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Kim’s Gemini Twins


Even Libra megastar Kim Kardashian loves astrology ! And clearly her favorite sign is Gemini, the sign that both her husband, Kanye West, and her daughter, North West, share. In a recent Instagram post, Kim hash tagged her image of the two of them #twinning and #geminis.

Fair minded Libras like Kim and communicative Geminis are a natural match. Libras are curious about people and Geminis have lots of strong ideas and opinions, as Kanye is known to share. Geminis are also talents writers, as Kanye’s many Grammys can attest to. Likely North will share her fathers love of song-writing, or become a popular writer or blogger in her own right.

Pisces Drew & Virgo Cameron release new books!


Two of Hollywood’s most gorgeous, glamorous, and down-to-earth gals- bests friends Drew Barrymore and Camerion Diaz- are both releasing new books!

Pisces Drew’s book is a book of photography of images she has captured through the years of hearts- found in the most unlikely objects and places. The book, titled “Find it in Everthing” celebrates love. This could not be a more ideal book for a Pisces as it marries the Pisces love of art and photography with their incredibly romantic and loving nature!

Virgo Cameron’s book is a book about health and wellness titled “Body Book”. In it, Cameron seeks to “engage and empower women” with specific information about their bodies. Again, this could not be a more perfect fit for Virgo, who as an earth sign is most interested with the physical, tangible world and how to focus on service to others and fine-tuning one’s life.

As opposite signs, Drew and Cameron are a natural pair. Virgos and Pisces are deeply attracted to each other as they both are spiritual, giving and creative souls who seek to improve themselves and the world around them. Pisces are interested in doing it through emotions and art, while Virgos are more interested in making a practical contribution. And viola- both of these woman are making a perfect contribution that highlights their astrological talents and interests!

Another uniting factor between Drew and Cameron is that they both have the sign of Cancer prominent in their chart. Cancer is Cameron’s ascendant and Cancer is Drew’s moon sign. A prominent Cancer is great for all performers as it lends an emotional and changeable nature and makes one sympathetic.

From June 2013 until July 2014, lucky Jupiter is transiting Cancer bringing good luck to all those who has prominent Cancer planets or angles in their chart. So this is indeed the perfect time for both of them to be launching books and connecting with their audience!

Leonado DiCaprio: Scorpion Intensity


As he promotes his latest film, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, reclusive heartthrob Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio has emerged. He fought hard to make this movie, having won a bidding war for the rights to the book and then waiting years to find the right financiers. He also insisted (Scorpios are incredibly stubborn) on recruiting fellow Scorpio, and frequent collaborator, Martin Scorsese to direct.

Scorpios enjoy probing the deepest, darkest parts of human nature. As he tells The Hollywood Reporter, “Films exploring [humanity’s] darker nature are the most profound”. Spoken like a true Scorpio.

Natalie Portman: Queen Gemini


Natalie Portman is Harper’s Bazaar’s December cover girl. Inside, she reveals her very Geminian quality of egalitarianism. Of her choice to perform in a wide variety of roles she states, “I grew up around a lot of snobbism about what was important and what was serious, and I reject that.”

Gemini’s are curious about a wide variety of topics and can be fascinated- and learn from- both highbrow and mundane subject matter alike. It is truly the diversity of experiences and ideas that enriches Geminis life and helps them to articulate and define themselves.

Not to mention Natalie’s signature Gemini thirst for learning (Harvard grad!) and her gamine, youthful looks- Gemini women keep a girlish quality throughout their lives.

Fun Fact: Both Natalie’s husband, dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millipied, and their son, Aleph, are also Geminis!

The Heart of a Leo Man


Leo men are some of the most elusive and mysterious creatures in the zodiac. Unlike their reputation as a “look at me! Look at me!” sign, the Leo man actually has a love/hate relationship with attention. Unlike the Leo woman, who unabashedly relishes being the center of attention (look no father than Madonna and Jennifer Lopez for evidence), the Leo man wants others to admire him for the goodness of his heart, not just the bling that adorns it.

