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Sex appeal of Capricorn vs. Cancer Men



It is often said that women have a ‘type’ and date similar guys back to back. Just as frequently I find they end up dating men who are the opposite, not of them, but of their last boyfriend! Take for example the bevy of Hollywood beauties who have hopped from a serious relationship with a Cancer man to a serious relationship with a Capricorn man, or vice versa.

Taurus Jessica Alba, spent several years engaged to her “Dark Angel” co-star, Cancer Michael Weatherly. After they broke it off she took up with producer Cash Warren, a Capricorn. They are now engaged and expecting a baby together. Sagittarius Scarlett Johannson fell in love with Capricorn bad-boy Jared Leto after she first made it big in Los Angeles. After they split she began a long relationship with Cancer Josh Hartnett (She has since ditched this genre altogether for the sultry charms of Scorpio Ryan Reynolds). And Capricorn Sienna Miller is best known for her high profile relationship with fellow Capricorn Jude Law, then she played the field for a little while before finding love again with Cancer Rhys Ifans. And to add to this rather complicated wheel of merry-go-round lovers, Taurus Penelope Cruz also dated Capricorn Orlando Bloom last winter before throwing him off for Cancer Josh Hartnett. Now she is with Pisces man Javier Bardem, who is more like the Cancer men than the Capricorns.

So what exactly is sexy about Cancer and Capricorn men? And which one is has more sex appeal? Well, the Cancer man has this quality of making you think that you are the most important thing in the world to them, that there is nobody else in their life and that you can make them feel comfortable opening up about their dreams and desires. This can be intoxicating to the woman who has spent years or months with a Capricorn man, more worried about balancing his checkbook than exploring his fantasies. Notice how Sienna, Scarlett and Penelope went from relationships with Capricorns to Cancers; they needed more of an instinctual and romantic bond. Jessica on the other hand went from being with a sensitive Cancer to being with a practical Capricorn; she needed more structure and somebody who supported her career as much as, or more than, making demands on her private life.

These men have certain qualities in common as well. They are both perceptive about the needs of the people around them, they are both good at giving and receiving favors, they both have a good sense of humor that stays slightly under wraps, they both take a little while to warm up to new people and they both enjoy carefully building a life surrounded by the people and creature comforts they desire. But Cancers are all about doing this in the private, family arena whereas the Capricorns practice these skills in their career.

Most likely to throw you down on the bed with dozens of candles and rosebuds? Cancer.
Most likely to ‘surprise’ you with expensive jewelry on the first of every month? Capricorn.
Most likely to throw caution to the wind and suggest an elopement in Vegas? Cancer.
Most likely to want a five star wedding at a five star venue? Capricorn.

Cancer is sexier by the textbook. Sexier in the sense that sexy is unpredictable and romantic. Yes, at times they can be clingy and whiny and annoying (which isn’t sexy) but perhaps that the price to pay for unfettered passion. Capricorn is sexier for the women who wants absolutely no unpredictibility in her life, at least not in her bank account.

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  1. i’m leo woman 24 years old and dating a 25 year old capricorn guy who is a hairstylist.When we started things were moving on smoothly with me by his side all the time until recently our relationship began shaking.I got busy helping my parents infact i got so carried away that i didnt even have time to see him frequently as i use to.He began complaining but when i try to explain he wouldnt want to listen to me so, i gave him space before i could realise one morning he started weeping and confessing to me that he cheated on me with one of his client i felt so betrayed so am thinking shud i give him a second chance?

