’m actually falling for this guy. I feel like the fact that we can’t see each other a lot makes it more exciting when we do. I want to know what the future looks like for us, without expecting too much!

    October 1, 2011
  44. J #

    You welcome.

    September 30, 2011
    • Capricorn #

      He called! :)

      October 2, 2011
      • cancer girl #

        lol don’t want to be in your business but what did he have to say?

        October 3, 2011
      • cancer girl #

        and don’t get too happy about him calling act like you don’t care i know it’s hard lol but you have to and also tell him how you feel

        October 3, 2011
  45. J #


    Hi !

    I’am Aries man.
    If you really noticed that your aries playing/ignoring or cheating
    on you,so why you love him?!!!
    What hopes you live in if he behaves with you in the way no one of us would
    accept it?
    Ask your self, is he the last man in this global? exactly NO.
    You are young yet, look for other who gives you respect & love.

    You just got into habit of loving him! That’s it.
    Good Luck.

    September 28, 2011
    • Capricorn #

      You’re correct that’s why I’m ok! Life goes on it was fun while it lasted and I have no regrets… NEXT! :) THANKS!

      September 29, 2011
  46. Lost Gemini #

    hello, i’m a Gemini girl and i have been flirting with a slightly older Aries man, hes shy but very sweet, often when hes in a sour mood a gentle hug will get him back on his feet. he likes to play the role of my protector always making sure i’m not in any trouble and will come to my aid if i am. the problem is that there is a Capricorn guy who has been trying to “woo” me, i kinda wanna give it a try just to get Mr.Aries jealous since he doesn’t like the Capricorn guy at all. another part of me is saying “no don’t do that, don’t use other people to get his attention” but what do i do? do i wait for Mr. Aries and see if he only likes me as a friend, or should i keep him as a friend and see what Mr.Capricorn has to offer?

    September 27, 2011
  47. LovingAriesWoman #

    Wow all this is too familier to me when it comes to my relationship with my aries man. Hes tall romantic sexy ambitious and has a lil flaw of insecurity but our sex life together is A1 satisfactory to both of us:) TRUST! ! ! We have been seeing each other for 6 months and he blows my mind i crave for him more than any man iv ever even met. Btw im an aries woman lol. so its alot of him in me and me in him and thats whats so grounded between us we are just too familier with each other….Iv dated other aries men but they havent lasted no more than a month or two. But the aries im with now we are getting closer and closer we both like to take time because freedom is a must to both of us and we know we are trying to open up different doors in our relationship such as opening our communication with each other. He does like to talk and so do i we just want to know who’s thinkin bout who first lol…and just yesterday it seems like our time together is getting more interesting. Hes not afraid to give me what i want and i can tell he wants me to know he will always be the one to do it. We have our fall outs about his ways sometimes and i dont tolerate it for too long and i tell him im leaving then he says things like “your just mad u will be back” wich is pretty true. I mean what am i to do with all that attraction lol wich thats what us aries are. So many people are attracted to us period…so thats what i had to realise because hes the same with me always thinking im hiding someone else. So just have one question besides this chasing thing which i know he has enough of what do i do or say to show him i want him and no one else???? because its becoming irritating LOL! ! !

    September 27, 2011
  48. kordilia #

    i’m a gemini woman was dating an aries 10 years ago (i was 22 he was 23) he was so clingy and most of the time i treated him like im his mom. i overlooked some flirting and him going wiith other girls just cause i felt i understand him so deeply, i could see right through all those things and see how insecure he was and how lost. he touched my heart, it was like we are at the same time soul twins and lovers and i adored him deeply.
    looking back to this relationship, i see now that all i needed to do to keep him was to put boundaries. i felt at that time that putting him boundaries was somehow restrict him and prevent him from becoming a real man, instead of a peter pan or a child. i’m not sorry for not doing this but im just saying to all you girls, if you do find this aries you love let him play a bit, let him mold his masculinity, then put the line and say thats it. if it’s the right time for him, that will do the job.
    now i’m infatuated with an older man, suspect he is either an aries or a scorpio. we had some really heavy flirting, everyday for a week and half, he made a gesture and it was up to me to take things forward but i got cold feet cause i’m already in a relationship and he knows that. im affraid my main atrcactive feature to him is that i’m younger and taken, and really don’t want theses games, unless he’s sure he wants me.

    September 25, 2011
  49. M #

    Cancer dealing with an aries, more sensitive than the usual aries. Help.

    September 24, 2011
  50. cancer girl #

    the above comment was for “capricorn” girl

    September 24, 2011
    • Capricorn #

      Thank you I haven’t called or texted… I will take your advise …

      September 28, 2011
      • Capricorn #


        September 28, 2011
      • cancer girl #

        your welcolme!

        September 28, 2011
  51. Capricorn #

    Oh my!!! I am so glad I found this page!!! I am a Capricorn and I met an Aries in July and it was like love at first sight!!! He already asked me to be his woman and the sex was GREAT we had sex the first time we met…. A week after I flew to see him and we drove across country together. We both told each other we loved each other repeatedly in emails text verbally… I’ve helped him in school he has helped me in areas as well… Last Friday he called me from a private number and pretended to be someone else I didn’t recognize his voice, to make a long story short I fell for it, one part of the conversation he said “im trying to get into you tonight” the person that I thought I was talking to would have NEVER said this to me because we are not intimate have NEVER been intimate and NEVER even discussed a sexual encounter, so I was caught so off guard I replied, “oh really, i will call you after I get out of class” and I immediately hung up… The next day I call the person he pretended to be and he was like I didn’t call you… BINGO, light went off in my head it was my bf. I immediately called him to talk about it and he wouldn’t answer, so i called him 32 times (OMG I KNOW CRAZY) he answered once and hung up in my face and he texted me and said “now you’re tripping stop calling my phone” i replied “as in never call your ass again” he never replied… and I haven’t talked to him since. I have texted him expressing my apologies i explained the situation, I am not cheating on him and I have not… and expressed my LOVE for him. I am sick over this. The last text I sent him I told him I would give him his space and that I loved him, I also in many other text let him know that I realize we are different but I love him enough to try to understand why he thinks I deserve this treatment. I honestly haven’t done anything wrong… I am so heartbroken I don’t know what to do. It is so hard not calling him!!! Today is my first full day of no emails, no calls, no text to him. I feel like he’s my soul mate and to top it off two weeks ago I got a tattoo of his initials on my body….

    Will he ever call me again????
    (in tears)

    September 23, 2011
    • Capricorn #

      F*#@ him I’m over him! I love myself more! Kick rocks b*@!? #CAPRICORNS! Lol but if he calls I will answer….

      September 24, 2011
    • cancer girl #

      i’m a cancer girl with an aries moon and i’m kind of shy and a little quiet but i love to talk, i’m hard to get and very protective of my feelings. i don’t have much experience with an aries guy but i’m learning as i go.

      i think your aries is playing games don’t contact him at all. act as if you have a life of your own (which you do) just forget about him (i know it’s hard but trust me i went through not the same thing but a somewhat similar situation where my aries guy would ignore me at times) your life is more important you don’t need him so act as if you don’t need him. i wouldn’t text or call him anymore just forget about him and worry about yourself and then he would come calling or texting you.

      i’ve learned over and over i would never call or text him unless he does it first always let him chase you never chase him. and yes you did the wrong thing by calling him over and over like that. (he probably thought it was a little stalker ish and then there are some guys who likes when a girl calls them over and over just so they could have something to laugh and talk about to their friends and try to make you look bad) anyway after 2 calls i wouldn’t have called him anymore and i wouldn’t call him the next day i wouldn’t talk to him until he called me but if he ever calls you don’t pick up the first call do him like he did you.

      another thing you did wrong was getting a tattoo of his initials and also telling him you loved him how long have you known him? and having sex too early, i’m not going to criticize you on that because i had sex with my aries too early also but we also had been talking and texting each other 2 months before we started hanging out with each other then after 3 weeks of hanging out we had sex for the first time.

      and if he does call you ask him why he had pretended to be someone else on the phone when you were talking to him, bring up that situation and tell him how you felt about the way he treated you, don’t be soft let him know he ticked you off and your not having it.

      but just my opinion though hope that i helped you somewhat. i’m dealing with an odd aries too, he’s also a tad bit shy and reserved and i just found out he does have a somewhat sensitive side he’s just cautious about showing his true feelings, i love him so much and he knows it, he’s going through a rough time right now and i’m just trying to be there for him.

      September 24, 2011
  52. bambi #

    hi, i am a scorpio woman with aries moon in engaged to an aries man. i absolutely did not give it up quickly and he chased like mad. we got engaged 9 months after w met. he moved in, moved out, i moved in with him and he absolutely plays mind control games. he is a great guy with a dynamic personality. he is extremely giving and generous to me, he is affectionate, cooks, cleans, pays all the bills. however, the price i have to pay for all of his fine gifts is that he is very moody and when he gets angry, he goes from a 1 to 99 instantly and becomes very rude and insulting. he justifies everything. all i can say is that because i know who i am…i don’t let his words affect my self esteem, but it hurts because the other 30 days of the month…we are in love. i don’t know if he will change and realize that his hurtful words are damaging and scaring. in any case…..april born aries men are a mess.

    September 9, 2011
  53. cancer girl #

    btw aries men are supposed to be upfront, tell it like it is and straightforward people well this aries guy i’m dealing with is far from straightforward only when it comes to sex but he is a little shy like he’s scared to talk to me at times,(maybe it’s his cancer rising) sometimes i have to initiate conversation first to at least get a word out of him and i’m a shy and quiet girl myself but the silence and non talking was irritating me i just had to say or do something to start conversation, i like to play around and play fight and it seems like he doesn’t i like to play around and have fun me and my ex virgo used to play around all the time and wrestle lol (kinda unusual with me being a cancer girl i guess but maybe it’s my aries moon) maybe it’s because he’s serious about me but isn’t sure?!?!? anywho, he’s so outgoing, confident and everyone loves him and knows him he’s so popular to everyone which makes me think he would be straightforward with me i’m straightforward and i’ll tell it like it is and i won’t sugar coat anything. sometimes i just want him to tell me he doesn’t like me or does like so i would know if i should move on or not.
    the only reason why i’m sticking with him is that maybe underneath it all he’s very soft on the inside and i want to bring out his soft side i just don’t know how to, maybe he’s insecure about something and doesn’t want to show it i wish he would tell me, i don’t know what to do, what should i do to bring out his soft side???

    September 3, 2011
    • rob the aries #

      to cancer I am an aries so I may be able to assist you here. Aries men are very straight forward but usually the ones born in early april possess this quality. also if we are comfortable with the woman we are with we do tend to be on the quiet side we as aries people are never shy never fool yourself into thinking that however sometimes we are deep within our minds sometimes and although we are straight forward it dosnt mean we will slap you in the face with it we are sometimes very good listeners so if you ask the right questions we will give you the right answers sometimes we are so deep on our minds and focusing on so many things at once we forget to stop and express ourselves lol that and of course acting needy in any way would be a sign of weakness to a aries and aries men do not play fight with a woman really we are protectors so if we feal we would harm you in any way by doing something we will not engage in it he is not shy to talk to you he is probably testing you to see how devoted you are we will lay down our lives for the ones we love but we will test you to see if your devoted to us and deserve it first if this is an aries that has been hurt a lot they will be mean to you cold or distant in order to test the waters if you can get past that asshole syndrome we put out there for people to see then you will see that softer side we make you earn it trust us we cant have everyone getting to our hearts and knowing that theres a soft charming person underneath if they did in our minds we could easily be taken advantage of and we wont have it. virgos are playful and shy we do not play by the same rules now depending if you can charm your way into visiting the 3 year old that lives within us or not we will be puppies in your lap if you can reach that inner child you may have a chance so if you want a more straight forward playful aries you must charm us with humor we tend to act tough but if you can make us laugh even when we try our hardest to be allll serious and manly like then we will love you for it we can be very serious but we remember we like attention and we test devotion and loyalty of people we may even cuss you out to see if youll stick it out lol if he is not sure its because you have not made him feel secure in the relationship we are weary getting into them anyways even though we love them at the same time its hard for us to trust people sometimes give it time dont give up but also be blunt if you want to know the answer ask hey do you like me? we will not bs about these things if we dont like you we dam sure will tell you if he hasnt told you that he dosnt like you your in good standing hope I have helped

      May 5, 2012
  54. cancer girl #

    i’m a cancer girl with an aries moon and cancer rising and omg i think i’ve just met the most confusing aries guy eeeever ok my aries guy (leo moon, cancer rising) is seriously playing mind games with me and i don’t know what to do =( i’ve been ignoring him, and letting him come to me, and chase me. recently he’ll text me or call me when he’s ready to, ask me what i’m doing or if i’m busy, and i’ll tell him yes i’m busy doing this or that…..and i only do this because now it just seems like he’ll just text or call me whenever he wants sex and i don’t like that, should i tell him how i feel about that?….he does say that we’re just talking to each other (not yet at the boyfriend girlfriend stage) and on occasions he calls me his girl or his babe and it confuses me, i don’t know if we are together or not? does he want me or not? sometimes he makes me feel like he wants me and then sometimes he makes me feel like he doesn’t….i’m thinking maybe i should just keep ignoring him and giving him the run around whenever he asks me if i’m busy or if i want to come over. i remember when we first started hanging out he kept trying to kiss me and i kept pulling away and he asked me whats wrong and i told him i didn’t know him that well. there has been 2 occasions where i just went off on him in a text telling him that i don’t want to be treated like i’m a whore and that if he just wants sex from me then we may as well not talk to each other because that’s not what i want, and confronting him about me hearing about him messing around with other girls and how i felt about that and him not telling me he was still seeing his ex (now their not talking anymore officially) and he never responded back to me, why doesn’t he respond to me? but when he sees me the next day he acts as if nothing happened, i don’t get it!!! after sending him those texts confronting him i started to distance myself from him and that’s when he grew concerned about me asking me what’s wrong with me? why am i not talking to him? asking me why am i acting so strange? and i just wanted smack him across the forhead like are you really asking me these questions? like you don’t know what’s wrong with me? i reeeaaaallllyyyy like him sooo much almost to the point of loving him but i don’t know what to do i want to stick with him i don’t want to give up on him. ugh i’m soooo confused and don’t know what to do =( but i’m going to stick with him and see how this goes.

    September 3, 2011
  55. J #

    Hi !
    I’m an Aries. ( Just keep on & do not stop, show him REAL feelings without
    playing games). Aries’s not stupid, they have ability to know who honest
    toward them, if something is not ok they will go far away without notice!