Madonna’s ex-husband Sean Penn is a perfect example of a Leo man. Very private about his personal life, he is a crusader for the poor in Africa and Haiti and it is here that he thrives.  Similarly, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-fiance, Ben Affleck, is also a Leo man. He scaled back up the heights in Hollywood in recent years to win the Best Picture Academy Award, and wants to be prized for his passion and dedication rather than his tabloid persona.

Why- you might ask- were both of these Leo men in love with these Leo women? Together, a Leo man and Leo woman, can make each other feel like the Kings and Queens of the world. Whatever world it is they happen to live in. They both excel in lavishing attention and gifts on others, and when their attention is turned to each other- every dramatic, romantic gesture is more over the top than the next. Until finally they exhaust one another.

In their younger years, many Leo men (including the two mentioned above) can be a bit wild, relishing their strong animal magnetism, and being bad boys. They have not yet uncovered their true passions and are thus getting the attention and acknowledgment they desire through acting out. Once they have found their calling, however, they tend to invest fully.

Thus, it is often only after they have found their true purpose and are successful, that they are able to fully commit as mates. Because until then they will look for as much admiration as they can get. But a Leo man who is satisfied with the contribution he is making is a happy man. And one who is capable of giving his heart fully and completely to a lucky lady.

HRH Prince George Alexander Philip of Cambridge


England’s tiny ruler has arrived!

The long wait for Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s child ended at 4:24 PM BST on July 22, 2013 when she delivered the couple’s son in London. Just hours shy of the full moon at 0 degrees Leo/Aquarius, the young Prince was born when the sun was in the very last degree of Cancer (29′) and the moon was at 28′ degrees of Cancer’s opposite sign, Capricorn.

As I mentioned in a recent post, it is no surprise the young George decided to make his debut on this day, as both William and Catherine were born on new or full moons. When you are born on a new moon, your sun and moon are in the same sign (like William whose sun and moon are both in Cancer). When you are born on a full moon, your sun and moon are in opposite signs (like Kate whose sun in in Capricorn, and whose moon is in Cancer).

We can immediately see the closeness of this family, with ALL of their suns and moon signs being Cancer and Capricorn. Not to mention the fact that both the baby’s paternal grandmother, the late Princess Diana, and maternal grandfather, Michael Middleton, are also both Cancer. George will very much take after his parents, with a strong family values, respect for tradition and inherent sense of caution and responsibility.

Cancer sun people are kind, patient, loyal, sentimental and nurturing. They are very influenced by their home life and their immediate surroundings. They seek comfort and are most relaxed in intimate environments. George will emulate his father, Prince William, as a true family man who maintains close lifelong friendships.

The moon sign shows our emotional nature, and with his moon in pragmatic Capricorn, Prince George will be closely emotionally bonded with his Capricorn mother Kate. Capricorn moon people are disciplined and ambitious. They naturally “don’t sweat the small stuff” and stay focused on large plans and goals. They are good work collaborators and faithful partners, who prefer similarly steadfast lovers.

Prince George’s ascendant is at 27′ Scorpio. Our ascendant shows how we will be perceived by the public and what our relationship with the outside world is like. With Scorpio on the ascendant, we see that George maintains a lifelong air of mystery. Scorpio rising people have a seductive, sexual air about them and use their keen talents of perception to forge intense bonds with others. Scorpio rising people are also very private and secret places for seclusion and contemplation are important to them. The fact that both is sun (at 29′ Cancer) and moon (at 28′ Capricorn) are in positive angles to the 27′ degree ascendant shows that he will be well received by the public and will have little trouble finding support for his goals. The baby shares this sign with his paternal grandfather, Prince Charles, whose sun sign in Scorpio.

With three more planets (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter) also in subtle Cancer, we can see even more clearly his cautious and sometimes indirect way of approaching life and leadership. Major decisions will not be made spontaneously and shouted from the rooftops! But will emerge slowly, in a well crafted and considered way (like his parents).