    August 27, 2014
  2. Ashis #

    Capricorn are the best. They have the power to attract…

    October 16, 2011
  3. shelley #

    actually, leo is the paternal sign of the zodiac…i was engaged to a capricorn for 6 years, now i’m dating a cancer…oh my, oh my!! i love the deep emotional reminiscing i can do with this man….fun, fun, fun guy…..everything i wanted , protective, loving, passionate, funny, a real mans man type, homebody , yet a fighter and a leader—-but he’s moody, and you gotta be willing to fly to the moon once in a while…im an aries cancer rising, it will be interesting to see where this goes….=) i love me a cancer man, they are very loving….my ex capricorn only cared about money, was abusive, eventually leaving me for a rich woman after i emotionally invested into that for 6 years—–=(

    October 9, 2011
  4. Lindsay #

    The reason people fall for these two is because Cancer is the mother of the zodiacs and Capricorn is the father. Think about it. Cancer is emotional, sensitive and feminine, she will support you emotionally by giving you advice and listening. A Capricorn will make sure the bills are paid and the wallet is secure before paying attention to you. He will seem masculine(Capris are actually feminine) but they way they seem secure and structured make you go under their arm for protection.
    -Cancer Lady

    August 21, 2011
  5. April in 2010 #

    HEY, I found the site again..hehe..

    Cancer men are still the best!

    Ahem, I just have to say..pisces and aquarius?

    NO WAY!!!

    Pisces are unreliable…cheaters…and UBER sensitive.
    Aquarius live in their own unrealistic / ignorant world..ugh!

    Cancer and Capricorn were BORN to be providers…

    its just that …Cancer does it better…with a heart! Can’t beat it.

    August 26, 2010
  6. Taurus in NYC #

    I am a Taurus woman. I wouldn’t date either one.

    Cancers are manipulative, too emotional, clingy, cheap, and vindicitve.

    Capricorn men are sneaky, and pretentious. They pretend they want a mature, domesticated partner, but they prefer to frolic with whores, ghetto females, or women who cause drama.

    Pisces and Aquarius men are the best compatible mates for a Taurus woman.

    Pisces men are great providers, great communicators, generous, affectionate, and funny!

    Aqua men are witty, intellectual, funny, artisitc, confident, optimistic, ambitious, and make great providers.

    They gave Taurus women the two most fraudulent people in the zodiac. We abhor phoney people!

    June 14, 2010
  7. pisces are great! but seems as if they’re always hiding something from you.

    scorpios are great!but some of them have serious issues.

    other cancers are like family to me.

    capricorns are pretty good! but they always want to lead you. 2 leaders do not go together well.

    virgos are very good! but they seem to critisize & judge people alittle too much!

    taurus people are real good! but just a little too stubborn & bossy like hell lol

    leos are ok_- spotlight takers & attention seekers.

    saggis are just ok-followers

    libras are ok-nice but always dissapointed about something.

    aries people are too selfish and want control of everything.

    November 15, 2009
  8. im a cancer! male
    i seem to attract alot of earth signs,aquarians & saggitarians all the time…& I’ve also attracted a few geminis.

    aquarians are too hardheaded and hard to trust.
    geminis aren’t so bad i get along good with gems
    some sagg people are cool and some are real stupid lol

    November 15, 2009
  9. hnicky #

    lol. i am cancer, i would go for josh hartnett anyday !! <3 him : ) geeee

    August 19, 2009
  10. Palmer Wiggler #

    I want to make mad love to your beautiful soft skin, with my lips lightly tickling your waste, as I caress the nap of your back and slide my hand down to the side of the bed and lift the bubbly, now slowly pouring it over your soft tummy and licking it off soo slowly as I deposit large sums of currency in to your holdings and leverage your bottom line to the hilt, working it until our shares rise and then we explode on the market!
    Don’t you just love the point of my Strong Thick Gold Pen.
    Nothing beats a great mutual agreement.

    Palmer Wiggler

    July 20, 2009
  11. April #


    February 21, 2009
  12. Sophia Lorenzo #

    Ha! this was hilarious i’m a Taurus like Jessica Alba and Penelepoe Cruz and I’m of latin descent also which is irrelevant but i have dated 3 cancer’s and I became very bored and tired of the cheap stiginess, and emotional mantrums and went for a Capricorn which I reccomened if you wanna be wined and dined and a good laugh, good SEX and security but I am contradictive coz I went back to my Libra who is the Love of my Life and I ‘ve been on and off with for 10 years but Taurus and Libra also make a great match because of the shared Venus appreciation for arts, music, poetry and beauty but I have a feeling I will either end up with a Libra, Capricorn or Pisces well see.

    February 20, 2009

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