    Before anything make profound study about your feelings to him, if you found
    that you are really want him to be the one in your life, JUST BE HONEST
    IN EVERYTHING with him, by this you will return him to you for long time.

    Good luck.

    August 29, 2011
  56. Bloom #

    Wow count me in!!! I prefer the older n mature ones

    August 19, 2011
    • Bloom, Im a 36 year old married Arian with no kids. I have been with my wife for 10 years now and love her more with each passing day. Arians love their freedom Bloom and they also love excitement. If your Arian has hobbies like most arians do I suggest you get into his hobbies and support them. Even if you dont like them. If it bugs him though that your involved in something he loves, I would back off until he’s willing to let you in. Above all though be honest about your feelings. We are fire and yes our love making skills have been influenced on many to where it confuses the party we are engaging. We do it so well that the party we engage start to have feelings for us. Me personally though, I did not like hearing of those feelings 2 weeks after sex was encountered almost every day or night. Its way to soon. But I also got to say, I loved how my wife supported certain things i did. She boosted my ego and confidence almost all the time. Plus she is a very submissive woman and she listens to everything I say. She basically follows me and because My Arian style loves to lead she’s the perfect companion. God is an Aries. You know how I know. Because I as an Arian have all the traights of God. I am not God. I get jealous like God, But i am very forgiving too. I get angry like God and want to smite people. But humbleness from others tenderize my heart and then I have to forgive and forget what they have done to me. I also look at money as though its just money. We all need it to live and pay bills but thats it. Money dont make happiness happen. Like God said you cant worship mammon and him both, mammon being money. God is an Aries.Sacrifice is a big deal to me as well. I wouldnt want any 1 to sacrifice for me but I am the type that would sacrifice myself for others even if they arent worth it. Lets face it most of us arent worth the headache. But are hearts are as big and open as anyone could ever ask for. It will take alot of patience waiting for that heart to be open though. And even hostility along the way. We are a journey through an unpaved dynasty of riches. We shine like no other. You must chip at the chars of coal that make us ugly. In the middle lies a stone that everyone wants. We are the diamond in the rough. All Aries birth stone is a diamond. But once you find that diamond and you know how it shines you can spend the rest of your life polishing it to make sure it shines only for you. I hope your journey lives well

      September 8, 2011

        December 28, 2011
  57. Bloom #

    Gosh, I get to know an Aries men on 21 July 2011 and on our first date he hug me tight I’m a Scorpio women, he’s older by 14 yrs, I push him away as I think it’s not rite but later we meet again on 23 July and we had sex it was amazing, then we keep contact and exchange text then 31 aug we met again everything seems perfect and he ask me lots of questions and told me abt his past too. I love the sex and romantic side of him, he did mentioned that he want a relationship with me but that time was he at his peak that he blurted out I guess. Then 3x we met on 14 aug wow we did it again but then he told me he don’t want commitment so I freak out but I do like him alot or maybe fallen for him, the feelings become stronger and stronger but now he shattered everything, but deep Down in my heart I think he want me, as before we did talk and so frank with each other. Ok ppl I’m not going to give up on him. I’m going to take the challenge to tolerate my feelings to give him some time, I’m planning to SMS him once in awhile or email him, I’ve told him how I feel abt my feelings but he did mention abt dun rush, I realize I’ve done a mistake. So pls tell me guys how shall I get his attention back???? He told me he have feelings for me on our 2nd date. I’m so worry now he will turn to someone else, tell me how to make him interested again.

    August 19, 2011
  58. JbscorpGurl #

    he’s an aries i meant to say, Not Scorpio (above)

    August 17, 2011
  59. JbscorpGurl #

    So im a Scorpio girl, ive had a whirlwind romance with this scorpio guy for a year now, although we havent seen each other in a couple months, i cant bring myself to love anyone else, he’s the Love of my life. I played hard to get in the beginning, he found it so amusing n was always happy around me. Our 1st date he screamed to anyone who cared to listen that I was his ‘babygirl’. He is so Tall and Exciting, merely looking at him makes me blush. Butafter a while, seemed he is playing mind games, like hide and seek or smthn. 2day he’s here, 2mrw he’s gone without a word, He did this from the beginning but its only starting to reallly get to me now. He’s always sorry when i complain tho and calls when he can. But still goes cold sometimes. we have only ever had sex 1ce and he seems to cherish that 1 time, so do I. But im confused, is this how they behave when inlove?? He calls to let me know he’s busy but who on earth is that busy? I trust him so much tho cos he’s allowed me surprise visit him a couple tyms n i rmbr when he had another gf he wont even talk to any other girls romantically, so i knw hes loyal. should i just be patient with him? or shud i run away? cos its almost like im nt even sure if something is wrong or if im jus a bit needy… someone pls tell me. I adore this man, wont want to let him go.

    August 17, 2011
  60. Ezzyway1 #

    Of an Aries man loves u he’ll do anything for u trust me my dad an Aries and my mom Gemini they’ve been together for 18 year going to be 19 in august my bro is an Aries gf a Aquarius been together for 4 years the relationships have had trouble but they make it up to u and are great people my bf is an Aries I’m a sag. He’s the best but he’s controlling which I’m not into but then after a while he’ll let me be :) lol I adore we were friends for like 4 months and he’s very respectful and sweet :) I love him and he tells me he loves me well c how it goes *fingers crossed* : D

    July 24, 2011
  61. cancergirly #

    I’m a girl cancer sun, aries moon, leo rising dating a male aries sun with a leo moon an he’s been chasing me since high school but now he’s got me I really really like him a lot I love that’s he’s independent and likes to do his own thing bcause my ex who was a virgo was completely annoying and he hated that I Didn’t spend all of my time with him but I was always busy and he never understood that and he was bitchy he whined a lot. But anywho the aries guy I’m dating is aweome I just wish he would show me some kind of attention because sometimes I feel he doesn’t like me but I know he does by little things he do. And the sex is amazing waaaaay better than my ex virgo, and I can tell he loves having sex with me everytime we do have sex it feels like our first time everytime (well to me it does) and I hear aries men lose interest in girl after first time having sex with her but I think its different with me whenever he wants it he’ll grab me and have his way and I think I’m becoming more confident with him. And its true one day they act so interested and the next they’re so cold but I don’t care too much if he needs his space i’l let him have his space and I understand that. (Btw I’m 20 and he’s 21) I caught him staring at me once I thought it was akward and weird lol I guess he probably was happy to have me or something. Oh and he’s extremely sexy!

    July 21, 2011
  62. Angela #

    fyi the question was directed to librawmn703 thanx

    July 20, 2011
  63. J #

    Hellooo Dear’s !

    I’am an Aries man.

    I want to mention that, Ram-men are not lier’s.

    Thank you.

    June 29, 2011
  64. AngelTalula #

    I dread the day I met him.

    June 26, 2011
  65. Arian Woman #

    I am an Aries woman dating an Aries man. I actually sat for hours reading all these posts-obviously for a reason. I tell my Aries man that he has finally met his match. I don’t tolerate the BS mind games, and I think my sarcasm and short wit keeps him tagged to my hip. I choose my battles wisely. The disappearing acts USED to happen (very brief periods of time) but when he came home to no one one night, he got panicky so that has stopped. Just like any man, he will and has stated to me that I would be “tested.” I never knew if an Aries/Aries relationship would work, but we are very successful at keeping each other in check. We also have lots of fun. I’m not the “typical chick.” I definitely keep him guessing ;) and it keeps him coming back.

    June 26, 2011
    • Aries woman, please do share your secret? Im an Aries girl, dated an Aries man therefore I can relate to the topic here. We broke up 5 months ago, and didn’t talk to each other but recently we became close again and so we went out, had a goooood night! We were on the verge of seeing each other again until he wanted me to tell him the truth about sleeping with another guy. I told him the truth, and he said thanks and will try not to look at me differently but he acts wayy different now! He makes everything hard for me. I don’t know what we are right now, we say ‘friends’ but we kissed and he still gets hard on. After another night out not long ago, i text him thanking him for a good night and he said he did have a good night and i said ‘yeah thats what friends are for’ and since then he hasnt replied! GOD! i need help here haha

      July 22, 2011
  66. Melissa #

    To the real aries man, I am a virgo who is with an aries and being that I am an earth sign he is crazy about me in the same way you say you are crazy about the tauras girl whom is also an earth sign. That’s what he loves about me is my feminity, and yes, he gets a hard on just looking at me. The sex is amazing, we are matched in our love for passion. He was a challenge in the beginning but I hung in and gave him his space and now we have happily been together for two years. He is the best man I have ever known. Best boyfriend, best father, best hard-working man! I love him so much and we have already talked marriage. He says he is just waiting for the perfect moment in our lives which I know is true and I have 100% faith in him because he has proven to me he is a man of his word. Xoxoxo to aries men, and the best sex I have had in my life!!!!!

    June 21, 2011
  67. donna #

    btw, this post is soooo true “I mean we can be perfectly fine .. eat, talking whatever and then he twists things and creates an issue which he literally makes up in his head and wants to convince me that it’s my fault or that that is what i meant to say…”. oh wow, thats just like him !! im going crazy everytime he does that. come on, one minute hes like the sweetest guy, most romantic, smart, loves to cuddle, and we could talk for hours without any argumentation, and then the next minute. he would be mad out of nowhere, sometimes over something i said which doesnt make any sense at all. oh god, everytime i tried to leave him, he would pop op into my life again !!and everytime he does that, i just cant leave for the time being, until he started being “crazy and egoistic, selfish” again, then i would leave him again and tried to go out with another guy, then he would showed up again and again and again. i really want to tame this aries man and try to commit into a relationship with me, but i just dont know how? help !

    June 13, 2011
  68. donna #

    Im sooo glad i found this website. im glad to other womans are on the same path as me. Im a scorpion woman and im madly in love with this aries man. one day, hes like so much in love with me, giving me all this attention and when he kissed me, i feel like im the happiest woman alive, but the next day and for the next few days, might even weeks! he would dissapear ! and when i asked him wether we are in a relationship or just a friend, he would ask me what do i want? and when i said that i wanted us to be in a relationship, he would said, no, he doesnt want that. but then he told me that i should ask him out many times. isnt it crazy? i really dont know what to do. many times, i would tell him that i dont want to see him anymore and i would blocked him from my chatting messenger, but out of nowhere in a few months, he would just showed up and asked me out as if nothing happened! i really cant handle this anymore, i dont want to play this game that hes playing, but im so in love with him and i just cant leave him. im soo frustated. this thing had been going on for 7 yrs ! and for the past 7 yrs ive been seeing other man too but hes the only one whos always been in my heart. now im turning 33 yrs old. its about time for me to settle down and i really want to find a guy whom i can get married with, but i just cant force myself to leave him and find someone else. god help me. dont know what to do :(

    June 13, 2011
  69. Chantee #

    Gemini female 24. I met a Aries man on new years it is now June 2011. My Aries man is 21. He is all man. I am very attracted to him. As a Gemini I love to ask questions & learn about someone will also go to the extent of googling it. After reading this I haven’t read a similar story. This Aries man is very very busy 4 yrs left in military. Ex wife out of state with 2 boys that are younger than my one. Obviously the devotion to his family is there (very attractive). He has a lot on his plate. I enjoy his company very much so. I am not looking for anything serious so that being said I am VERY content with just sex. He did one night though say he wanted to make more time for me & says that when I touch him it feels so perfect ha ha I said dito? Really ha ha threw me off guard. At this point I was thinking just to break it off I don’t want to get hurt. But after talking to a couple people about the situation I realized that all men say things like that and shouldn’t be taken that serious. I am not seeing anyone else but if that opportunity comes I will take it. I believe if we where both older & in different circumstances that would be better fit. Sometime people just aren’t in time in there life that they can take a relationship on. We text all the time but is pretty boriing in the sense of ex: hows your day “good” thats good ha. I have my wall up for sure & have expressed to him that him expressing his feelings threw me off guard. O and a additional detail that is helping me not think too much about the expressing his feelings part is. His hand was broken and he was nice & drugged up. I think that we enjoy eachothers time & will continue to appreciate that. He will go back to his kids once done with military. I am not going to ruin a good thing might be more later :)

    June 10, 2011
  70. judith #

    Hello I’m a libra and I’ve been dateing an aries for six years now.I’m 17now and our relationship has been on and off due to his jelousy carector and my very friendly flirtatious catector,over all this years and breackups we have realized its not just an ilussion its really love.i really do love this guy,but his trust issues on me really bother me,dies anyone have any advice for me on how to make rhis relationship work?we refuse to let go of eachother;/

    May 30, 2011

    Okay, this is really interesting to read. First off let me just clear something up.

    A lot of you ladies seem to be putting too much into this horoscope thing. If the guy is a loser then he is a loser period it doesn’t matter if he is an aries or a scorpio or a gemini or whatever. If he is cheating on you he is a loser and is abusing your has nothing to do with his zodiac sign.. IMFAO!!!!!

    I have met other aries guys and I myself are put off by some of has more to do with the person and their upbringing then just their zodiac fact I think if the guy is a jerk his negative aries qualities becomes more heightened

    Like some of the other Aries guys mentioned the ‘Aries Man’ ages like a fine wine and gets better with age . Once they mature and learn from their mistakes they become better men.However when they are young they like to experience everything and do everything. Whether it be skydiving or sleeping with different women ;)…

    I am the atypical aries man and I’m pretty sure if there was a zodiac dictionary and you looked up Aries you would find my picture in there…hahahahhaha!!

    Now to the Libra girls….I love libra women…my ex girlfriend of 4 years was a libra and I loved her very much…she passed away sadly a year ago and I still am reeling from it.When we first met it was immediate attraction and I had to have her immediately and she played hard to get ..but i got her in the end ( by the way as the other aries men mentioned playing hard to get is good but being next to impossible is a turn off and I will lose interest and go to the next girl and won’t lose sleep over it)the one thing that you libra girls need to understand is that an aries man has a hundreds things going on at once and gets caught up with himself…that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care or love you…its just that he is doing something in the moment and you NEED TO GIVE HIM THAT SPACE !!!! My girlfriend finally figured this out and once that happened our relationship went to a whole new level. My best friend (male) is a libra and when we are together have so much fun and party like crazy ..however if I don’t call him everyday he throws a hissy fit and acts like a chick saying i don’t call him …however his fiance who is a taurus chick calls him everyday and is a little possessive, drives him crazy and he complains to me about her… about Irony !