His Venus sign is Virgo, which in a man indicates the type of woman we are attracted to. He will admire women who are considerate, helpful and modest. With free-spirited Pisces ruling his house of romance and true love we can expect him to get swept away occasionally by passionate creative types. But with steadfast Taurus ruling his house of partnership he will end up in a stable and loving marriage. His parents were also married when the sun was in Taurus so we can see he will idealize their bond.

The unity in the Royal Family is quite amazing, astrologically speaking, and it’s affirming and exciting to see the youngest heir to the throne carrying on his family’s traditions!

When will the Royal Baby be born?


The entire world is anxiously awaiting the birth of the future King or Queen of England, due to be born any day now.

There are two astrological alignments that are prominent in the sky at the moment: The Cardinal Cross and the Grand Water Trine.

The Cardinal Cross dynamic, which has been active in one form or another since 2009 and will continue through early 2015, is the marker of our current turbulent era on the world stage- marked by unexpected (Uranus in Aries) power struggles (Pluto in Capricorn) and shifting social (Libra) and familial (Cancer) roles and norms. This is the changing world that William and Kate, and their child, will inherit as rulers. Not surprisingly it is very significant in the chart of the marriage of William and Kate (April 29, 2011. 11:20 AM BST).

The Grand Water Trine, on the other hand, is an aspect which is highlighted throughout the summer of 2013 but will be exact on Wednesday, July 17th. This aspect, of simultaneous harmonious grand trines between Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer is a very positive one. It bestows the ability to easily (Jupiter) translate lofty ideals (Neptune) into concrete results (Saturn). A very fine skill for a world leader!

Should the baby be born between 6:55 PM BST on July 18th and 7:38 PM BST on July 20th, the baby will have it’s moon in Sagittarius, which also happens to be the ascendant of proud Papa William. William’s ascendant is at 27′ Sagittarius, conjunct the planet Neptune at 25′ Sagittarius. This is very common for families to have strong astrological ties, and planets in the same area of the chart.

We can expect the baby’s sun/moon/rising signs, to be amongst the signs that are very dominant in the Royal Family Astrological Tree . Most well represented in the Royal Family are Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo.

If he is born before 4:56 PM BST on July 22nd, the sun is still in Cancer, a sign is heavily represented in the baby’s family. WIlliam has his Sun and Moon in Cancer, Kate has her Moon in Cancer, Camilla has her Sun in Cancer, and the late Princess Diana also had her Sun in Cancer. It would seem in keeping with tradition (and we know that royalty is all about tradition!) that the baby too will be born while the Sun is in Cancer. If the baby is born after the Moon leaves Sagittarius on 6:54 PM BST on the 20th through 7:06 PM on the 22nd,  it will have have the moon sign of Capricorn, the Sun sign of Kate.

Yet we cannot underestimate the importance of the upcoming Full Moon on July 22nd.

BOTH William and Kate were born on New or Full moons. Kate was born on the Full Moon Lunar eclipse of January 9, 1982 and William was born on the corresponding New Moon Solar Eclipse of June 21, 1981. While there is no eclipse this month, the Full Moon falls at 7:16 PM BST on Monday July 22nd- with the Sun is in early Leo and the moon in early Aquarius!

It would be HUGE deal if the young Prince or Princess was born on the July 22nd Leo/Aquarius Full Moon. Leo is the sign of royalty and leadership and both Leo and Aquarius are strong, stubborn, determined signs. This would be a very different personality from the more shy and gentle Cancer Sun. Leos have an intrinsic sense of purpose and self-worth and are comfortable in the spotlight. And the moon in rebellious Aquarius would harken back to Princess Diana (who had this moon sign) and was known as the People’s Princess. Moon in Aquarius people are very open and generous and love people, and in fact Kate Middleton has 2 planets, Mercury and Venus, in Aquarius as well.