    An aries man does have a temper,is impulsive,is masculine, is aggressive , but is also kind hearted, will love you ,is great in bed and needs to explore EVERYTHING…so just let him…don’t change him ….if you are the ‘ONE’ he will do all the chasing and will make you his wife and will stay loyal…guaranteed!!

    As for the mind games that you women are referring to I don’t know what the f**k y’all are talking about …I don’t play any aries man is upfront and honest and will speak his mind .I think you are confusing him being busy with his life, with playing mind games…just give his space and have your own life and your relationship will be good…Don’t expect him to hand on your everyword and want to spend every waking minute with you..he needs his own space.

    I’m dating a taurus girl at the moment and she is gorgeous ..I mean she is so feminine and the sex is mind blowing…we go to bed having sex, we wake up and have sex we meet in between work and have sex wherever we can…this girl is insatiable and just looking at her gives me a hard on…the only thing that bugs me is that she is getting a little possessive when i hang out with other girls and she is a bit of a homebody..theres nothin wrong with that..just not every f**ckin weekend !!

    In my opinion the women that make good Aries mates are :

    LIBRAS – Excellent – a lot of fun,fantastic personality, very charming and sociable and great sex
    LEOS – Excellent, almost equal to the aries..except get ready to sorry after every fight all the time..cus they are very proud and never do..which gets old after a while !
    TAURUS – Good but need to be a little less possessive and little more impulsive.
    GEMINI – Irritating as hell ! definite NO NO… like dating two people..split personality and very annoying !
    ARIES – I’ve never dated or met an aries woman, would love to ..I imagine it as like looking in the mirror, except with t*ts and as*…..:)
    SAGGITARIUS – talks too much and very opinionated and argues just for the sake of arguing without anything to back it up…had a saggitarius male friend once and he kept pissing me off once too many i finally had to kick his ass..after that he kept his mouth shut and we didn’t hang out after that…LOL! never dated a saggitarius girl though…so I could be wrong bout this one.

    Dunno bout the cancers,capricorns,scorpios,pisces and virgos as I haven’t dated them yet..

    May 21, 2011
  72. who #

    A gemini woman here xD

    I just love him<3
    It amazing how he dont make me run,…coz..I always run lol
    alot of fun-running, games and its something we both like…
    I do feel sometimes I wanna flee as furthest as possible cos I love him soo much and I get scared that this is a place I will might get hurt…reallllyy bad..We both know he can just kill me lol

    The relationship started on a mine-field..both just accidentaly wondered there and he has said aswell that damn, didint even realise…cos neither of us at first few days didint think much of eachother, just fun conversation and joking around and on the 3rd day already had to admit… love….xD
    And from there on…it just goes intenser by the day
    We have been toghter a year

    I love that with him I know where things are at..and if they drift it will be clear and we always fix it toghter:) Alwat talking, hes cool abt me going on forever about….well, anything xD and loves it the next minute when I throw it all outta window and declare that none I said I dont belive in. He loves to be in attention, so do I..we never seem to get bored giving it . He loooves to win, so do I, but I dont mind at all, I jokingly sabotage his attepts making it clear that I sabbotage and be all big-eyes-who-me?? abt it xD He is unpossible to BS for real, he sees al thru , something Im facionated with, yet still I try and so we go….forever playing but its not bad thing, not at all

    He is always sure in everything, I doubt all..but I trust him and he constantly over&over proves that he keeps his words, I love that about him and adore it and I definatly make sure he knows I appreaciate it and show it.

    Imma airhead alot of times, gemini xD and I lose sight and forget and go "lost" in my mind, yet in few words he has me smiling again

    The sex is out of this world. Im shy but with him Im diffrent and no idea never stays an idea …if it was, neither were interested, tho cant remeber that there was anything we rejected…Aries is very dominant, ofc in bed and I just love challeging him into doing more, most ideas are his yet I twist them and this drives him wild. no limits.

    We only had one fight so far..lasted a day and was heartbreaking. I was unsure in somethin and he took it as rejection or mistrust and he didint blew me up, just was cold….it was little bit of misunderstoodment…we got it cleared and I love that we both let it go..He never mentions it or rubs it into my face. With my ex I had that constanly, every fight I got served with my failures that happend since forever..:S One can only apolodgize to certain point u know :/
    I love going out and socialiseing, so does he…He can jelous but so far I never give reason cos its not worth it. At first was little hard cos tho I said I have few friends, wich I have, I do have a wide social circle. He is flirty too but never dumps or neglets me. Its little bit a game..sorta…I do have insecurites and when they apprear he stops and is with me, but othertimes its just fun to see him in action..its kinky I know lol but fun!!

    Arguing and flirting constantly around eachother, its soo much fun and I never get enough and he never rans out either.

    He is very careing, loving, sweet and honest and misbehaveing and soo stubborn at times ( so am I) but the way we clash in that area ends in cramps of LOL`in Im lucky to met him and have him as a bf, he is not perfect nor am I…Im not sceared what future might bring cos I feel I known him for century yet he is a mystery ..all in same time xD

    I love him

    May 21, 2011
  73. SoulfulLibra #

    I am a Libra/ October 5 (Moon in Virgo) and I have been in love with this Aries/ March 25 (Moon in Libra). What can I say…he’s a complete FOOL! I just can’t understand for the life of me WHY one minute he is ready to settle with me and want to move to ATL to be with me cause he lives in Pittsburgh and then he just disappears for 2 weeks and ignores me on ALL social networks. Then, knowing how he operates, he’ll come back like nothing happened and give me a pity party. First off, I don’t DO pity parties and second, I curse fools out who take me for granted. It seems like it never fails. He is by far one of the sweetest and most loyal men but he acts like he is 14 and has no knowledge of what a women needs or wants. He said he has been trying to open up but he hates being vulnerable and he is just scared. That is his excuse for everything. Also, he has anxiety problems. I want to break free and I’m really trying but we did a whole album together and I can’t seem to let him go cause I truly love him and care about him. I know that he loves me too and does want to be with me but it seems like he just isn’t a strong enough man to be there when I need him. I don’t know, I feel like, when I try to leave, I’m abandoning him. What should I do?

    May 14, 2011
  74. Dave #

    Callie I can relate to you about your friends being snakes though. I don’t keep friends any more, only aquantences and associates. I basically don’t trust anyone and don’t feel the need to. I’m happy with myself and feel like karma or god are on my side when I try to do well and live authentically.

    May 13, 2011
  75. Dave #

    You better get yourself checked out for that crabs thing, that’s disgusting. It kind of sounds like y’all just have some loser-ass guys, maybe you’re living kind of grimey lifestyles yourselves and don’t want to take an honest look at that. I’m an aries male I guess though born on the cusp March 21, but I can relate to cutting women off and not having anything to do with them if they piss me off. It’s because if they say something that hurts my feelings it lowers my opinion of them and I just don’t want to be involved with them any more. I guess a lot of other guys and people are scared of being alone but I refuse to compromise my happiness and integrity. I know that there will always be another female out there that’s attracted to me.

    May 13, 2011
  76. callie #

    im a cancer female married to a aries male for 13yrs. the 1st year was awesome, it was like a dream come true. then one day i saw him turn around and look at some young girls walking by (thats when the light came on but i put the shade over it.) this man has basically destroyed me mentally. the disrespect and mental abuse is too much to take. He has flirted with family members who think he is hott and i think he has had sex with my neice. he has had several affairs and denies and rewrites history just to make himself correct. actually, ive grown to hate him. i have had 3 affairs and i have moved out 3 times and returned to this bulls%%it. this is no way for anyone to live. i am planning to leave again, he flirts and does whatever he wants to in my face and says it did not happen, the passive aggressive stuff will kill you mentally and physically. these bastards will make you depressed and hate urself for allowing all this mental anguish. the herbs of the earth have became my only way to function because i like it. in 2008, i found crab shampoo in hte basement. he says he used the bathroom at work and got up with an itch. bull, the doctor says you cannot catch crabs from a toilet seat. i am beaten down emotionally and i fear for my health if i dont leave, i dont feel any love in this city cuz everyone thinks im terrible cuz im always checking his bullsh** and that makes me look like the paranoid wife. he pays the bills (i work too) and takes care of our home and he is a homebody, but as soon as we go outside, he flirts. even in church he smiles at a girl and she smiles back and its someone he has had inappropriate behavior with. i realize that if i stay im stupid and need to die cuz this is killin me. i feel so ashamed and embarrased by all the prople he has flirted with in my face and he has no boundaries and everyone seems to be fair game. everyone seems to rewrite history to cover their bullsh**, instead of being honest to get over it. these women are really amazing, they flirt back with him in my face and they are supposed to be by family or friends. i truly feel all alone.

    April 20, 2011
  77. Sad #

    I have somewhat dated a Aries and I am a Capricorn. I think that they can treat you like a princess, which I truly love. I have never had a man treat me the way that the does. But, he has not called, he did text, but that was the last that I heard from him. Do not get him. I have known him for so many years, and we have been such good friends. I think Aries men do not know what they really want. They say one thing when in reality they really mean another. They are very independent, and I believe they could really care less if they have a woman in thier lives.

    April 14, 2011
    • Capricorn #

      Have you ever heard from him again… I am going through the same thing (SAD)

      September 23, 2011
  78. scorpee #

    He would always showed up late, and only saw me for a date late at night, like at 11.30 or 12. He never took me out to dinner or see a movie till after we broke up. You know because friends go on dates and dates are for late night bootycalls…NOT!

    Respect is key and I dont think its too much to ask. Oh and did I mention the sex was amazing. Libra and Aries are like animals

    April 7, 2011
  79. scorpee #

    I’m a Scorpio woman with ALOT of Libra influence. Not too long ago I had this thing going on with a moon in Aries man. It was amazing to begin with. Our suns were a good match but pretty soon I was experiencing all that happens between Libra and Aries. He started going out to dinner with his ex and hanging out with her heaps with out telling me or anything (I found out they hung out through friend). He still had feelings for her. It was rude and definitely no way to treat a lady. A waste of my time and investment. I gave my heart to him too quickly and he played with like a child squishing an insect.

    I was really down for a while, but then the scorpio in me took over and I was lie, “nah-uh don’t think you can treat me like this and get away with it!!!!!” So I told him we should have a break for him to figure out his feelings. And the next time i see him he tries to make it like a date. So I figured we were sort of back together. A week later, still no contact and when I tried to plan something he bailed out. He was busy with work or something.

    When we did meet up again he told me he was still hanging out with his ex because she still liked him and that sort of stuff. Whilst being nice on the outside, I thought STUFF YOU BASTARD!! I broke with him politely and the next thing I hear is him telling me that it was that it was “ok because we will be together in the future.”

    I guess he still liked me, but seriously WTF! It’s like they live in opposite world or something. They think things will work out AFTER you break up with them. Do I have to rewrite my dictionary to get them to like me. To make the definition of a relationship mean “friend” and friendship mean “relationship.

    I confess i have often toyed with the idea of destroying his life. I have already stolen most of his friends because he is too selfish to even treat his friends well. But every time I pull out my knife or stinger and look into his teary Pisces eyes I feel like a monster. I put away the ‘knife’ and walk away. I guess the libra in me is too merciful. (metaphorical knife btw)

    I like the libra in me it makes me set higher standards of being for myself the people in my life. After all we are perfectionists. Even if perfection if only an ideology, aiming for that can make us better people. The scorpio in me is hard to control at times but scorpios never die. Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, this time the aries moon man better watch his step. One wrong move and I will turn him into charcoal! I am expecting him to meet me with the compassion and respected the Pisces in him. I am expecting him to rise up and become a better man, a real man of integrity and honor.

    April 7, 2011
  80. Mahogany #

    Would rather have advice from a male aries, please. And he is 41 and I am 33 years old now. Also I was thinking maybe he is not over his ex wife since he was in love with her. Or maybe he is too busy having fun with all the older women that he has been seeing.

    Also the sex we did have that one time if you call it that was not like it was 12 years ago because I did not want him to think I was so easy to let the freak out.

    Somebody please help me with this issue.

    March 26, 2011
  81. Mahogany #

    I am an aquarius women and I am in love with an aries man(let me start from the begining). We were together for 3 years 12 years ago and he broke up with me he said because of my age and he met someone else. Ok 3 months later he called just talking and I asked he about the new relationship and it was over so soon. (when we meet i was 18 and he was 27 years old) We had been together for 2 years when he ended but anyway. I would not let him come back so for about a year and a half he could pop up every other month, he say he was just checking on me and nothing happened. So I moved and did not give my address nor my phone number. So about 6 years ago I ran into him and he wanted to know do I think about us and him. And that he never see me where am I living now and if I am married.

    Well at the time I saw him I was married and that he was suppose to be getting married but would I sleep with him for old time sake. Then a few months later I saw him again but I ignored him.

    In january I got intouch with him and we talked for 4hours about everything and he asked the same questions do I ever think about him and us. I sex was great and the time we spent together was great and he wasn’t bored because he always said I was spontanious. Anyway, he told me not to get mad if i never hear from him again because he don’t talk to married women. Ok a month later I called and I had left my husband and his mariage had been over for a year now. We met each other and he was still extremely attracted to me and asked the same questions but mind you I never really answered yes or no. it had been a month of us seeing each other like once a week and talking on the phone but no sex. Then I finally gave in he told me I want him to be my prostitute and I need to find me a boyfriend. So I told him it was nice seeing an old friend basicly we said goodbye. A week later he called to see how was things going so I played it like he did like nothing happened. 2days later I called he didn’t answer 2days after that he called to explain that he was not ignoring my calls and that he was working ok. I did say anything but ok and 3days later I called to check on him and nothing. I haven’t heard from him in 2weeks now, I would like to know is it over because years ago he never disappeared on me for 2 years?

    And he is financially in a bad place and feels like he should be doing better, and I told him I was in school getting my masters. And really that is when his tone and everything changed.

    Can someone help me because if it seems to be completely over than I will walk, but if it seems like he is going through something than if he call I will respond. He did say he did not want a relationship because of what happened in the relationships he had since me, but I never said anything about a relationship nor did I about sex he attacked me. Because I am not ready either I just wanted my friend back.

    March 26, 2011
  82. LibraIAN #

    I am a Libra Lady with an aries moon and a cancer rising, just starting to date my second aries EVER! ;) We both seem to be feeling eachother, a LOT, lol. I am mostly commenting to say that I think the biggest problem you all are having is trying to BE what he wants. BE you. And if he wants you great. If no than do you really want him? I mean its not like he will be nice, or faithful, whats the point if they arent into it, let em go. THAT attitude in itself will gain all kinds of aries manly love and attention. AND its what all people should be doing in anyway ;)

    As a libra, being me isnt easy! I get consumed and absorbed. Maybe its the aries moon, I can sense when his mood changes and I adjust accordingly. I “back off”…nothing nasty, no other men. Just become busy. And low and behold…..I get a text, whatchya doin….how is your day….Just be aware, and back off right away in a non-chalant “oh shoot I forgot about that thing I needed to do…” kind of way. In a way its like they dont really know what they want from minute to minute anyway. So they want you to back off, until you do it in a way that doesnt involve them, and then they arent so sure if thats really what they wanted, and now they want to back here again ;)

    Remember ladies, all these really annoying things they do, drive us wild! And when you get a man, dont even try to change them! Because either you wont like the new guy he becomes (promise, I’ve done it) or he will “change” for you….until he just goes back to being who he is, and then he will lie. And thats so much worse than just not going there in the first place if you all arent compatable!

    January 24, 2011
  83. regina #

    an aries man is the uber male. this is the perfect man’s man. Im sag and i love aries men. independent, funny, srong, passionate, a friend and a lover. i make them laugh and they are my rock. he needs femininity combined with confidence, independence combined with adoration for him which is easy to as aries is the ultimate man. definately not for the weak , clingy, has to be the center of attention 24/7 woman.

    January 18, 2011
    • Sonny O_o #

      I’m an Aries man and I approve the message above. I’d also like to add that we’re irresistible ;)

      I am currently talking to a girl i like to call Mila Tequila, she is an Aquarius and she is totally in love with me :). There is no magic or chasing here we just work. Keep an open mind ladies and enjoy just talking with your guy! We actually really like good conversation!

      November 10, 2011
  84. enchantedscorpio #

    I just had to add my piece. I am in love with an Aries guy, 5 years younger than me. he says that he had his eyes on me for years, but i was happily married for the most part. when i started having marital problems he put his plan into action, or so he says. it started with fb, then text messages, then late night calls. we cud talk for hours and hours, the time just flew by. then one day we decided to have a date, just to have sex. i was not interested in love, i was just under stress and this guy was like a drug to keep stress away. The SEX was MINDBLOWING. i never had sex like that before…omg. we continued communicating through texts and late night calls. the texts were especially fun! but things quickly changed, i fell in love with this guy. things were great at first, we met mostly for sex. but we also talked for hours. Now i have ended my marriage, and things are not going so well. we hardly ever meet, and we talk on the phone less and less. its not completely his fault, i am trying to keep a low profile cause i just ended my marriage and ppl are gossipping. But to make a long story short, he is pulling away. and i feel that this is the time he should be there for me the most. i know he loves me, but its hard to deal with all these mind games when i am in need of comforting myself.

    January 18, 2011
  85. Aries86 #

    I am an Aries female from D.C.. I must admit we are Fu**ing Crazy! I don’t think anyone should try to date an Aries until we have matured and are ready to settle down… Most people fall in love with us because of our fun, loving, and courageous ways, but most of the time we just like showing out. We love the chase, its a fun adventure but once we get you and you can’t keep our attention, we don’t want you anymore. Its like a new toy on X-mas, the thought of whats inside makes you want to just grab it from under the tree, but once you open it and play with it for awhile there is no more use of it! the best way to keep an Aries is to do your own thing, don’t be soft or too mushy, stay strong and independent, driven, and also about t your Aries all at the same time and it should workout fine… Sad to say but shyt we are all about the excitement and once that is gone then so are we. Once in love we will give you everything you will ever dream of, we will be 100% dedicated and you will be so happy! we do like for people to kiss our A** but believe you’ll also receive some A** kissing in return (wink). Sex is wonderful and so is our drive for it. its very rare you have sex with another like you do with an Aries so be careful not to fall too deep. Don’t be easy and make us wait… make us yearn for it verses giving it up every night. don’t make it routine but don’t tell us no too often. I am 24 and I have calmed down A LOT from my previous years, but I’m still into the chase, the catch, the ditch phase, lol! be very careful dealing with an Aries they are very exciting but also deadly. If you found an Aries who is driving you crazy with mind games it’s only because you let them. take control and leave their A**, because 9 times out of 10 they don’t want to give 100% to you they just need you for the moment or they don’t want to see you with someone else. I am in LOVE with a Scorpio women, We have been dating since high school for 8years now and I swear to the man above she is perfect! he is how I like the other signs… Libra- has no understanding of Aries, they are too SOFT, but if Aries wants it to it can workout. Sagittarius- very fun exciting, will look out for Aries but they seem to lie a lot (wtf). Leo- everyone seems to think they are perfect for Aries but they are spoiled and dramatic, cry babies (eewww), but they are a lot of fun. Virgos- boring, Aries way too much for them. Gemini- a good match for Aries may just be the best one (besides Scorpio)! Taurus are too boring for Aries (blah), very nice and caring but just not enough fun. Aquarius- umm for the most part very cool, may be good for Aries. Aries and Aries omg someone call the fire department, (shyt) its way too much going on both sides (AIDS may flare up.. lol jk jk). Cancer ??? boring to me.. any questions just ask me, I am very blunt and Ill tell you about anything! I Love my SCORPIO, shes the best in the WORLD.. lol..

    December 9, 2010
    • Georgia #

      I’d like to comment on the Leo party I’m a 34 Leo woman seeing a 43 Aries man.. Yes he disappears ignores at first it hurt my ego I would be all ranty .. But he seems to like to spar with me.. So I began to ignore and move on no call and texting.. Drives him nuts.. H will check up on me and ask how I am why havent I texted or called him I tell him I’m giving him what he wants.. For me to leave him alone.. I’ve got a life I don’t have time to chase a man no interested.. His reply I don’t want u to leave me alone .. Or go anywhere I like ur feistyness it’s never a dull moment with u.. Hahaha.. He’s been doing this for a long time.. The sex is omg wow.. And we do have very stimulating conversations.. I truly enjoy his company.. Even though I want to throttle him half the time.. Lol

      June 29, 2014
  86. scorpiogbx #

    This aries guy an I had always checked each other out while we
    Were both in other relatnsps. He is so tall n strong, very attractive,
    And for sm reason we both had our rltnsps end @ d same time. I told his couz I thot he
    Was cute n I heard he felt same, so we exchanged nos, I realised he was bossy 4rm d
    Min we spoke, he told me 2 come over 2 his n I refused tellin him it was late
    @ nyt. He acted shocked I said no.. 4 d next 2 wks I turned dwn dates n he chased on, he decided
    To take me out wonder n said pls dnt cancel. He showed up n we went clubbing
    That nyt. He treated me like a princess all nyt, we went back to his flat n I refused to sleep with
    Him n was proud of myself. He called everyday n we evn had fone sex, n d nxt time I saw him gv him a hand job
    Bt still no sex. After a few days, d sweetness stopped n he disappeared n asked me 2 chase him if I wanted him.
    At first refused until I realised it was a game n thot 2 join in.. Bt d games r startin 2 bore me cos he has stpd
    Callin all 2geda n I do all d work, I stop n he coms bak, its exhaustin. To end d game, I made him c me with another
    Guy n nw he won’t spk 2 me @ all.. Smbody help this scorpio girl.. *sniff*

    December 1, 2010
  87. loula #

    Could any Arien males tell me? I broke with an Arien I am a gemini we dated for three months. He was mad into commitemnt. When we broke of which I Did and am glad he turned his attention to someone else. Then wrote and said he was madly in love with me and would I give him another chance all in the space of one week. Anyways I wrote him a tidy things up email about money borrowed etc and he never responded do you think he will?

    November 5, 2010
  88. lisa1975 #

    Im an Aries woman dating an Aries man, let me tell you i give him a run for his money, he keeps coming back for more no matter how much i give him the runaround! not intimate….yet, maybe thats why ;) lol

    November 5, 2010

      December 28, 2011
  89. InnocentReyna #

    thanks Arian Paul! Im a libra with aries ascendent and I can be very impatient when it comes to love interests i like to know where i stand and where its goin when i really like the guy, and the aries i was dating had me confused and i couldnt wait anymore,so i guess you can say i just didnt hav any patience and pushed him away with my impatience,better luck next time! but it was a mind blowing ride! i have never been swept off my feet like i did with this aries, it was crazy, i loves aries but cant seem to keep them. I want it to be fireworks and passion everyday an they hav a million and one other things goin on…..ehhh!!

    September 27, 2010
  90. Sue #

    I’m a scorpio woman…very passionate individual….i have been with my Aries guy for one year now, it has been a long distance relationship, we met on facebook he saw my profile on one of his friend’s and decided to add me it took me a few weeks to accept his invite..however when i finally decided to i didn’t bother to msg him…one nite i was bored and decided to go on fb and signed on chat…he popped up and said hello and a few months later we were having the best sex i have ever had in all my life…he enjoyed me as much as i did him…now we do fun and exciting stuff (virtually) i like his drive about life and the way he is sometimes unpredictable…we see each other as long as work permits…communication is wonderful and he ensures that i am happy…i will admit we do have our days where i feel like breaking every glass in sight because he would have said something insensitive but being who i am…i usually read a book or workout leave him alone and he comes around and back to his loving wonderful self….i would not trade him for the world….we are getting married for my birthday next month..i am thrilled.Aries men are just so loving and wonderful…but like every other aign they do have their negative traits…i just think if you are in love with each other…it calls for compromise and understanding and this takes time.

    September 24, 2010
  91. SFPisces #

    I am a Pisces woman 38 with moon in Scorpio and I have recently been dating an Aries man 38 with Moon in Taurus. He also has Scorpio rising I have Capricorn rising. I do have 2 planets in Aries which I think attracts me to this wild man. I’ve never had communication this amazing as well as our sexual chemistry. We’ve only been dating 2 months but have already fallen in love. Maybe its both our quick Aries love at first sight trait but I know its real. We already talk of moving in together, having a life. He is truly romatic, sweet, caring and sensitive but of course he can be controlling, a bit harsh and sometimes irritable. I love his masculine energy and the fact he makes me feel so protected. We are both very affectionate, always touching kissing and loving. We can’t get enough of each other. Maybe its still the honeymoon but I feel this man is the one I want to be with. We are very different but similar in so many ways. With my Venus and Mercury in Aries I feel he keeps me on my toes and he loves my feminine, caring, maternal side. This is an Aries man that IS ready to settle down and grow up. We plan on growing up together. Wish us luck. I love my Arian man!!

    September 15, 2010
  92. Aries Men #

    Yall should know why I wrote all that. Aries men are attracted to me. But like I said we always be friends.Virgo girl you have to not worried about him at all. He still will act like you are the one and you not even speaking. I love being chase I don’t know why and sometime Aries men are the men to do it all the way. Hahahahaha I like games

    September 5, 2010
  93. Aries Men #

    At virgo in love you should not chase. Who chase men exactly no one.

    September 5, 2010
  94. Aries Men #

    I love being chase. Always just friends.

    September 5, 2010
  95. Chantelle #

    I’m a scorpio woman and my Aries boyfriend is the best person that has come into my life. To add fuel to the fire, we live in neighboring countries. I’ll tell you this…the chase is sooooo very true. I am not one to allure guys but I always know it’s a standard rule to let the man chase, whether he is an Arian or not. I was on vacation in his country and on instant, he made a comment on how I looked like a foreigner. Small talk continued and numbers were exchanged. The first date came along and it was perfect…now the next question was when can I see you again? and the magic answer was “Well…you know where my country is…and you know what city I live in.” The rest was history and we have been together for 1 year and counting. I agree…sometimes I feel like he doesn’t care if we miss 1 day of not hearing from each other but he is the most romantic guy I’ve ever known and not afraid to show his emotions on his sleeve. He’s very protective of me (especially when we’re together once a month or more) and our relationship and stops at nothing to block any threats to it. Scorpio woman I am…not the jealous type but loyal to my relationship that I too protect it from anything that threatens my happiness with him (i.e. single miserable friends that want company). Trust and believe, this Aries man I have is a rarity and I can’t speak for all, but if it’s his ego that keeps me with him, he pulls me right along with it and strokes my ego too. Communication, trust and confidence are our foundation…with all that said, already…he calls me “the Mrs.” to his friends and family. ;)

    September 4, 2010
  96. Aries Men #

    I love Aries men they like women with girly feminine qualities. I don’t know if they are most into virgos and aries women. I love the fact that they like girly traits. Makes it easier and love to be a women around them. They are manly and donot follow the crowd most of them are bad boys (in a good way) own their on. They have their own swagger and they dress so well. Most of them I know like women who dress well. I notice Aries are always talking and being around their mothers. Don’t think their are mama good boys because they are the opposite they just love women yet they are like warriors.I can go on about them. Some of them I see like this. The icon New Orleans rapper Tarius Juvenile Gray is an Aries man and isn’t he fine. Anyway another thing I like is they like to chase the girl they want.They never give up in doing that. They just seem a little off tune sometime like they are in their own world like me the aquarius.

    August 23, 2010
  97. Capy83 #

    Okay so i was introduced to an Aries 32. He lives in ATL and am in DC. He really wants to get married! After 3 weeks of talking he flew down to see me and we very soul mates…. so he said. He kept on calling me for 3 weeks after that and then all of sudden he went quiet. When i asked why, he said he is afraid of a long distance commitment because he has been in long distant relationships for the last 6 yrs and they all failed. So he dosent want to get used to talking to me over the phone. So i thought it was over after that conversation and never called him again. But he kept calling me for a week. I then traveled internationally for 2 weeks and he said he will call and didn’t. I never called or texted either. So now i am back in DC and have not bothered to call him cos i really don’t chase guys. However, i know he likes me a lot…. so should i play hard to get and not call?? Or should i call him and help him over his fear of long distance relationships? I really feel like jumping on a plane to ATL showing up at his door and setting him straight hahaha! I realy think he is scared….. and am wondering if reassuring him will work… but wouldn’t that be chasing after him…. am confused!!! But i want to keep him cos he is my soul mate. Thanks……so much!

    August 19, 2010
    • Chantelle #

      Capy83…don’t call! I promise you girl…don’t call and don’t go anywhere. He’s a big boy…let him figure it out. If you are his soulmate as he says…he’ll crawl to the ends of the earth for you and convince you to move to ATL with him unless you want him to move to DC, well you’ll have to sell that pitch on your own. BUT…i believe Aries men love to be in love WHEN they believe they have found the right one. Funny, my Arian man told me that I was the first woman he ever asked to move in with him, the first person to ever let drive his car, the first he’s ever went to such a distance for a lady to have a relationship. He just knew…I was what he’d been looking for all his life. And on top of things…my man has never been in a long distance relationship so he walked into this whole thing blind with no expectations. TRUST and BELIEVE…if your man wants something, he’ll go the distance to get it. (excuse the pun) :)

      September 4, 2010
      • capy effo #

        Thank you Chantelle. Are you a Capy too? Well just to update you. I eventually heard from Atlanta Aries and this is what he sent me :

        ” Right now I’m going through a lot of drama here that I have to take care of. I am not trying to lead you on but really need to some time to sort out things on my end. This has nothing to do with you. You are exactly what I had been looking for but unfortunately things have gotten really crazy over here. It’s a timing issue. I would like to keep things open between us if you don’t mind. I just need time and space to iron out a few things on my end. If that doesn’t work for you I understand. This was not my intention but this is how it’s all played out. I don’t want to drag you in my drama and issues so I just need to step back and handle them on my own. Please understand and just give me some time and don’t make this difficult for either of us”

        So anyway i let him have his space, but 2 weeks later i got a bit drunk and sent him an email stressing him out lol! He responded to me saying that:

        ” I am well. Not sure what explanation you want from me as I explained in my email that I am going through some stuff and cannot do us right at this moment. I am a private person and do not really feel the need to explain what I am going through to you or anybody else. I have chosen this path not based on anything you did but has more to do with bs on my end that I need to sort through.You are making this more difficult than it needs to be. We connected but unfortunately things havent been working out on my end for me to move any further with this at this time but you are choosing to leave every stone unturned”

        So Chantelle, i have left him alone. He hasnt called but he has tried to make some contact with me via Facebook. He sent me an article….that was something he used to do daily for me. Anyway i have let it go! Been dating a lot…. but my heart weighs heavy because he was everything i was looking for.

        Will love your advice :)

        September 30, 2010
    • mike #

      He’s gone. I’m an aries male and i’m a very private person, but not with my wife. Not with my sons. I may not tell them everything about my past, but that stuff was mistakes and done and forgotten. If it will help them, i’ll bring it up, but gotta have some mystery. But whe he says he has ‘stuff’, he’s letting you know that he tried to make it work but he was wrong, he just won’t admit it.

      June 14, 2012
  98. virgoinlove #

    I would definately have to agree with ariesman215 on this one. I am a virgo and am MADLY in love with an april aries. Yes, the first 4 or 5 months were a little rocky, but once he opened up his heart and told me he loved me he completely 100% committed. When I met him he had recently been divorced from a cheating wife so it took some mending to his heart (possibly from more women than just me). But once he realized he was in love he did a complete 360 and everything has been bliss. Of course we have a few issues like any relationship, but he is fully committed to working through anything and whatever it takes to make it work which is good for a virgo girl like me cause it reassures my stability. He is an aries man who has been through hell and back not to mention his family (he has 2 children) being ripped apart due to his ex-wife’s infedelity. And I am consistenly in awe at how he is able to take lessons from life and apply them to himself and actually make a change in himself (something I have a hard time with myself). In my opinion, aries men are worth the fight!! Once you have a committed aries, he will make you feel like a goddess and treat you like a queen!

    August 3, 2010
  99. Aries Man215 #

    A PAUL you nailed it.. we are like wine.. we get better with time.. the best man is an Aries man who has become aware of his faulty traits.. oh wee.. we lose the ego, we adjust the agressiveness, and become smooth and caring.. Aries are actually one of the most generous signs.. we just get tacking advantage of, so by the time you may come across us, we are selfish with are heart and money, because so many try to take us for granted.. We are the Alpha Male.. the strong chin, body, courage, fearless, intelligent, assertive, male that you feel protected and loved with.. like any genuises.. we are hard to figure out, because yall are looking at the wrong places,.. we are like diamonds.. you find one you want more,, yall get greedy.. many try to suck us dry from our fire and unique style.. a lot of women try to use aries men for there status, looks, and money,, and when they fall in love with our fearless style and manly passionate love making, they try to blame us for seeing the initial deception and drop yall like a 80 pound weight.. As a muture Aries i found Taurus/ Virgo/Libra/Aries.. and even Cancer if they give us our credit make good companions for when we are ready to settle down.. Stability from Taurus/ mental stimulation from Virgo/ Aries woman for our passion and assertiveness.. and Cancer becuase they challenge our style and ideas,,.. and could make for a good partner to grow old with.. keep each other young..

    July 25, 2010
    • Intriguing bunch of words there ;~} talking of Aries females…… I have been absolutely hypnotised by lady gaga, and I could not figure it out for a while, I mean she is smart, talented and cool also add sexy to that with a wild artistic side!

      And for 23 years old this girl has great control.

      There have NOT been many females that have impressed me to this level EVER! THAT IS EVER!

      But she does and guess what she is an Arian…

      Suddenly everything makes sense….

      I absolutely 100% love her.

      Thank god she is not available to me, I hate being reduced to a babbling fool.


      July 25, 2010
    • Forgot to say thanks………..

      July 25, 2010
  100. Aries Man215 #

    As an Aries man I found that a lot of the comments were from superfical relationships.. I think you are dealing with what I call “under developed Arians” I am 26 and have been through a lot.. Growing up in poverty, watching my parents go back to school and get us out of it. Me learning who I am, knowing I had impulsive tendecies, and can be aggressive, i worked on myself and adjusted those traits. One woman said why should we play hard to get or keep him guessing.. because thats what you do if you really love someone.. thats like saying why should men send flowers, cook, be romantic??? duh?? to show we care and do things to keep you. As an aries man we dont ask for much.. we are passionate and like passionate sex, communication, and loyalty. we dont ask for gifts, or anything material from you. We work hard play hard, show how much we adore who we truly love. We are the most dynamic men from any of the signs, and when it comes to the best you have to give your best.. yall want all our good qualities, yet not do your part to keep us.. being spontaneous and inticive isnt rocket science.. I just read a bunch of bitter woman who weren’t strong enough to keep the defintion of a “MAN” that why we usually stay with Aries woman. Strong and work hard at what and who they want

    July 25, 2010
    • i like your comments arian paul. i agree that nobody should try to control or tame anyone else as well, aries or not. i can’t think of one man that wants to be tamed. so i guess all men are aries in that regard. my guy is an aries and he is a control freak at times. but i think that it has to do with his military upbringing, and his military enlistment. i am also a control person, but age has lessened my urges. i have learned a great deal from the aries guy. i was fascinated with him before i knew about the sign issue. i like your advice to work on our own weaknesses instead of trying to control another individual. i also was tickled at the the idea that you think that aries men are good in the sack. they can be if they relax (not act like they have to control the experience)and learn to allow a woman to show them how to please them if needed. of course it has to be done in a way that doesn’t bruise the arian ego. my ex brother-in-law is an aries. he is smooth, but he has been a liar, flirt and a cheater. he is 46 like me. he has always behaved like a scoundrel.(almost 25 years).he has married and calmed down somewhat, however he is one arian, that i wouldn’t want to have. i love my arian man. he is awesome and he and i are similar in many aspects. i am a taurus with an aries moon and libra ascendant. he is a honest man and i am a honest woman. he is a gentle man , who i wouldn’t want to hurt for nothing in the world. lying isn’t necessary in our relationship and cheating isn’t necessary, nor will i tolerate it and neither should he. if he finds someone else he wants to have sex with, he doesn’t have to cheat, he is free to end us and sleep with whomever.

      August 22, 2010
    • i am one the those women who will not play hard to get. some arian men like it and some don’t. its an individual preference. most people my age know what they want. i think that a little mystery is good and adds spice to life. i do believe that arians or whomever, can have a good and exciting relationship without their partners playing hard to can still love someone and not feel like you have to keep them stimulated or engaged in the relationship by acting hard to get. people should be able to keep themselves interested or engaged in a relationship if they want it to succeed. . having to play hard to get over a period of time gets old. my daughter feels the same way, and she is an arian woman about your age.however i can respect the your thoughts about the matter. maybe some arian men like get bored easily, however that seems like a personal issue that the arian man needs to work on; just my opinion.maybe the arian man likes challenges, i can appreciate that, i like challenges as well. but for the ones who like playing hard to keep the arian man engaged, more power to you. whatever works!!

      August 22, 2010
  101. sweetlin #

    I’ve been dating an aries man for almost 2 years and I find it fascinating. I’m a Capricorn and I have always heard that we were not compatible but we are , in more ways than one. I am a very sensual lover and he is very hot and loving so we compliment each other in bed. He is very attentive and protective which I like. He is the one who likes to stay home and cuddle and watch movies while I would rather socialize. He does like to lead and I let him because I know I am a strong woman and like to lead myself but he has shown me that it’s okay to relax and let my aries man take the lead. One fault though, he does not manage money well if he has it he spends it and I as a Capricorn woman like the security that money offers. Maybe I just got lucky hopefully the best is yet to come……stay tuned.

    July 4, 2010


    June 25, 2010
  103. I am an older Aries male, what is all this talk of taming an Aries man? That is precisely where you are ALL going wrong! You do not Tame Aries I personally not only find it annoying (and see it coming) it is the quickest way to end any relationship! Nobody should ever try to control anyone else and I am speaking as a control freak myself, it’s like females trying to mould you, it isn’t going to happen so just forget it, if Aries realise you are trying to mould or control them you will witness the quickest dumping mechanism ever, it does not matter if he/she is in love with you either it will just take a little longer (about 2 minutes) you should respect each others space.

    Tip: Best way is “to guide Aries” (without them knowing)! Not tame or control.

    It takes years for an Aries to realise mistakes within ones self, after all Aries are all so perfect why change perfection?

    But once we do (realise: yes “we can be wrong”) a grown up Aries will combat most of his/her inner daemons, stop exaggerating the truth in a form of self-justification and actually control his/her ability to lie by (wait for it) not lying to the extreme.

    A SELF-controlled Aries cannot lie once engrained into his/her belief system, yes; extreme but then we are talking Aries!

    A lot of Aries traits are justified; if your Aries man is lying to you, look at yourself, have you ever lied to him or done anything deceitful, if you have that one event may be justification for him to lie to you for the rest of your natural, I personally do not hold grudges just a list of both negatives and positives a person has done, I have a memory like an elephant so it is easy for me to remember everything this is not done deliberately (second nature).

    All That said; I reluctantly admit there are a few truths here, especially where we are good in bed “mostly out of it”, LOL, but seriously I think (by my own experience) Aries need time to grow, learn by their mistakes, they are (after all) the baby of the fire signs, I can only speak from a male perspective and myself but over the years I have learned (instead putting energy into controlling everyone else) to control certain aspects of myself (the bad bits) and make myself a better person (that way I AM PERFECT and no-one including yourselves can say otherwise LOL.

    Just accept it ladies, we are always in the right………. And you are all simply “ALWAYS” in the wrong ; ~}

    I Am:
    Aries: Birth
    Sagittarius: Descendant
    Gemini: Ascendant

    And was a very confused teenager.

    BTW: thanks for massaging my ego ;~} I feel great now…………


    June 24, 2010
    • Liliana #

      Why does an Aries guy suddenly ignore for no reason? He said something which I thought was insulting/an offence, and I accordingly replied by telling him it was so. He automatically took it the wrong way and then he vanished afterwards. I called a day after, and he said he doesnt want to talk for two or three days, and those have passed. Then I called again, and no answer. I tried calling a couple of times after and still no answer. I don’t know what I have done, I don’t think I did anything that deserves what he’s doing to me. I already sent him txts saying that I don’t appreciate his ignoring. No reply. I’m tired of this treatment and I need to understand what’s going on with him. I wouldnt like to think that he had lost interest, I don’t know, did he? I’m a libra woman.

      November 25, 2010
      • cienna #

        I know exactly how u feel girl.. i am a aries female and my aires boyfriend of 8 months happend to be in a bad mood and took it out on me and now he has not talked to me for a week and 2 days when i was nothing but the best girlfriend to me. I texted him 2 time and let him know that by him ignoring me is rude and i will not put up with this imaturre nonsense. the best advice i can give you in this situation is just ignore him back because if you keep contacting him then you will look desperate so if you ignore him then if he had true feelings for you then he will find a way to get you back and contact you if not then you know that actions speak louder than words

        March 1, 2011
  104. royal thomas richardson #

    sorry for the miss spelled words thinking to quick.

    June 11, 2010
  105. royal thomas richardson #

    i’m a aries male and i tell you how to lose us and keep use,conversation,trips,appreciation,and are love to you,to lose us say something to us and don’t explain it and we never forgive you thats the open door for are boy hood attitudes,normaly a weak aries will chase a confadent one will what,and if you don’t come around then we go on,but if you all sudden whant us know you are uder a miroscope,heres the killer don’t change if you was nice and loving were here to stay you changed to bitch mode you are left and we will still br there on are own time,and when we play mind games we just want to know if your mind is fresh and ready,we will hesitate but we are strong enough to admite are wrongs and will take the excution,but we are honorable people aand we want a women to be a women and have 45 cal on the side,be strong and you keep us,bs we will know and trust me we will,thats why aries women can keep us on are toe’s.

    June 11, 2010
  106. InnocentReyna #

    I have been seeing my Aries for a month knew him since 97′. First week was great,gave me compliments,very polite, affectionate,spent the night with each other plenty of times, he had me thinking this is too good to be true. Then went M.I.A. for 2 days, I played that I didn’t care and told him “call me if he needs me to go and untie him,because he must be tied up to be ignoring me!” He responded and we seen each other again and we had sex that time. So since we met it’s been hot, cold,hot,cold!! I am a Libra with an Aries rising an Pisces moon, so I began to get pissed off!! I told him off plenty of times (not too disrespectfully) then we would seen each other and act like nothing had happened. Recently after seeing him and spending the night again, I told him I am really feeling him, but I am not ready for a relationship (was trying to play hard to get)…… I didnt hear from him for 3 days until I texted him and told him I wanted to see him, he was busy as usual,which was ok with me,thought he would want to see me after 3 more days,he never contacted me!! So today I told him “he was making himself seem like a total JERK!! and that I thought he was better than that!” he responded asking “what was I talking bout?” so being tired of playing mind games I told him “THE PROBLEM IS YOUR PLAYING GAMES! AND I DONT WANT TO PLAY GAMES! IF YOUR SERIOUS,LET ME KNOW!IF NOT LOSE MY #!……He hasn’t responded…..Lol!! Im to the point where I really gives a S**t what happens and I want to make him mad,even considering going by his house to tell him the same thing so he can see me looking sexy as hell……ARIES men are the only men that drive me WILD!!! Grrrrowl!


    June 10, 2010
    • if you want my honest opinion as an Aries male it sounds as if he is busy, and it depends what age he is? he may have several projects going on all at once which consume him and therefore looses track of time.

      it does not necessarily mean he is not into you or is even playing mind games, you getting annoyed or clingy or demanding is not going to help either, next time you see him (if you are really interested in him go into his world a little and find out what he is up to, you may be pleasantly surprised.

      from my own experience romance and business do not necessarily mix and would loose days, even weeks pursuing my dreams, romance sometimes plays second fiddle to this especially if in his mind it is important, it does not matter how much he loves or thinks of you Aries like challenges and he may be doing something that is testing him to his limits.


      June 25, 2010
  107. We cannot generalize here. We gotta look deeper than just sun signs. My dad, for example, was a typical Aries back when he was young, but his signature chart sign was Virgo and my mom (an Aquarius with Pisces dominant) was able to pin him down for good.

    My first love was an Aries guy (with Aries as a dominant sign in his chart, so the true thing) and all his fire really burnt me… In a good and a bad way. I couldn’t stand his eagerness to hit on every other young lady available and I had to dump him. As a true Scorpio gal I considered (and still do) that kind of behavior very disrespectful.

    Now I keep Aries friends but I’m always aware of any relationship with a guy who has Aries as a dominant sign in his chart and I don’t take them seriously anymore :D

    June 6, 2010
  108. LoyalScorpio #


    I met my aries a few days before his birthday (april). he approached me we exchanged numbers & he invited me to his party that he was having. Being a woman of my word I went to it. He made 29 he was very impressed that i came and loved the fact i was a woman of my word. The party was cool eventhough alot of his family & friends was trying to get with me-After the party I txt him I had a nice time and etc…. but I never got a resp and then out of no where he started calling it was phone tag for us for a little while- then finally we got together again OMG the sex was very passionate although me being a typical scorp woman I like to dominate in the bed LOL he wasnt having that he had me doing things I never done be4 so soon with a guy after that encounter he was on me and it kind of scared me to much to soon-we only been intimate twice but have done other things together sexually but thats where it ended-This man CALLED me EVERYDAY-and he only called at night like 12:30am, 2:30am and we talk for hours on the phone It was always a battle between us because he wanted me to do things as his woman but I wouldnt I didnt want to confused things I knew my place we were FRIENDS and I had other male friends he found out about them later he assumed he was the only 1 because he talked to me almost everynight but I had to burst his bubble and thats when the problems arrised-1st off he has alot going on with career, work wise so he is busy but he never made time to see me and that bothered me-How can you call me EVERY night but wont make time to come see me SMH but he expected me to deal with only him-and I wasnt having it I have needs 2 I told him and If you cant make time for me -I have others that will-needless to say he doesnt call anymore he ignored my attempt to contact him I only tried a few times and said F*** him I have needs 2 and if you cant make time for me keep it moving-I am not going to be faithful 2 NO DUDE Im not in a relationshipwith-What the Hell is wrong with him…..My heart is acheing because I miss him we talked everyday for almost 2 months straight I am angry and feel played but I am not going to call him anymore I only tried a few times I just cant do what he was asking-He had a bad habbit of wanting me to do things as his woman but I wouldnt because we were not a COUPLE if we say we are friends then stick to the rules of that-I am mad that he snuck in my heart and then left like a thief in the night how could he be so cold if he wanted me he should have made time for me-he should have came after me I am an action person and he didnt show me that I dont care if we did talk every night for hours- I am angry with him because of the way he has treated me I want to him to call me so I sh*t on him like he did me- Why call me everynight? but dont make time to come see me, I know he loved sex hell we only had it twice it was somestuff I wasnt going to do with him 2 much-2 soon-he was so demanding and all about ME,ME,ME in bed-so i know he was sexing some 1 else real talk! hell i was still getting mines just not from him so it was cool-I wonder what happened?any1 care to explain why call me everynight, get jealous when Im with another guy My aries guy told me the thought of me being with some1 else had his stomach hurting LOL but he wasnt making anytime for me smh-did he develop feelings for REAL? Do you think he will call me back-I asked him was we still cool he said yes and I had 2 figure out how to make up me being with somebody else to him he not going to tell me I need to figure it out-at that point I was thinking when did we become a couple I can date who the hell I want-I miss him alot-and it hurts but its cool this is why I wouldnt give my all to him-I just couldnt give him what he wanted and he didnt give me back I give as much as Im given period what do you guys think-Esp my scorpio ladies and Aries peoples

    May 30, 2010
    • chris #

      Aries man here. Just got to say that as an aries I love to chase but more than anything else I need to know if my catch was a good 1 or a bad 1. thats your job. Sometimes you ladies have to chase as well. My ego needs stroking consistently like you ladies love being held. stroke my ego and ill stroke your hair. You know who the real man is in the zodiac. Its the aries. we are pure fire. thats why were first on the chart. Also Aries men will be more than happy to worship you as a queen and take care of you the rest of your life. But if you can’t give him what he wants how would you even know that he wouldnt do more.

      September 8, 2011
  109. Kat #

    I’m leo he was aries. He was married but claimed they were separating. We were sleeping together 9 mths. He never took me out. He was an alcoholic, and as the mths went on I knew he just wasn’t that into me. It didn’t matter if I did magical tricks in the bedroom etc. After being lied to constantly, and/or waiting for him to show up 4 to 5 hours late, leaving immediately after he :came:. I got tired of him making me out to be the one who goes off, when 9 times out of 10 it was validated. The last straw was whwn he lied to me and said his birthday was in March when it was actually in April. Also one night I really needed to talk to him after sex and I had been crying. This was the first time I really needed him. He kept saying hold on, after a few minutes, he slams the front door. He left. After that, which was late March, I told him I was going out of town. I wasn’t but I needed to clear my head. I was tired of being treated like shit. He never contacted me but once and the second week of May he sends a text saying Happy Mothers Day. Only thing is I don’t have kids. So I sent a message saying Happy mothers day to his wife he didn’t respond back. So a week later I had to send an email to all my contacts cause I had to order a new charger for my new phone. He responds and starts messing with me stating that I wasn’t on vacation, calls me a bitch and sends a pic of an ape flipping me off. In other wordss he was angry cause I stopped giving a shot. I told him not to contact me anymore and that was last week. He spoke a good game throughout the affair, but that’s all it was…..a game. I still get depressed and second guess my decision. My family says if I see him again then I’m a real dumbie. He was a player. I really don’t think he was married. I hope one day I can get my self esteem back and stop worrying about the new person he may, or may not be with.

    May 21, 2010
  110. oh yeeeeeahh #

    I’m a scorpio woman and I recently met an aries man. Holy hell what a challenge! We don’t mix but by the heaven and earth the sex is mind blowingly aggressive. He’ll get all opinionated and insensitive on me, we’ll be at eachother’s throats, then we’ll take out our aggression in the bedroom.
    Not a good long term thing unless you can do some serious compromising. Wild ride if you just want a bit of fun!

    March 28, 2010
    • Imran #

      is this tanya did u reply to hong kong aries name simon

      March 29, 2010
  111. compassionate virgo #

    I’m a virgo with acendent libra and moon in leo. My mate is an april aries with moon in gemini. For 4 years I kept my aries chasing me and eight months ago he made the catch. Since then it has for the most part been a smooth and relaxed relationship. I oddly find him to only fit half of what I have read. The sex yes is passionate intense and sensual with him always remembering to kiss me and tell me he loves me. Mind games have tried to arise but I explain to him how it effects me and he listens but as every male hes gonna test boundarys. He’s very affectionate and considerate. I don’t think he could treat me any better when we are together though he has shit communication skills. Like he forgets to call or text and remembers a day later. Also as most aries I have known he’s too honest blunt and straight to the point to lie. So he tells it like it is and due to this hasn’t cheated. Atleast yet and I pray to god he won’t, though I trust him. I think I have made a rare catch opposed to most stories I’ve read and we’re complete opposites. I don’t understand this nor will I try but I am praying for yall that things turn out for the best. Hope my child who will be born this up-coming april will be opposing the odds astrology has placed on aries.

    March 22, 2010
  112. winnie #

    this is my third comment on this site. Since my last post,I have learned a few interesting ideas. ladies please note that these are general ideas about men being born an aries. there are so many other factors that go into shaping a person’s personality. if someone tells you that your man is fickle enough then you start looking for these qualities. if someone tells you are anything positive or negative enough, you will start to believe it. i can say this in behalf of the aries guy that i dated, had i played hard to get as suggested, my guy would have taken it literally and moved on. he is not the kind that plays those kind of games. I have spoken to older mature men and those general profiles about aries man or any man for that matter varies so much. i do think that most healthy men of any sign like’s a woman with backbone and who can display a measure of independence and self respect. Ladies be true to who you are and treat people the way you want to be treated. you will gain the respect and adoration of any relatively healthy emotionally man,aries or any other sign.

    March 9, 2010
    • Niki #

      Hi Winnie,

      I appreciate your comments and totally agree! Are you still available? ;-) I’m into Aries guys, but into the mature ones who don’t play that kind of games…


      July 28, 2010
      • hi niki, i am still available, but i am still very much hooked on this guy, that i have been trying to get over. he is an aries. i have also met another guy the same age of my first love aries guy. (53)this guy is also an aries. they are similar in that they like to stay on the go. i am a taurus woman with an aries moon. so i do understand my aries guy quite a bit. he has a leo moon. so maybe those moons compliment each other. we compliment each other in ways that count the most. he doesn’t seem to mind being pursued, but i have learned my guy and i know when to back away and give him his space. he is slow and doesn’t open his heart easily. he was hurt badly by his ex wife. i have had to be very patient with him. i have made progress. he is direct or blunt for the most part and i am bold and blunt as well. i am the communicator in our relationship, he is not good at that. you have to be a strong, confident and patient woman to catch this ram, but he doesn’t have to worry about being bored with me; i love adventures. he is stubborn as fart sometimes, but so am i. i usually yield to him. but i know how to put my foot down. he is the kind of man that is very passionate. he is not the kind to express his feelings in words but in actions and deeds. every guy who is an aries is different. learn your guy as a man and as an individual. the other aries guy is different from the first aries guy. the other guy is very open with his feelings. he is open to love and stable relationships. i do think that we have to take sun signs with a grain of salt. learn to compliment your guy’s weaknesses and the same will be reciprocated to you. don’t let a sign dictate your success in a relationship. there is always going to be hurdles in relationships regardless of what sign your guy is. some of the traits do apply to certain individuals born under a certain sign, but there are so many other variables. i refuse to allow those descriptions or traits to wreak havoc in my relationship. i use to follow the zodiac signs but if i had, i wouldn’t have made the progress that i have. i would have given up. taurus and aries doesn’t have a success rate. i don’t care about that. if i have chemistry with someone, then i will use that , my instincts, and love to build and guide my relationship with someone. good communication, trust , respect, honesty and being true just to name a few can go a long way. . i am myself. i don’t play games. i tell my guy how i feel. i take risks. i think he admires that about me. i have to feel him out a lot. i have learned to be empathic. i am more mature emotionally than he is. we are both strong willed people.i make decisions based on our interactions with each other. some of this stuff is self fulfilling prophecy. if you think your guy or read that your aries guy is suppose to act a certain way, then you may be seeing this behavior because you are looking for it or read to expect it. i think my two aries guys have one similarity, they attract me. my first aries guy is exciting,adventuresome and very fascinating. the other is adventuresome and interesting. but there are other factors that don’t have anything to do with being an aries. sorry niki i got carried away. i hope this helps you. feel free to email me if you like and if this site will allow you to. if you would like to talk further.

        August 22, 2010
  113. Ceee #

    And I am a cancer female.

    March 4, 2010
  114. Ceee #

    It really depends on the other planets in your charts. People shouldn’t use astrology to characterize everything in their life. Like a religion. Astrology is just a guide to see how people see things, but it is very general, and everyone has a different story that has shaped them into who they are today.

    March 4, 2010
    • I agree completely…….. I met a cancerian girl and sexually we were so compatible, she was only little but crikey could she fight, I don’t think i have ever loved or respected a female so much and she was not boring at all, in fact i would say she was as outrageous as myself she had her crabby ways like her side step movements and secrecy (which confused me a little at times) and could also be boring on occasion but my experience of cancer was “this girl likes to party” I think there must have been some Leo in her somewhere.

      although; my experience with Pisces another lady of the water was completely different, quite simply YUCK! it was really horrible.

      June 25, 2010
  115. Aries78 #

    I’m an aries and I’m in love with a cancer girl, we both want to marry. I’ve been told and read that we are incompatible and our relationship is impossible because it’s doomed to failure. I’m really concerned that would happen one day. I wonder if there have been out there any successful love/marriage stories between Aries and Cancer. I personally believe in our love and astrology talk means nothing to me, I’m crazy about her though she is moody and sometimes drives crazy. I myself sometimes plays on her nerves. But we’re still together despite our differences. The problem is that she believes a lot in astrology to the extent she feels no trust in my fidelity, an ungrounded doubt that I can’t explain. She is very insecure. This kills me badly because I’m crazy about her and 100% faithful to her, I swear. I don’t want to lose her, she means everything to me. I really feel that her obsession with astrology is killing me. I need help! How can I make her get rid of that bull*****? Is astrology talk real? I personally don’t believe in it!!!!?

    March 1, 2010
    • MistyBlu #


      I’m a Cancer female in relationship with Aries male for 1yr. and believe me, at first, it was awesome and fireworks, now it’s fire out! Aries men love, love their freedom and that’s going to make ms. crab become clingy and needy which Aries do not like and you will pull far away from her. Sure wish I knew then what I know now. I’m trying to dump him, but he’s not hearing it. I guess it wants to be the dumper….ha, ha. It might work for you guys, but it’s going to take alot of hard work. You’re fire and she’s water (don’t mix).

      Good Luck!

      March 2, 2010
    • Sabella #

      I write horoscopes, and I can tell you, Aries, that LOVE and personality are so different. Opposing personalities/signs sometimes have the hottest relationships, because they are different. Astrology helps you see the personality, so you can better understand yourself and your friends.

      I am a fire sign too, and I dated a Cancer sign for a year. I knew that our personalities were different, but I didn’t need to read about that through Astrology. It was obvious, and our feelings for each other had little to do with our personalities. I drove him crazy, I always needed space and wanted to go on random adventures. He always wanted to rent movies and be boring. But we still loved each other.

      Cheating is a choice, and obviously, if you choose not to cheat, then you probably will not. However, if one of you cheats, it will be you. Hey, you’re a hot fire sign. A Cancer will negatively react to a bad relationship with passive-aggressive behavior.

      One last note, I dated an Aries after the Cancer. Since we were both fires, I felt like we really clicked and reacted similarly. We fought a lot but it was great to talk about everything instead of trying to guess what my ex-Cancer was thinking.

      Best of Luck to you both.

      March 3, 2010
    • tiger #

      I’m a cancer female just met this Aries male who has swept me off my feet. we have not actually met as yet, talk to each other every day.have sent each other pic. this man has bought me out of myself as I’m normally a shy quiet person . He is very open minded and honest. you need to sit down with your women and let her now how you really feel about her and let her know that she cannot let the stars rule her life. she as found someone who loves her despite her moody she should believe and trust in you. and accept you as you. and stop trying to find a problem what inst there, I am sure they are thousands of happy Aries and cancer couples all over the world. Tell her to stop being so negative and marry you before you change your mind.

      hope you understand what I’m trying to say

      November 10, 2010
  116. Librawmn703 #

    Well hello currently a Libra(Aquarius moon) and he is a Aries(Pisces moon), i met my wild n sexy aries man in Oct 2008 on a chat site..he saw my picture and immediately started to comment on my pics on how beautiful and sexy i was..i felt that he seemed like the bad boy type and in essence of that ignored him for about 6 mos. He kept on trying to get my attention via’s and texts on this site, one day i finally responded and we instantly hit it off in fastforward till this present time of 2009-2010 we are still talking and are very close.. but it seems as if aries men are not completely leveling with me seems as if he lies alot or i catch him in petty lies wich have no meaning im highly physically attracted to him and vice versa he puts me on a pedestal and damn near worships me..but he cant seem to stop thinking he is GODS gift to women and that he is some lil innocent lil boy that all women are after and wanna take a look at his family jewels..WHEn we first met last year in 2009 we had an awesome date and we kissed as soon as he opened my door to the entrance to the was like something out a movie..but im nervous because im feeling these feelings and he is makin me think he is not gonna commit or want marriage in the near future..I THINK HE THINKS he is the hugh heffner of the 21st century..a lil scary if u ask me..but IM CRAZY ABOUT him..imma see where this wild roller coaster ride is gonna take me..i just hope it wont be to my demise..

    helllllllllllp ARIES MEN ARE CRAZY..AND i cant get enuff of them..

    January 24, 2010
    • Angela #

      Im just curious as to what web site and his email or name sounds like the same situation and guy ive been seeing for the last three years, i have caught him in many lies and he has been caught cheat
      ing on internet

      July 20, 2011
  117. Vegas26 #

    I agree with most of the negative posts…..I’m an Aquarian 33 yr old female that was involved with an Aries 1 month (I know it sounds short but believe me…instant “click” and a vacation…yes, within 30 days). You’d think he would be somewhat mature considering the age difference (he’s 44 but doesn’t look a minute over 35).Anyway,I went to visit family for X-Mas (let me add..I did share that I was hanging with childhood guy friends).We talked the first two days i was gone. Then nthing. I returned on the 30th and hadn’t heard anything…We parted on good terms. People have encouraged me to call him BUT, knowing his huge ego and understanding my own stubborness, I’m crossed between the decesion to check-mate him and not call or call and risk his thrill of a challenge. I’m digging him but willing to wager “us” to stroke my own ego……also thinking that If it were ever any chance to rekindle, it would have to be made on his part because of his “hunter-egocentric-alpha male” personality………
    Any suggestions ? I’m open for advice from males &/or females

    January 2, 2010
    • OMG is his name Michael Torres? Puerto Rican lives in Redondo beach? if so hit me up because i was with him for xmas… same age 44

      February 10, 2011
  118. Phoenix #

    so what this article’s saying is i’m royally f’d…. my dh is an aries (March), i’m a pisces (March), our firstborn together is a Taurus (may) and our second (and youngest) is a Cancer (July)… thankfully the kids get along (best buds/worst enemies…)

    December 29, 2009
  119. Taurusgirl #

    Odd, I am experiencing HUGE problems with my Aries man right now and all of a sudden there were 6 E-mails from “brightstarlights” complaining about their Aries men. I have decided that he has had enough “worship” and he needs to be REJECTED. I am done with stroking his ego. Enough is enough, bro. You’re not that great. Especially compared to me. They are hypnotic ~ beware. They are mean and unfeeling. Fickle to the core. I will NOT stand for it anymore. I’m pretty certain he’s got his eye on someone else. His roving eye will not be tolerated. BYE asshole.

    December 28, 2009
  120. yea aries men are extremely stubborn. i’ve been dealing with one for about 7 months . april 8 he has a moon in gemini so he isn’t all that emotional the guy is stubborn and rebellious but also very funny and interesting and magnetic at the same time i’m crazy about him i have made lists trying to write down reasons why i’m so in love with him because even though i have all of the other reasons there is still this huge question mark and i’m just like why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAn come on he’s self centered and conceited and frustrating sometimes but he’s my love he’s sweet and honest and he’s my best friend and sometimes i really believe that he’s the only person in the world that loves me because he has succeeded in doing what other people have failed to do . i remember one rainy day we sat outside of an old house and he put his hand to my chest and he was like i can feel your heart beating and i asked him if it was beating slow or fast and he said slow and i put my hand on his hand and i held it to my chest and i said it’s yours for now i don’t know how seriously he took it but i meant it with every cell in my body he’s my first love and if it were up to me he would be my only love i love him that much. by the way i’m a libra girl with a moon in pisces

    December 26, 2009
  121. Diana #

    I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to have stumbled apon this post. I thought I was being an over-sensitive little Fishie (pisces) over an Aries man I’ve been seeing. He blows hot and cold,and trully I dont mind giving him space because I like mine as well…. but there’s a difference between space and negligence. His energy and passion is extremely magnetic, but fck man, how am i supposed to keep my sanity with all this mental anguish…. There should be a women’s support group thats built especially for women with Aries mates. lol

    December 10, 2009
  122. Dani #

    I am an Arian man.

    I agree with what is written up there. But… one thing that is missed out above is the extent of attention span of an Arian man. We are very impatient. Once we see someone plays TOO hard to catch, we walk away and move to the next target.

    So, women out there.. Dont play TOO hard to catch. Just stroke an Arian’s ego and be moderate about rejection. Or you will just see your Arian man walks away and not turning back

    November 15, 2009
    • Aries #

      I totally agree with you. I genuinely liked this girl at some point, and she played hard to get for a long time so I eventually moved on. Sometime later we met and she tells me she was really into me but didn’t want to be too easy.

      If you know anything about Aries, it’s passion. Lack of passion results in lack of interest. I admit Aries can like several women, but once he meets the right one… she’ll be a queen… spoiled like crazy.

      October 5, 2010
      • Sag-girl #

        So did you end up giving her a chance again?

        October 14, 2010
    • ApriL Aries #

      …….. Exactly…..!!! We can’t have these women thinking were going to chase forever….

      I’ll chase as long as I see a possibility of me getting her…

      ….and another thing..

      Only because I’m chasing you vigourously……, doesn’t mean your the only one being chased…..

      If I cant do quality, I’ll do quantity…

      ………..Imma get mines :)

      …. I didn’t know this till recently, but the girl that I wanted more than anything and chased for 2 years…. was a libra..

      …….but then something happened that guaranteed that we could never be…

      I just dropped out of her life completely….

      ….NEXT..!! :) <–front

      January 17, 2011
  123. Tanya #

    Im n aquarius im wid an april Aries n i didnt know he was married n had a daughter who share’s my bday witch is pretty wierd.. (Found out on the second time i seen him ) he also told me he loved me n i jumped out ov his car n flipped out complelty im not a bad person but i’ve never felt n acted lyk the way i hav wid him with anyone witch made it hard sO hard 2 stoP
    N now he is such a controll freak he’s muslem too i never know if he’s comin or goin or me 4 that matter im not aloud 2 hang round my best friend she is a slut n we did do some pretty disaproved shyt in the muslem sCioety but i love her n he just dosnt understand he loves taking charge n likes to always be the winner even if it just means he gets 2 say he loves me more

    November 10, 2009
    • Imran #

      Dear Tanya
      are you from Hong Kong. If your answer is yes than do let me know. there is more to the story if i am guessing the person right
      a friend

      March 26, 2010
  124. Natalie #

    Ugh…Aries men are a pain the god damn ass. I think I’m involved with the most hard headed, stubborn, big headed, pretty boy one of them all. But one thing I can say…they do LOVE the chase. I believe he chased me for over a year before I even gave him 10 minutes of my time. And it took a while for him to open up. he still keeps shit from me though. Meaning he has a grand plan / scheme in his head and I found out about it AFTER it’s in motion. They HATE to be wrong and will justify anything. I think it takes fire to beat fire. So me being a Sagittatius might help because I cuss his ass out whenever he starts with the BS. At the same time they are very sensitive and loyal and loving in a weird way and get crushed easily. This morning we had the fight of the century where I was (and ladies, this never happens) was in the wrong (shuddering). Since he is a fighter pilot somewhere in the middle east it was pretty animated…me screaming into the phone and then slamming it down so hard it bounced…him calling me back and me ignoring it…me finally picking it up and him calmly explaining I must be crazy as fuck then hanging up…the subsequent IM later that day that he was pissed beyong belief…they are hard ppl for sure…What can I say, I love him, he’s sexy and tall and big EVERYWHERE it counts and he’s got big balls (I mean honor ladies, and integrity). I apologized profusely and I expect him to ignore me for a couple more days until we make up…hang in there with your Aries if he’s a good man…it’s worth it :-)

    October 22, 2009
    • metoo #

      I am in a similar situation. But he is the way he is because he is a compat pilot, not because he is an Aries man, I think. Strange how sensitive they are, I sometimes feel like a bully, although he is so strong and big and tall, dark and handsome. Very calm, I look hysterical compared to him. I am a Sagittarius too and I have very low tolerance for BS

      December 23, 2009
  125. Briahna #

    &— forgot to add

    i try to leave em,but every time i do he pops rite back n my

    September 21, 2009
  126. Briahna #

    I kw how it is, my boyfriend is a aries and ima virgo..its very very hard, i wanna let go sometymes but i cant..

    together since high school back in 2007 until now..
    even tho he to fuc*s my head up mentally also..
    he likes to cheat alot, then when i ask him about it he acts like nothing happend,i ignore it sometimes but it hurts me n the long run..

    September 21, 2009
    • Liliana #

      You should not let your aries cheat and get away with it! First, its disrespectful to you as his gf. Second, why? What does he have on you that would make you stand a guy who cheats repeatedly on you? Nothing is worth it. Keep your dignity and tell him that you’re leaving him because he cheated and see what happens. They don’t always accept that, so if yours doesn’t, then he’ll make a change as a result of being afraid that you leave him. Seriously tho, don’t ever let anyone cheat on you while you keep silent. Never!


      January 26, 2011
      • chris #

        Shame Shame Shame. I agree with LIliana,you should never have been quiet about it. If you break it off he will chase you for atleast a few years. But Honestly as an Aries you should never give him the satisfaction of your heart ever again. It will so torment him and he’ll chase you for years constantly apologizing. But it will never be good enough. Fact is he fucked up and we fuck up alot but cheating is a huge no no. Does he have no character, morals, respect. I would dump him

        September 8, 2011
  127. Well I must say that I glad to have read these comments…it helps alittle but I’m still confused. I have been seeing an Aries man off and on for about 2 years. When I totally ignore if he pursues until he back in my life. I just adore him and the chemistry emotionally and sexually is wonderful. I’m older that he is so I couldn’t figure out if I was just being used for his convenience or what. When I ignored him and didn’t answer his text he said he wanted me to be his lady and he my man. Nothing in the relationship changed ..never going out so I just told him let’s go back to being friends. My reason for saying that was because I felt he was just trying to block someone else from coming to see me. Then he asked to move in with me and I said no for personal beliefs. Was he serious about any of this? Can’t figure him out. Help!!!

    August 6, 2009
  128. deborasdaughter #

    I am a 34 year old cancerian seeing a 40 year old aries.
    Aries men are liars, yet they always know what to say. They come around for a few days and disappear for more days. They are very secretive, sneaky, and yes they require a lot of attention from women. Ego boost. With that said, they are very romantic, passionate and they know how to take care of their women. The BS is what frustrates you. I love My man!!!!!!

    July 22, 2009
  129. Tammy #

    I am a Libra dating an Aries… all the stuff i read is SO TRUE!!
    I can’t stand his crazy mental games and desire to always be the center of attention, however i am captivated by him… i want to punch him and kick him yet he TALKS and i forget everything. He is jealous and hates when i get attention from other guys yet he loves to be chased and wanted by other girls…. it drives me nuts… lol i am like all of you just can not walk away and leave … SO SO STRANGE!!.. the scary part is that many say they wont settle…. he is older than me and still single, no kids… sounds good but i wonder WHY!?? is it because he just wants to be with 1 and then another and just goes on and on with different people…. hmmmm love is gay!! LMAO


    June 24, 2009
  130. Cara #

    I am a sag and my b/f of 8 1/2 years is an aries and I think he is the most fun of any b/f I have ever had in my life but we go through tough times when he can be so bossy and mean I hate that but what can you do, he is the only man I have ever meet that can keep my intrest for more than a week.

    June 5, 2009
    • chris #

      oh yea bossy and mean. sounds like me to a tee. My wife plays that mean song and sings it all the time to me

      September 8, 2011
  131. Diana #

    Hi in love with an aries man and im a cancerian.he is the perfect blend of macho-ism (if thats a word!) and sensitivity. he loves his sex (WOW!! is he fckin hot in bed) and never ever forgets to cuddle me after we bang and yes he does NOT need other women caus i giv him the excitement he wants. Yes but i never stop him from flirting and playin caus thats wat men are all about and he loves his freedom so he never abuses sum i think he’s one in a million and im thankful hes my man:)

    May 20, 2009
    • chris #

      Oh my God, a woman who has figured the Aries man out. He’s a man who loves sex and freedom . He wants what he wants when he wants it. And in return he’ll keep you on your toes. I am the largest asshole in the world or atleast I believe I am. My wife calls me her marshmellow. I kinda like it. It gives me a sense of expressering her needs as a woman. Like holding her or massaging her. She does put up with alot of my crap though, so If I didnt do that I’d like to think I would be Fucking my own self up.

      September 8, 2011
      • Aries Lady #

        I’m an Aries woman madly in love with my Aries man. We are perfect for each other. He is my very best friend. I wasn’t easy to catch, but he was the man with the skills to settle me down. Don’t be so easy to get, we Aries people cant stand pushovers,crybabies and complainers. Best advice is to keep it hot 24/7. Fuck routine and do new things, life is short.

        November 21, 2011
  132. Taurus_loves_Aries #

    I am so glad that I cam across this posting!!! I am Taurus woman who has been in a 6 month relationship with a May Aries man. I have to totally agree with the mental games and confusion!!! My aries guy was all into me in the beginning texting & calling me a lot. Here we are, going into our 7 month and these past few weeks he has not been that passionate and lusty, and charming. Its all about him lately, however he’ll proclaim his love for me all day and show so much interest, then two days later its hardly any romance. I am going crazy over this situation. I give him space and time with the boys, but he in return doesn’t show gratitude by taking me out, rather yet say he’s too tired. Its not a give & take relationship anymore. I don’t want to baby him and chase him if he can’t do the same for me. I am typical taurus female who loves affection & attention. But now my aries wants to sit back & make me give him all of the love….WHAT To DO???

    May 18, 2009
    • Tammy #

      haha I know exactly how you feel. My bf is exactly the same.. u just NEVER know how they will react.. sometimes they are happy and smothering and other times they act so stand offish… my bf is such a huge baby… i have to constantly reassure him that i love him, that i want to be with him. .. blah blah blah i am sure u know full well what i mean.
      If we make plans to go out he’ll act retarded just so i ask him or beg him practically to come along.. they constantly need their ego feed…. it’s mentally draining at times. I’ve been with this guy for over 6months and at first i was not aware of that fact that he liked me… so i think he enjoyed the chase and now that we are bf & gf i think he likes to spark drama and just pick fights… do u find that?

      I mean we can be perfectly fine .. eat, talking whatever and then he twists things and creates an issue which he literally makes up in his head and wants to convince me that it’s my fault or that that is what i meant to say… SO STUPID i know confusing right,but i had to type it and just tell someone.. hahaa

      I guess if we really love them we have to show it or else they will get bored and move on to the next girl!

      BEst of luck with your man!

      June 24, 2009
      • H #

        Hi Tammy, your blog got me laughing. I’ve divorced my Aries man. He was my first bf and then husband. I still love him cos we have kids. But finding myself after so many years is like being born again. I know about the mood swings, lies, mind games and cold non-chalant attitude! I guess there is no way to tame an Arian man! the best is to wish them the best life has to offer and move on. No woman deserves to be treated with an Arian mentality!
        Good Luck and know that any other man can only be better!

        November 13, 2011
      • sananeak #

        Only one tips for you ladies.. Just turn on his fave musics or make him remember something fun happend in the past or recently!! if you want him to come out with ya.. i know its weird but it would work!!

        Aries Men ;)

        November 19, 2011
    • chris #

      there is no May Aries man or woman

      September 8, 2011
    • OMG.. thats happend to me.. my Aries man never want to bring me out in the weekend..
      we don’t life together and he is a military guy and deploying every 2 weeks for 6 weeks, we just can see each other twice everytime he came back.
      At the first time i though he is so tired after a busy work day, and he always going out to bar in Friday with his guy and in saturday morning he will sleep all day and make me waiting all day for him to send email , i’m so frustating about his behaviour and still try to be patience because i love him, but thats happend every week and makes me sooo boring.
      I can’t and never beg him to bring me out for fun, b/c i know he will angry and told me i’m noisy.
      I just don’t know what to do, he said he love me and he like me to mothering and cook / clean for him. But i need spark in my life not just sit down in chair whatching TV.
      btw, i’m cancerian but i’m not clingy and homebody type.
      What should i do.. we never have enough time to be together and i never have a right time to talk to him.
      I love him so much and i need an advice from other..

      April 14, 2012
      • Megan #

        When my Aries guy started to become distant and boring, I too couldn’t take it and wanted to go out and have fun, I had to be honest with him. Due to their egos they can be sensitive and take anything you say about them as an attack (not all,but the ones I’ve known). Communication is key, tell him want you want out of the relationship and ask him the same. Maybe come up with a date night plan, you pick what to do one night and he can pick next time, and so fourth.

        Just communicate how you feel, he needs to know that you have needs and want to spend the little time you guys have together, that way you can get an idea about what he wants and how he reacts to your concerns. It took a few conversations for my Aries guy to understand that the relationship isn’t all about him and his schedule, now he makes an effort to go out, and ask me what I want to do, etc.

        May 1, 2012
  133. rozzi #

    I’ve been seeing an aries for five months….im a libra….he is always telling me that he’s into me and all these other lies then he’s all in other chicks facess and ignoring me…I love him and I wanna make it work but I wanna just leave him alone..ugh this so frustrating

    May 13, 2009
  134. winnie #

    i ended a 2 and half year encounter with an Aries man back in oct 2008. i thought and still thinks he is awesome. he was controlling in the sense that he wanted to call the shots but to be fair he also did do some of things i wanted to do. he had his guard up because he was in a marriage where his wife cheated on him. i ended it for several reasons but the main reason was because i needed to get me together. i am a very patient person for the most part. and you need to have patient with this guy. but i also believe that you should get what you give.anyway i would like for us to be friends but he is kinda cold in that doesn’t go back. i did send him a text on christmas day. and he did respond. i tried to reach out to him by calling him week later and he wouldn’t respond. he did send my daughter text messages . he used to be her manager. she kinda got us together. anyway he prides himself in cutting you off and not going back. anyway i would like a friendship with him again. i know that he had real feelings for me. but i will not beg him. i am a great prize just as i am sure he is. but i do know what duchessofmalfi is saying if i am going to wait for my Aries to chase me i will be waiting forever. this Aries is very stubborn. very impatient with some things. he is a one woman man . he is not very sensitive and he told me that upfront but he needs to work on that if he wants to have a woman. i understand all this supposedly about the aries man however i don’t care. because he doesn’t want to end up alone and old (he is 52) he might want to consider being more intuned to others needs. but he is very passionate and caring at his core. we did some exciting things together. i really miss him very much

    April 7, 2009
  135. winnie #

    to the comment made by morechoices. i think its great that you have been with your man for twenty years but i find it sad that you have to hold back your feelings and keep him guessing to hold on to him. maybe i don’t understand. but i would think mature people wouldn’t have to play those kind of games. i do understand that a women should have a certain sense of allurement. but if i can’t feel free to express my feelings after being with a man over twenty years. time should bring about depth and a oneness . but as i stated maybe i am missing your viewpoint.

    April 7, 2009
  136. tc #

    I just ended things with an Aries. In the end, I chose peace over passion. I miss him but having my mind back is a welcome change from the last few months of hell. He was one of the most challenging (and that’s putting it nicely) men I’ve ever been involved with. He was a HUGE liar, and the mind games were non-stop. One day he was there, the next day he was gone. One minute I was everything, the next minute I was nothing. All the while he was living another life with another woman and child! Just be careful girls.

    March 31, 2009
  137. tonya #

    oh god this is me all day im dating an aries or at least i think i am an the mental games are non stop it seems like when im into him he runs of and goes mia and when i relax and i feel like im done he pops back up oh god i feel like screaming im a libra and this is trying all my patience i want to dump him and i dont all at the same time please tell me what is it with this a- hole

    March 26, 2009
    • Sag female here, ascend. Leo. Long distance relationship with an Aries/ Pisces (1 yr). He likes my aggression then he doesn’ and he cuts me to ribbons. It takes days for the wounds to heal. He’s kindhearted and has inner strength. I feel that if I left I will miss out on the fireworks. I can’t seem to remember the burns when he romances me. I have to allow him to lead but I’m double fire sign …

      October 31, 2011
  138. rupa sachania #

    iam too incredibly in love with a aries man. I love his ways but he is too difficult and disrespectful not in the least caring selfish and undecided he lies too.
    its even difficult to know if we love one another but i can speak for myself i just adore the dude.
    he can keep silent for weeks and say nothing and he doesnt see someone else to.
    But i like him something i cant even explain.

    March 7, 2009
  139. confused aquarius #

    One more thing I should mention…he is turning 28, he has always been into material things, likes to have the nicer things in life….then last year he lost his job, his house, his truck, his boat..EVERYTHING!!! I stuck by his side through everything…now that he was having to see what it felt like to struggle, I think he got scared and wondered if being married and struggling was even worth it. I think he thought it woule be easier to call EVERYTHING off and just have to worry about himself and himself ALONE. Im curious and always wondering…is he gonna regret it, is he gonna call me (we have not talked since Dec. 30th… the night he broke everything off). Thanks everyone for listening…again, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    February 16, 2009
    • another aquarius #

      call off the shots, they don’t have the attention span.
      ignore his attempts to contact you, too, if he does.
      the more you ignore him the more likely he is to come back.

      March 8, 2010
      • chris #

        Aries man here. Wife is a Aquarius and I love her to death. I wouldnt boggle yourself on your break up too much. He is chasing something that gave him a little motivation and excitement. Personally, I love to get my way all day. Sometimes my wife can crack a whip and I listen but not very seldom. I am an ass and I pride myself on it. You dont like it, then leave or I’ll leave type of personality. But all in all,out of every sign of females I have dated Aquarius gave me my way all day and I loved it. So I married her. But first she had to pass the 5 year plan. What’s that you ask. My heart hurt so much from different woes of ladies that I just couldnt trust another woman for the life of me. She had to prove her loyalty and aligeince to the love that she said she had for me. SHE HAD TO PROVE HERSELF. I wouldnt have it any other way. Anyhow, In my eyes if she could be with me after all the hell I put her through, confusing her, 1 excuse after another, yelling, leaving and lying, drinking, occasional drug, porn, etc.. etc.. then I said I will marry her. That ballsy woman did it. Nothing and I mean none of my shananigans moved that woman. I made her cry so much it hurt me. But she pulled it off, so I told her to plan her date and she did. We will be married 5 years on May 16th and we were together 5 years before that. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love her more and more each and every day. OH and 1 more thing, most men lie because that don’t want to be caught by something you dont like or approve of and its the same with women lieing to men. But In an Aries eyes he is the only 1 that can lie not you. Dont ever and i mean ever lie to an aries. he will harpoon it if hes the angry type and very seldom bring the lie back up in your face.

        September 8, 2011
  140. confused aquarius #

    im an aquarius. I have been dating an aries for 8 years and we were supposed to be getting married on March 21st, but he called it off in the beginning of January. We had a wonderful relationship (or so I thought)… I still to this day dont know what happened. He never gave me the same “excuse” twice. After reading up on “ARIES MEN”; it has put my heart to ease a little bit, the description fit him to a tee!! Im just not sure if it is over completely or not? i still love him, but I dont think anyone deserves this kind of heart ache….was the 8 years a waste of my time??!!! Any advice ??

    February 16, 2009
    • Patricia Moore #

      I dated an Aries and in the beginning, it was blissful. He said he loved me and that he knew that I was “the one” that he’d been searching for. Then it happened. We became intimate and I remember him telling me immediately after that he knew that this would happen. He said that it happened everytime after he had experienced sex with a woman. He simply just lost interest. The thrill of the chase was gone, but for some reason for the next year and a half I allowed this man to repeatedly come into my life and confuse me even more. I loved him and everytime I thought we were getting to a place of growth he would begin to distanct himself.
      Growing colder and colder by the day. No displays of affection, no hanging around his friends, and in fact it got to a point where he would try to hide the fact that we were even involved. Well, after 10 breakups and tired of being left confused, neglected and emotionally drained…I finally left. The weird part is that I’ve received some picture mails of him and his lips with the word “kisses” at the bottom but nothing more. He still tries to stay in touch and doesn’t like the mentioning of another man, but he knows the deal. We are no longer and can be no longer.

      October 31, 2009
  141. Jazzy #

    Funny post. Good blog.

    Where are you getting your celeb birth data?

    Shar Jackson is a Virgo.

    Mistakes on other blog posts, too…

    January 17, 2009
  142. morechoices #

    i,m an aries woman and have been with my aries man for 20 years , you want to know how to keep them always keep them guessing, learn to hold back in the bedroom and emotionally.make them think you dont give a shit from time to time . aries men love the chase. so keep them runnig

    January 15, 2009
  143. duchessofmalfi #

    My Aries man is atypical. He’s shy and very sensitive (moon in scorpio; not sure abou his ascendant). I’m a Pisces, so I figured bad news from the get go! But he is very sweet; a little hard to figure out. I have no idea where we’re going, but he is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. If I have him chase me, I’ll be waiting all my life. He is very shy! And stubborn, I can tell.

    January 13, 2009
  144. star #

    wow!!! i m in for it . I m just trusting God.I m a Libra woman and i m tired of my Aries man annoying and disrespectful acts but i just cant move on. Someone give me hints on how to break off. i m going crazy.

    January 11, 2009
  145. Aries Lover #

    OMG, I thought it was just ME! LOL I feel so much better. My Aries man and I have been together for 2 years and he fucks me up mentally, I’m a taurus and we always lock horns, I’ve wanted to run but I love him so much, maybe I should ignore him and do me.

    December 28, 2008
  146. jamgurl #

    you r so right! i am libra woman who is in love with a aries man omg! he is the hardest person to deal with but i love him so much..

    December 23, 2008
  147. brightstarlights #

    Aries men tend to LOVE libra women! because for the most part libra women are very accomodating and let them do their thing, just depends on your level of patience but no.. you are NOT hopeless!!

    December 11, 2008
  148. Princess La #

    Oh my .. Aries are sooo confusing!!! I’m a LIBRA dealing with an Aries .. am I hopeless here ???

    December 10, 2008
  149. mya #

    hey ramona..i’m a sag woman too…in love with an april aries….i’ve had it so hard..even though it’s only been 2 years…that i’ve never known whether i’m coming or going…and yet i just can’t run….

    November 14, 2008
  150. ramona #

    I am a saggitarius, my b-friend is an April Aries male. I’ve been “dealing” with him for 8 yrs, and it’s been HARDDD!
    And yes, April Aries are the xtreme. Girlfriend… i know

    October 4, 2008
  151. shaadi #

    im a aquarius sun and capricorn moon…my baby is a aries sun and aries moon..april 15…you all think it true about the april aries men being a bit more extreme?

    August 28, 2008
  152. cherry #

    dear aurora – my boyfriend is an Aries and oh boy, i know exactly what u’re saying :)

    August 6, 2008

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